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POSITRACTION: "Big Data" in medicine to save lives


Posted by samzenpus on Sunday October 13, 2013 @10:32AM
from the checking-the-chart dept.
mattydread23 writes:

"Often, the signs of eventual heart failure are there, but they consist of a lot of weak signals over a long period of time, and doctors are not trained to look for these patterns. IBM and a couple heathcare providers, Sutter Health and Geisinger Health System, just got a $2 million grant from NIH to figure out how better data analysis can help prevent heart attack. But the trick is that doctors will have to use electronic records — it also means a lot more tests. Andy Patrizio writes, 'What this means is doctors are going to have to expand the tests they do and the amount of data they keep. Otherwise, the data isn't so Big.'"

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[JR: When I saw IBM’s WATSON perform on Jeopardy, I wonder when this would come to medicine. I now wonder if my wife had lasted another decade, then could WATSON have diagnosed her. Sigh! I know this is what I label “Shoulda, coulda, and woulda!” thinking. But for a Sunday morning thought provoker, I think it’s a good question.]

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JHQ: Kellogg, Junius [MC1953 RIP] Toscano, Lisa [MC1979] 2014 MAAC Honor Roll



Junius Kellogg '53, Lisa Toscano '79 Named to MAAC Honor Roll

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[JR: I don’t report on “sports” because GOJASPERS does it better than I ever could. But this is NEWS. Hence I call it to your attention here. (There are some alums who care not a wit about “sports”.)]

Kellogg, Junius [MC1953 RIP]

Toscano, Lisa [MC1979]

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JFACEBOOK: Callender, Gina (MC2000) has prayer request



Callender, Gina (MC2000)

*** begin quote ***

So...I don't know if I can handle any more shit...I just found out from my dad that my mom has a malignant growth on her pancreas please all the thoughts, prayers, healing reiki you can muster...please think of my mother. I cannot handle or know what I would do if I lost her. — feeling sad.

*** end quote ***

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Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) added this request to his prayer circle.

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-03 @ 08:05

Good Afternoon All, We recently placed on our prayer request list Fellow Jasper, Gina Callender's '00 BS, Mom. I want to share Gina's Mom's name with you. That would be Mrs. Anita Callender. Gina sends her thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. Please keep the volume up for Anita, Gina and their Family. Thank you. God Bless. Phil Colon

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

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JLINKEDIN: Gonzalez, Edwin (MC1976) NY OPRHP



Gonzalez, Edwin (MC1976)
State Employee at New York OPRHP
Horseheads, New York
Recreational Facilities and Services

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JFOUND: Ruiz, Viviana [MC2004] (redacted at her request)


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JFOUND: Oates, Joseph P. [MC1983] SVP ConEd



Oates, Joseph P. [MC1983]
Senior Vice President of Business Shared Services
Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc

Mr. Joseph P. Oates has been the Senior Vice President of Business Shared Services at Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Inc. since September 2012.

Mr. Oates served as Vice President and Treasurer of Consolidated Edison Inc., and its subsidiary Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Inc. from April 2004 to May 2008. Mr. Oates was responsible for Con Edison's financial services, financial planning, risk management and cash forecasting, and other treasury-related functions.

He also served as the Vice President of the Bronx and Westchester division of Con Edison of New York from November 2003 to January 2004 and where he was responsible for the overall operation of the electric distribution system in the Bronx and Westchester County. He served as Vice President and Treasurer of Con Edison Inc. for Consolidated Edison Inc. since January 2004.

Mr. Oates joined Con Edison Inc. in 1987 from Central Hudson Gas & Electric and has served as a director in Central Operations of Con Edison of New York from February 2001 to July 2001 and Project Manager - Corporate Planning of Con Edison of New York from April 1999 to February 2001. He served as Vice President of Energy Management of Consolidated Edison Inc., from July 2001 to November 2003 and was responsible for forecasting demand and procurement of electricity and natural gas for Con Edison's regulated utility companies.

