JASPER JOTTINGS Week 10 - 2019 Mar 10  

Jasper Jottings - The achievement journal of my fellow Jaspers, the alumni of the Manhattan College



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POSITRACTION: Homeless Magazine Seller gets a New VW Home



Homeless Magazine Seller is So Beloved By Locals, They Showered Him With Love and a New VW Home
By Good News Network-Jan 8, 2019

*** begin quote ***

“I guess I’d never thought about his living situation before and I thought there’s no way that he should be sleeping on the streets,” said Bamford. “So I set up the page and thought it might raise about 2,000 at most. But when I returned from Gambia after Christmas it had raised over 5,000, which was amazing to see.”

The campaign ended up raising over 7,000 ($8,900) in just two months – which was more than enough to buy Knight a plush VW van. A local camper van dealer even sold the vehicle at a discounted rate upon hearing about Knight’s story.

*** end quote ***

I love the charitable acts of private people; rather than looking to the Gooferment.

Thinking back to my time in a military barracks,  I wonder why there can’t be a for-profit “hotel” that offers these “luxurious accommodations” — I know they were luxurious because my DI told me they were — to the homeless as a transition to getting their act together.  It’s probably precluded by Gooferment zoning.  Just like the tiny houses movement.


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JHQ: Quinn, Peter [MC1969] @ Ridgewood Public Library 2019-Mar-05 1PM


Manhattan College Alumni
March 1 at 1:49 PM
Alumni Spotlight

2019 03Mar 03 Quinn

Author talk with Manhattan College Alumnus Peter Quinn '69

Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at 1:00 p.m.
Ridgewood Public Library

On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at 1:00pm, Manhattan College Alumnus Peter Quinn '69 - an award winning author, novelist and essayist - will be speaking at the Ridgewood Public Library about his collection of writings, "Looking for Jimmy: A Search for Irish America."

Go Jaspers!

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Quinn, Peter [MC1969]

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MFOUND: Alma Mater hosts NYWEA Metro Chapter University Night March 7, 2019



NYWEA Metro Chapter University Night March 7, 2019
by NYWEA Metropolitan Chapter

The NYWEA Metropolitan Chapter University Committee is pleased to present our University Night event, to be held at Manhattan College in the Scala Academy Room on Thursday, March 7th 2019, at 6:30 PM. The night's program includes three student speakers from City College, Manhattan College, and NYU. Dinner is included at this event.

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JFOUND: Cohen, Erez [MC2005] Co-CEO a@ Urbium Property Group



An Evening with Erez Cohen, Author of Real Estate Titans and Real Estate Developer, Carlos Betancourt
Author Speaker Series and Wharton Real Estate Investment Group

Please join the Author Speaker Series and Wharton Real Estate Investment Group for an evening with Author, Erez Cohen and Real Estate Developer, Carlos Betancourt. In Erez Cohen's book, Real Estate Titans, he shares the advice and learnings of the world's leading real estate experts to create a guide for becoming a savvier real estate player.

Cohen draws on his experience as a research and teacher’s assistant at Wharton Business School with an investment expert—and his mentor—Dr. Peter Linneman. Throughout his career, Cohen has collected first-hand knowledge from meetings with such real estate titans as Ronald Terwilliger, Sam Zell, Joseph Sitt, and numerous others. Cohen wanted to understand how these real estate giants became so successful, so he refined his quest into three critical questions: What inspires these titans to work so hard and reach such extraordinary levels of success? What are the main elements and traits inside of them that propel them to be so grandiose? How have these individuals, who had less resources, succeeded on a much bigger scale than so many of their competitors?

Real Estate Titans contains the 7 key lessons distilled from interviews with several of the world’s greatest real estate investors. These critical lessons offer insight into the mindset, tactics, and habits that each of the interviewed titans possess. Once you implement these key ideas—which you won’t find anywhere else—into your business, it will grow exponentially within a matter of months.