Mr. Oates holds an MBA from Fordham University and Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College.

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JEMAIL: Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975) asks about "blowback"



In today's e-mail, you state

Our fellow alum, Rudy was destroyed by Ron Paul and “blowback”.

Please expand on this. I thought Rudy lost by concentrating his campaign on the "sixth borough" an not taking the issue to the front runners in the early primary states. Or is this just the conventional wisdom?


Gerard Delaney '75S

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[JR: Rudy attacked Ron Paul in the debates about “blowback” referring to the various and numerous CIA covert and overt plots in foreign countries. (Ron promulgated strict Swiss-like neutrality and “trading with everyone free of Gooferment restriction. Rudy was the typical Republican warfare / welfare Northeast liberal “republican moderate”.) Ron was incredulous at Rudy’s comment that “he (Rudy) had never heard of the concept”. Fox, after the debate, pulled up a clip of Rudy disabusing that “911 was due to CIA blowback”. Then, all the networks poured it on Rudy about it. That was generally regarded as the turning point in his campaign.]

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JUPDATE: Bardales, Norman R. [MC1954 RIP] id-ed by McEneney, Mike (MC1953)


JOBIT: Bardales, Norman R. [MC1954 RIP]

Published in Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin from Aug. 1 to Aug. 3, 2014


Bardales, Norman R. [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/pressconnects/norman-r-bardales-condolences/171929441?cid=full

# - # - # - # - # 2014-Aug-01 @ 12:40

Dear John,,

I believe that Norman is a member of the Class of 1954.

May He Rest In Peace.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Bardales, Norman R. [MC1954 RIP]

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JLINKEDIN: Genova, Paul (MC1977) CEO of Wireless Telecom Group



Genova, Paul (MC1977)
CEO of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc.
Greater New York City Area

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JFOUND: Regan, Michael J. [MC1963] Director Scientific Games Corp



Regan, Michael J. [MC1963]
Chairman of Audit Committee and
Member of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee
Scientific Games Corporation


Mr. Michael J. Regan served as Vice Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer of KPMG LLP. Mr. Regan worked with KPMG for 40 years during which time he was involved in a wide range of business activities, including Lead Audit Partner for many well-known Fortune 500 companies.

He served four years in the United States as a naval officer.

He has been a Director of Lifetime Brands, Inc., since 2012. Mr. Regan has been a Director of Scientific Games Corporation since February 23, 2006 and of Eyetech Pharmaceuticals Inc. since June 2004. He has been a Director of Dynavox Inc. since September 2011.

He is a Member of the Board of Trustees of Manhattan College.

He has been a Director of Allied Security Holdings LLC of Allied-Barton Security Services since March 2005. He served as a Director of Citadel Broadcasting Corp. from March 3, 2007 to June 3, 2010.

He served as the Chairman of the United Way of Bergen County, New Jersey.

Mr. Regan is a graduate of Manhattan College with a Degree in Business Administration.

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MFOUND: Ritter, Father Bruce [MCxFaculty RIP] a writer's inspiration



The Chill of Night Redux
Posted on July 31, 2014 by MCWriTers

*** begin quote ***

James Hayman: Recently my second thriller The Chill of Night was re-released by Harper Collins. Unlike it’s original release in which it sank unnoticed like a stone, the second incarnation of Chill is doing very well. Yesterday it hit #19 in Barnes & Noble’s Nook store and was the 6th best selling crime book ahead of such luminaries as James Patterson and Harlan Coben but behind the latest Jack Reacher adventure and, sad to say, behind the ever popular 50 Shades of Grey.

Like all my books, The Chill of Night is a character driven thriller. At its core, Chill is a story of betrayal. Betrayal of both the innocent and not-so-innocent at the hands of people they should have been able to trust.

One of the key characters in the book is a lapsed Catholic priest named John Kelly. Kelly, who is gay, was sexually abused by a priest when he was a young teenager. An idealist, Kelly himself later entered the priesthood in the midst of the abuse scandals, ostensibly in the hope that he could best help reform the institution from the inside out. However, after a few years, he left the Church, disgusted by the institution’s ongoing refusal to properly deal with and punish pedophile priests.

Kelly’s next project was to found Sanctuary House, a non-profit in Portland, Maine whose mission was to provide shelter and support for runaway teens. Most of the kids who came to Sanctuary House ran away from their families because they were suffering physical and sexual abuse at the hands of fathers or other family members who, as Kelly insists, they should have been able to trust but who in the end betrayed them.

The plot of The Chill of Night swirls around the question, did Father Jack, the beloved, trusted and revered protector of teens, kill Sanctuary House board member and attorney, Lainie Goff, to keep her from revealing that Kelly was himself sexually abusing the same teens who had come to him for protection from the abusers in their own families?

One of the inspirations for creating the character of Father Jack grew out of the sordid and complex story of Father Bruce Ritter, the founder of Covenant House, a much larger real life version of Sanctuary House.
When Ritter was a young Franciscan priest in the 1960’s, he left his post teaching Theology at Manhattan College and rented a large apartment in New York’s East Village. When a group of homeless teens knocked on the door seeking shelter from a blizzard, Ritter took them in and this apartment became the original Covenant House.

At the time the East Village wasn’t the chic neighborhood it has since become. Rather, it was a slum that attracted the down and out, and harbored, within its crumbling tenements, an assortment of derelicts, petty criminals, drug dealers, prostitutes and pimps. Father Ritter continued to use this apartment, and eventually others, to provide shelter and support for a population that had previously fallen through the cracks: runaway teens, both male and female, who’d fled their homes and come to New York where most had fallen into lives of prostitution and heavy drug use.

Over the next two decades Covenant House grew into one of the country’s largest non-profits dedicated to supporting homeless youth. According to Ritter’s 1999 obituary in the New York Times, “Covenant House had grown to include a large shelter on West 41st Street, an outreach van with social workers who encouraged children to come in from the streets, and rooms for young people with AIDS, early in the epidemic. It spent three times more money on runaways than the Federal Government did.

And Bruce Ritter was the force behind it — a charismatic, eloquent, persuasive, ambitious man who won the backing of the city’s most powerful politicians and deep-pocketed corporations.”

One of these “deep-pocketed corporations” was Young & Rubicam, the large New York advertising agency where, for nearly twenty years, I served as a senior creative director. During my time at Y&R, I met Ritter a number of times and frequently listened to him speak on behalf of the charitable institution he’d created.
Because of this connection, I clearly remember the uproar, in December of 1989, when Ritter was accused by one of the teens he had once helped of offering his wards money in exchange for sex. Other former Covenant House residents stepped forward accusing Ritter of the same thing. He was also accused of diverting Covenant House funds for personal use.

Though nothing was ever proved, Ritter resigned as the director of Covenant House and retired to a life of quiet contemplation in upstate New York where he died in 1999. I should mention that Covenant House is still a thriving institution. With assets of over $90 million and houses in 22 cities throughout the US, Canada and Latin America, it is today the largest privately funded agency in the US providing support services to homeless and runaway youth.

Did Ritter actually do the evil things he was accused of? We’ll never know. Did John Kelly, my fictional version of Ritter, kill Lainie Goff to cover up his crimes? That’s a spoiler so I’m not telling. To find out you’ll have to read The Chill of Night.

Posted in Jim's Posts|

*** end quote ***

[JR: Father Bruce Ritter for ever connected to Alma Mater. Sigh! Was the bane of this MC Engineer, and many others, for a long time. I have the D’s in “theology” to prove it. Who knows the truth?]

Ritter, Father Bruce [MCxFaculty RIP]

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JEMAIL: Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975) talks requirements



JR: Sorry I’m an injineer. We didn’t get the desired result. Especially where are so many politicians we can do without. You’re correct in the long run.]