Real Estate Titans offers an insider’s view into several of the most successful investors on the planet. The book’s compelling stories and lessons show why real estate is such a wonderful and important business, and it also offers a roadmap for becoming a world class real estate player.

Erez Cohen is Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Urbium Property Group where he oversees all fundraising efforts, acquisitions, dispositions and asset management. Prior to co-founding Urbium, he worked at Thor Urbana where was directly involved in the acquisition and development of almost 12 million square feet of real estate, with a value of over $2 billion. He also participated closely in all asset management, fundraising and investor relations efforts. Previously, he worked in investment positions at Apollo Real Estate Advisors, the Carlyle Group and Evercore Partners. In over 13 years in real estate, he has been involved in almost $4.0 billion of real estate transactions in Mexico, the United States, and Brazil in the residential, retail, office, hotel and mixed-use sectors.

Mr. Cohen is a Board Member of the Urban Land Institute where he was given the Rising Star Award and serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for an Orphanage in Mexico. He graduated summa cum laude from Manhattan College and received his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where he was a Bucksbaum Fellow.

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Cohen, Erez [MC????]

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-03 @ 12:16

Dear John,

I believe that Erez is a member of the class of 2005.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Cohen, Erez [MC2005]

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MFOUND: Mineola LI St. Patrick's Day Parade March 3 2019 by Moran, Jim [MC1966]


Jim Moran @ Manhattan College Alumni
2019 03Mar 03 MC Pipes

Manhattan College Marchers at the Mineola LI St. Patrick's Day Parade March 3 2019.

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-03 @ 20:31

Dear John,

I believe that Jim is a member of the Class of 1966.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Moran, Jim [MC1966]

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JUPDATE: Bishop, Nick [MC2004] id-ed by McEneney, Mike (MC1953)


JNEWS: Bishop, Nick [MC2004] VP EHS @ Skanska USA

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Feb-25 @ 19:09

Dear John,

I believe that Nick is a member of the Class of 2004.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Bishop, Nick [MC2004]

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JFOUND: Corsi, Robert E. Jr. [MC1970] BoG Civil Air Patrol




Robert E. Corsi Jr., a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. He serves as principal assistant to the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel, and Services. He is responsible for comprehensive plans and policies covering all life cycles of military and civilian personnel management, including military and civilian end strength management, education and training, compensation and resource allocation, and the delivery of fully-qualified, ready Airmen for the Joint warfighter while also meeting all the needs of our Airmen and their families. He oversees the execution and programming of the Manpower, Personnel and Services portfolio with an annual $40.9 billion personnel budget for 660,000 military and civilian total force Airmen. As Chair of the Civilian Force Development Panel, he plans, directs and evaluates programs to ensure a qualified, productive and well-maintained work force of over 180,000 civilian employees.


Robert E. Corsi, Jr., founder and president, is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) and a retired member of the Senior Executive Service with more than 46 years of combined military and civilian experience in human capital resource management, workforce planning, organization design, and policy management at the highest levels within the Department of Defense. Most recently, he has served as the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. In this role, he was responsible for comprehensive plans and policies covering all life cycles of military and civilian personnel management, including military and civilian end strength management, education and training. He has a proven track record in directing the sizing and composition of a work force of over 660,000 military and civilian personnel, and was responsible for building and defending budget submissions to support manpower costs in excess of 40 billion dollars/year. He has extensive experience in developing accession policy for over 40,000 military and civilian entrants every year; directly overseeing the development of over 180,000 civilians, developing organizational policy to determine most effective organization structures and reporting relationships; developing the most efficient mix of resources (organic or contractor) to meet mission requirements; overseeing process improvements; and developing agency wide mentoring program covering over 150,000 personnel with 15,000 volunteer mentors. He led an aggressive disability program rated the tops in DOD for five straight years and received two Meritorious Presidential Rank Awards and one Distinguished Presidential Rank Award which is the highest award that an SES can receive.

He has served on the Board of Directors for the Senior Executives Association and currently serves on the Board of Governors for the Civil Air Patrol. He was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Alumni and the Academy of Industrial Engineering Graduates at West Virginia University. His professional affiliations include: Life Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers; Senior Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, and adjunct consultant with the Rand Corporation.

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Corsi, Robert E. Jr. [MC1970]

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JFOUND: Colucci, Martin [MC1999] Adjunct @ York College CUNY



Colucci, Martin [MC????]
Adjunct Lecturer
Health and Human Performance
York College / CUNY
94 - 20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11451

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-04 @ 12:29

Dear John,

              I believe that Martin is a member of the Class of 1999.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Colucci, Martin [MC1999]

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JFOUND: O’Harren,  Shannon [MC2000] Project Manager @ Teledyne




Colonel Shannon O’Harren serves as the Wartime Director for Intelligence, J2, United States Force Korea, Yongsan Army Garrison, Seoul, Republic of Korea.  In this capacity he assists the Director in leading a team of nearly 400 intelligence professionals in executing operations, developing plans and formulating policies that support the Commander United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command and United States Forces Korea.


O’Harren,  Shannon [MC2000]
Project Manager at Teledyne
Salinas, California Area

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JOBIT: Dooley, Gerard Gerry [MC1976 RIP] 2019-Mar-02



Gerald Dooley
1954 - 2019 Obituary

Gerard Gerry Dooley, 65, a long-time resident of Franklin, MA, died unexpectedly at Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston on March 2, 2019.

As befitted a man who valued friends and family, he was surrounded by many of his loved ones at the time of his passing. Gerry, the fourth of eleven children, was born on February 26, 1954 in New York City to William and Cecilia (Moran) Dooley. He attended Our Lady of Angels Grammar School and All Hallows High School in the Bronx. He earned his B.Ed. in Education/English Literature from Manhattan College in 1976.

A standout athlete in his youth, Gerry maintained a lifelong interest in sports. After moving to Massachusetts over thirty years ago, he became an avid Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots fan, much to the chagrin of his New York-based family. After spending most of his career as an educator and administrator in the trade school industry, he re- invented himself as a realtor. For the past five years, he was a successful member of the Keller Williams Elite team in Plainville, MA. He was especially gratified to help military families buy their first homes.

Gerry was also an active member of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce. Gerry is survived by his high school sweetheart and beloved wife of over 40 years, Maryann (Crea) Dooley, his siblings and their respective spouses, Carol Ann and Kenny Brooks, Barbara and Kenny McLynch, Billy Dooley, Kathy and Brian Waters, Marybeth and Mike Garbellano, Ginny and Neil OKeefe, Chris and Carol Dooley, Sandy (Ricigliano) Dooley, Jeanine Dooley and Marcie Mul, and Annemarie and Phil Moynihan. His passing is also mourned by nephews, nieces, grandnephews and grandnieces too numerous to name but too cherished not to acknowledge.

He was preceded in death by his parents, his much-loved brother, Richard and his sister-in-law, Cathy Burke-Dooley, the late wife of his brother, Billy. It is impossible to fully comprehend the impact Gerrys passing has had on the extended Dooley and Crea families and all who love him. He was the life of the party -- a consummate storyteller, who reveled in making people laugh. He had a youthful spirit, lit up every room he entered, and left an indelible mark on everyone he met.

He put his heart and soul into everything he did, whether it was volunteer activities, his work or his family. He was a second father to his small army of nieces and nephews. Uncle Gerry made everything more fun, held court at every family gathering and made the large family Christmas celebrations even more memorable by making his entrance with the exuberance of Santa, invariably wearing a light up sweater, crazy socks and Holiday Crocs. Gerry was a larger than life, all around great guy and will be sorely missed by everyone whose life he touched.

Visiting hours will be held from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6 in the Ginley Funeral Home of Franklin (www.ginleyfuneral homes.com) 131 Main Street, Franklin, MA. The funeral mass will be held at 10:00 am on Thursday, March 7 in St. Marys Church located at One Church Square, Franklin, MA. The burial will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Gerrys memory to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (www. stjude.org) or Wounded Warrior Proect (www.wounded warriorproject.org).

Published in Milford Daily News on Mar. 5, 2019


Dooley, Gerard Gerry [MC1976 RIP]

Guestbook: Same link

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Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) added this request to his prayer circle.

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JOBIT: Hanrahan, Donald P. [MC1959 RIP] 2019-Feb-27



Donald P. Hanrahan

Indian Wells - Donald P. Hanrahan, of Indian Wells, passed away on February 27, 2019.

He was born in New York City, December 21, 1937 to William and Margaret V. Hanrahan (Nee Hodge). He was the second of four boys, and together with his brothers was raised in Cambria Heights, Long Island. He was educated at St. Boniface in Elmont, Long Island, Bishop Loughlin High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Manhattan College in Riverdale, N.Y., where he graduated with a bachelors in electrical engineering in 1959.

Upon graduation he worked for Hazeltine Corporation in Garden City, Floral Park and Greenlawn, Long Island, and simultaneously attended Hofstra University and Adelphi University. At Hazeltine Don designed many projects for NASA, including the design of the electronics control system for the " moon buggy", the Lunar Rover used on Apollo 15 (A test model of the Lunar Rover is on display in the National Air and Space Museum). He was responsible for the electronic design of the display system for the FAA air traffic control system, the Mariner C Solar Plasma detector on its journey to Mars, the Identification system for the SAM - D Missile system. Don did research in high-speed digital logic, as well as many other interesting projects.

Shortly after college, Don bought a house at candlewood Lake, Connecticut, where he met many people who remained lifelong friends. Don loved waterskiing, sailing, buzzing around in his beloved speedboat, and just being at the lake, year round weekends while living in New York and working at Hazeltine. He was president of the board of directors of Candlewood Knolls Community in New Fairfield, Connecticut, after having served on its board for several years. For many years he still loved returning to Candlewood Knolls to visit his good friends there.

In 1975 Don Met Jean Rolland, and Don moved from the East Coast to be with Jean in Laguna Beach. Before finally settling in Laguna Hills and Indian Wells, together they bought/built four new homes. Don went to work for Ford Aerospace in Newport Beach, where he designed missile electronics on many programs, for the Air Force, Navy and US Army including the design of support equipment for these systems.

After retirement in of 1992, Don became a full time resident of Indian Wells, where he and Jean enjoyed their many good friends. After serving several years on the Board of Directors of the Rancho Palmeras Property Owners Association, Don then served as President for 11 years and was honored to be Chairman Emeritus. He was also on the Board of Directors for the Log Cabin Republicans, and he enjoyed active membership in Prime Timers of the Desert, the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Pageant of the Masters, Great Autos of Yesteryear, and the Roll-Royce Owners Club.

Don and Jean traveled wide and often, visiting all of the continents (except Antarctica (too cold) and more than 120 countries, making many friends all along the way. Jean and Don became Domestic Partners in May 2000 and were married in June of 2008. He truly loved and enjoyed his friends and relatives, and we will remember him always.

Don was pre-deceased by his father, Bill, his mother Peggy, and his brother Bill (Red). He is survived by his life partner and spouse Rolland Gosselin (aka Jean Rolland), of Indian Wells, and his brother Thomas of Pine Lake, Wayne, New Jersey and Patrick of Lynwood, Washington, and Nieces Kathleen, Erin, Colleen, Christine, and Keri, and nephews Raymond, Kevin, Michael and Christopher.

Services will be at Forest Lawn Cathedral City, 69855 East Ramon Road, Cathedral City, CA 92234. Visitation will be from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Ramon Chapel on March 10, 2019 and a Funeral Service at 9:00 am in the Ramon Chapel on March 11, 2019. Interment will follow at Ascension Cemetery, 24754 Trabuco Road, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Published in The Desert Sun from Mar. 6 to Mar. 7, 2019


Hanrahan, Donald P. [MC1959 RIP]

Guestbook: Same link

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JOBIT: Houlihan, James G. [MC1947 RIP] 2019-Mar-02



James G. Houlihan
1923 - 2019 Obituary

Bronxville - James G. Houlihan, a longtime resident of Bronxville, NY and Palm Beach, FL, passed away on March 2nd, 2019 at the age of 95.

James G. Houlihan was born in Manhattan in 1923, the only child of James A. Houlihan and Genevieve McConnell Houlihan. He grew up in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx. He was a graduate of Our Lady of Angels Grammar School in 1937 and All Hallows High School in 1941. Jim served in the US Army during WWII from March 1943 to December 1945 in the South Pacific. He graduated from Manhattan College in 1947 and then received his master's degree in Real Estate in 1948 from Columbia University School of Business. He joined his family's Real Estate business in 1955 and was a Partner from 1960 - 2017 in Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC.

Jim was elected President of the Bronx Board of Realtors in 1960, President of the New York State Realtors in 1964 and Regional Vice President of the National Association of Realtors in 1966. Jim served as Chairman of the prestigious Finance Committee of the Real Estate Board of New York and was a Knight of Malta, a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, a member of The Old Guard Society of Palm Beach Golfers and was involved in a number of other Catholic and philanthropic endeavors.

In 2004 Jim published a book called "A Hitch In Hell, An Account of My U.S. Army Service in World War II". He enjoyed sports, particularly golf.

Surviving Jim are his children: James Houlihan (Patricia), John Houlihan (Judy), William Houlihan (Claire), Mary Coleman (James), Thomas Houlihan (Genni), and Patricia MacRae (Dave). Also surviving are his eighteen grandchildren: Christie Houlihan, Michael McEvoy, Kelly Buckley, Meghan McEvoy, Bryan Houlihan, Erin Flanagan, Kerry Salvatierra, Siobhan Houlihan, Katharine, Ellen, Terence and Mary Houlihan, Caitlin Coleman, Kara Coleman, Kevin Coleman, Emily M. Houlihan, Timothy MacRae, Elizabeth MacRae, and nine great-grandchildren: Kieran, Maggie and Grace Salvatierra, Molly and Josie Flanagan, James, Charles, and Frederick A Buckley, and Shea McEvoy.

The wake will held on Thursday, March 7 from 2-4 pm and 6-9 pm at the Fred H. McGrath & Son Funeral Home, 20 Cedar Street Bronxville, NY 10708. Mass of Christian Burial will be held on Friday, March 8 at 10:45 am at St. Joseph's Church,15 Cedar Street Bronxville . In lieu of flowers, donations are requested to the Phyllis F. Albstein Fund for Brain Science at Johns Hopkins University.Individuals can make gifts online at the website: https://krieger.jhu.edu/giving/give-now/

Published in the The Journal News from Mar. 5 to Mar. 6, 2019


Houlihan, James G. [MC1947 RIP]

Guestbook: Same link

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Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) added this request to his prayer circle.

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JEMAIL: Timmins, Pat (MC1977) asks about Capozzi, Daniel J. [MC1953 RIP]


Hi John,
Thank you as always for all you do.. Did Dan Capozzi die? Or, is the obit for his son. If his son died, do you know if Dan Capozzi is alive. Dan was part of the retreat team and remember him fondly.
Thank you.
Timmins, Pat (MC1977)

# - # - # - # - #

[JR: Mike or Phil: Can either or both of you answer his questions? Thanks, fjohn68]


JFOUND: Capozzi, Daniel J. [MC1953 RIP] sermon archive


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QUADRANGLE: Knights of Columbus: Contradictory to MC’s Lasallian Mission



Knights of Columbus: Contradictory to MC’s Lasallian Mission
Posted on March 5, 2019 by The Quadrangle in Opinions & Editorials
by Rose Brennan, A&E Editor

*** begin quote ***

As many of us are likely aware, the Manhattan College chapter of the Knights of Columbus is being reactivated. It has been well-advertised, especially at weekly Sunday masses, which I attend, as I am a practicing Catholic. I was led to believe that the Knights of Columbus was simply a social group for Catholic men, and I was not opposed to it. In fact, this was originally supposed to be an article about the reactivation of the chapter.

So last Sunday, I picked up a few pamphlets for some preliminary information about the organization before I endeavored to write an article about it. I read some of them, and I was absolutely disgusted.

In one of the pamphlets distributed to students, possible activities for the Knights were listed. Most of the activities were harmless, and good-natured, but some of them were titled “Life Programs,” and this is where my support for another Catholic organization on campus completely dissipated.

*** end quote ***

[JR: I don’t usually cover the Quadrangle since it not of obvious interest to alums. This I think is worth a read.]

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-06 @ 14:16

JOBIT: Hoebee, Robert W. [MC1952 RIP] 2019-Mar-05



Robert W. Hoebee
Mass is Friday in Bloomfield for retired account executive

Robert W. Hoebee, 89, passed away on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at Mountainside Hospital in Glen Ridge, N.J..

Relatives and friends are invited to attend the Funeral Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Church, 60 Byrd Ave., Bloomfield, N.J., on Friday at 10 a.m. Interment will take place immediately following at Christ the King Cemetery in Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Born in Paterson, N.J., Mr. Hoebee lived in Freehold, N.J., Forked River, N.J., and the last two years in Bloomfield. He attend Manhattan College and Columbia University where he earned his Ph.D. Bob, as he was known to friends and family, was a retired account executive from Studio 21 Advertising in Parsippany, N.J.

He was the husband of Marie (Carney) Hoebee for 65 years, father of Robert W. Jr., Mark and his husband, Larry Elardo, Juliann, and grandfather to Stephen and Ashley Hoebee-Elardo. He was predeceased by his infant daughter, Marie and his youngest child, Lisa Marie Hickson.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in support of service dogs to The Seeing Eye (seeingeye.org) in Morristown, N.J.
Published in Star-Ledger on Mar. 6, 2019


Hoebee, Robert W. [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: Same link / None cited

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-06 @ 14:09

Dear John,

                I believe that Robert is a member  of the Class of 1952.

                      May He Rest In Peace.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Hoebee, Robert W. [MC1952 RIP]

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-07 @ 13:30

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) added this request to his prayer circle.

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JOBIT: Bittermann, Sr Marie Anthony Rosemarie [MC1968 RIP] 2019-Mar-06



In Memoriam: Sister Rosemarie Bittermann, SC
by Communications Director | Mar 7, 2019

Sister’s sense of humor, generous heart, and love of community life are memories for those with whom she lived.

Sister Rosemarie Bittermann (Sister Marie Anthony) was born August 4, 1922, in Saugerties, New York, one of six daughters and one son of Anthony and Catherine Mundus Bittermann. She attended Saint Mary of the Snow Elementary School and Saugerties High School. After graduation, Rosemarie went to New York State College of Teachers in Albany, later SUNY Albany, for one year before entering the Sisters of Charity of New York September 6, 1941. Sister earned a BS in Spanish from the College of Mount Saint Vincent and an MA in Education from Manhattan College. She later received NYS teaching certification for N – Grade 6 and Spanish Grades 7 – 9.

Sister Rosemarie spent close to sixty years in the schools of the Archdiocese of New York, with all but one year in elementary education. She taught at the Academy of Mount Saint Vincent, Bronx; Holy Cross Academy, Manhattan; Seton Academy, Yonkers; and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scarsdale. In 1954 she was missioned to Saint Mary of the Snow, Saugerties, her alma mater, where she taught for six years. Sister Rosemarie then returned to Manhattan to teach at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Francis Xavier. In 1968, Sister returned to the Bronx to serve at Saint Barnabas and Nativity of Our Blessed Lady. From there Sister Rosemarie went to Saint Joseph School, Florida, N.Y., where she
taught for the next thirteen years. In 1994, Sister volunteered at Saint Peter, Yonkers, for the next eight years, providing various services for the children and school administration. In 2007, Sister retired to
Saint Patrick Villa, Nanuet, but with declining health, she joined the sisters at Convent of Mary the Queen in Yonkers. In 2014, she was among the first group of sisters to form a retirement community at what is known today as Kittay Senior Apartments in the Bronx. It is here that she died Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

Always kind and compassionate, Sister Rosemarie will be remembered by the many students she taught, as well as their parents and families. Sister’s sense of humor, generous heart, and love of community life are memories for those with whom she lived. She will also be remembered for her hobbies of solving jigsaw puzzles and crocheting afghans.

Sister Rosemarie was a dedicated Sister of Charity who served God with humility, simplicity and charity. We rejoice with her now as she is welcomed into the loving arms of our God whom she served so long and so well. Rest in eternal peace, Sister Rosemarie.
Rita Quinn on March 7, 2019 at 6:20 pm

I remember Sister Anthony at Holy Cross Academy. She was a lovely, kind and loving person, always willing to be of assistance to those in need. I have thought of her often over the years, since, with happy memories. She was truly a Sister of Charity to her fingertips.

May she rest in peace and joy, in the arms of Jesus, her Spouse.


Bittermann, Sr Marie Anthony Rosemarie [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: None cited

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-08 @ 12:33

Dear John,

            I believe that Sister received her Masters in 1968.

                           May She Rest In Peace.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Bittermann, Sr Marie Anthony Rosemarie [MC1968 RIP]

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-09 @ 10:42

PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for three


Good Evening All,

I ask for your prayers for three Intentions.

Please keep the prayers coming for Cathie McEneney. Cathie continues to improve and thanks you for your prayers. Please keep the volume up. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Please keep My Sister-in- Law, Joann in your prayers. She had her surgery this week to remove a small growth from her other lung and is in pain but it is being sent by treated with medications to help her heal and eliminate the pain. Over the past several years (7 or 8) Joann has had surgery and has been in remission from Ovarian Cancer. This time, the Cancer showed up in both her lungs. The MDs are confidant that this can be eliminated and we pray that they are right. Before each surgery, Joann has asked Peggy to please make sure I have her on the Manhattan College prayer list. Over the years our prayers have given Joann and her Family a wonderful outcome more than once. Thank you all.

i ask for your prayers for My Sister-in-Law, Eileen. Thursday Morning at about 5:30 Am, she was in great discomfort and took herself off to a local Walk in Clinic thinking that was the best way to relief. They were closed and on the way back home just steps from her home in Sayville, Eileen passed out, smashed into her neighbors truck, totaled her car and ended up in the Emergency Room at Southside hospital and immediately was admitted. Our Son Scott who lives nearby immediately got to Eileen organized 911 and the Fire Department, who were really caring and fast responders. Eileen is in ICU, Pneumonia among her ailments and being treated and tested. We pray for her complete recovery.

Thank you. God Bless.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

# - # - # - # - # 2019-Mar-08 @ 19:52

JNEWS: Bruns, George [MC1966] ABA star; now winning coach



SportsHigh SchoolBoys Basketball
Manhasset coach George Bruns has fond memories of Coliseum

Bruns played there with the ABA Nets in the 1972-73 season and now is returning with the Indians, who are competing for the Long Island/Southeast Regional Class A championship.
By Roger Rubin
roger.rubin@newsday.com @rogrubin
Updated March 9, 2019 3:50 AM

*** begin quote ***

The rise of the Manhasset boys basketball team has been one of the feel-good stories on Long Island this season. Having improved from 9-10 a year ago to 19-3, and having won only their second Nassau title in 22 years, the Indians — led by 73-year-old coach George Bruns — will face Wyandanch on Sunday night at NYCB Live’s Nassau Coliseum in the Long Island/ Southeast Regional Class A championship game.

For Bruns, walking into Long Island’s basketball cathedral will be filled with nostalgia and memories. It will be the first time he’s been in the building for a basketball event in more than 45 years.

The Coliseum, you see, was home for the most exciting time in his basketball life: when he played for the 1972-73 New York Nets of the ABA, coached by Lou Carnesecca.

“Things happen in funny ways, but I expect that it will jog a lot of great memories for me,” Bruns said during an interview at the Floral Park home he and his wife, Elene, have shared since 1970. “I wasn’t there long but, for my time in basketball, it was great times.”

What has paved Bruns’ road back to the Coliseum is a scrappy team of overachievers who dedicated themselves to making the most of this season in the wake of last season’s disappointment. The Indians competed together in summer leagues at Hofstra, in Hicksville and in Hempstead and bought into Bruns’ vision for what it would take to be winners.

“They are one of those teams where the whole is greater than the sum of their parts,” he said. “I am proud of them, but they should be proud of themselves . . . They find a way to win on the day they play.”
Long road to Coliseum

It was a much more circuitous route to the Coliseum the first time. Bruns was the late-blooming, fundamentally sound point guard at the since-repurposed St. Augustine Diocesan High School in his native Brooklyn. He was a walk-on at Manhattan College and ultimately improved into a starter who would, as a senior, make the 1966 all-Metropolitan team.

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Bruns, George [MC1966]

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PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for McCarthy Family


Good Evening All,

Tom McCarthy has shared an Update on his Parents, Katie and Tom, who have been in our prayers. Tom, his Parents, his three Sisters and the McCarthy Family thank you for your continued prayers and good wishes. It has meant a great deal to them.

Tom's Mom, Katie, has been doing well with extended recovery since having the stroke back on Nov. 27. After a week at Westchester Medical Center and 6.5 weeks at Burke Rehab in White Plains she transitioned to home care for a few weeks and began outpatient therapy this past week. She’s a trooper and is keeping spirits up (lots of laughs) despite still having some mobility issues (still using a cane or walker) and challenges with speech (mostly caused by the aphasia and difficulty finding the right words).

Tom's Dad, Big Tom did unfortunately get some bad news about dad just this past Wednesday. You may recall he was declared in remission a few months back, but there was a suspicious spot revealed in a recent PET scan. They did a biopsy to determine if it was indeed cancerous or just necrotic tissue/remnants from treatment but it was confirmed as the former. His doctors are devising a treatment plan likely to start immediately (next week) and include more chemo and possibly immunotherapy. On the plus side, it is localized and has not spread or metastasized and his doctor isn’t classifying it as terminal. There are some unknowns and the McCarthy's know that Big Tom is in for a tough couple of months but they are remaining positive. Please keep the volume up for these good folks. Thank you Tom. Thank you all. God Bless.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

From Tom, my three sisters and I are fortunate for a fantastic support network of our aunts, uncles, and family friends and we certainly say our prayers of thanks.

From Tom, thanks for the continued thoughts and best wishes for the McCarthys and prayerful healing for Mom and Dad.

All my best,


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ENDNOTE: Time to end the "(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs"



[JR  Triggered by a drug raid near my shore bungalow.: ]

IMHO, time to end the "(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs" and put the effort into treatment like Portugal has.  Otherwise, it's hopeless problem. 

They can't keep drugs out of prisons; so how insane to expect to be able to keep it out of the general population.

At least if addicts could buy their drugs at WalMart, Walgreens, CVS, and other pharmacies, then the drugs would be cheap and clean. And, addicts could get into treatment easier and cheaper than today.

We emptied the mental asylums and the politicians and bureaucrats promised to have local resources that never came.  Now we have crazy people roaming the streets and doing drugs.

We learned nothing from (alcohol) Prohibition and a lot of people died or went blind from tainted booze.  The drugs cut with rat poison are killing people.

The medical establishment gets folks hook on opioids and when it cuts them off, the folks move to heroin or worse.  Argh!

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