First you have to know what the requirements are:

A. God made [us] to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him for ever in heaven.

Baltimore Catechism, Part 1, Question 6. http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/balt/balt1.htm

Or, in a post Vatican II context,

“… the salvation of souls, which is always the supreme law of the Church.”

Canon 1752 Code of Canon Law, 1983, Canon Law Society of America translation

Then we can worry about design.

Peace in the Eucharistic Lord,

Gerard ‘75S

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[JR: “Design” is far above my pay grade. And, I have even more politicians and bureaucrats that could go first!]

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JLINKEDIN: Mahon, Tom (MC1977) Gary Johnson's Our America Initiative



Tom Mahon
Director- Development and Events at Our America Initiative

Hello Fellow Alumni.

I am the Development and Event Director for 2012 Presidential Candidate and former NM Governor Gary Johnson's Our America Initiative.

Gary and I will be in the NYC area from October 12-15th for some media appearances as well as some events at Yale University on October 14th (4P-9P). We have some availability both before and after the Yale events.

If there is anyone (Alumni Association?) who would be interested in having Gary keynote a joint fundraising event (dinner? lunch?) while we are in the area, contact me ASAP.

I am in a position to provide Governor Johnson for an Alumni Event that could serve as a very lucrative donation opportunity to The Alumni Fund, for a very, very reasonable, below market appearance fee. (Certainly by Former Presidential Candidate standards.......he WAS the Bronze Medalist in the 2012 Presidential Olympics). Indeed, I can also offer an appearance/speech by Gary to the CHS Student Body as part of any fundraising effort.

Gary's appearance can be either of a political or non-political nature.

A one time handyman who grew his garage storefront construction business into one of the largest employers in the state of NM, as well as a world class athlete to this day- tri-athelete, competitive mountain biker and a soon to be member of the Seven Summits Club of Mountain Climbing (he climbed Mount Everest 5 weeks after breaking his leg in a skiing accident), Governor Johnson is an outstanding motivational and inspirational speaker.

If a joint fundraising event that benefits the Torch Fund is something that the Alumni Association, or any individual, feels would be a worthwhile endeavor, contact me as soon as possible. I have limited slots available on his calendar.

My email is:


Tom Mahon '77

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Mahon, Tom (MC1977)


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MFOUND: Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation Institute at Alma Mater



Danbury business briefs
Published 4:10 pm, Monday, August 4, 2014
The News-Times
333 Main Street
Danbury, CT 06810

*** begin quote ***

Danbury public school teachers recently attended the annual Summer Institutes held by the Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation through a special grant provided by Praxair, a Fortune 250 company based in Danbury. During the institute, which was held at Manhattan College from July 21-23, teachers received training on intergrating concepts of sustainability into their curricula. Praxair, a leading global supplier of atmospheric, process and speciality gases, is one of the world's greenest companies as rated by Newsweek, which ranked the company 30th in the United States and 52 in the world as part of the magazine's annual Green Rankings.

*** end quote ***

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JFOUND: Chapra, Steven [MC1970] "Numerical Methods for Engineers"



Numerical methods for engineers, chapra canale 6th editionArthur Coleman Follow
by Arthur Coleman, Biologist, Consultant at Self-Employed, worked at Ohio EPA on Aug 02, 2014

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Steve Chapra teaches in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Tufts University where he holds the Louis Berger Chair in Computing and Engineering. His other books include Surface Water-Quality Modeling and Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB.

Dr. Chapra received engineering degrees from Manhattan College and the University of Michigan.

Before joining the faculty at Tufts, he worked for the Environmental Protec-tion Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and taught at Texas A&M University and the University of Colorado.

His general research interests focus on surface water-quality modeling and advanced computer applications in environ- mental engineering. He has received a number of awards for his scholarly contributions, including the 1993 Rudolph Hering Medal (ASCE) and the 1987 Meriam-Wiley Distinguished Author Award (American Society for Engineering Education). He has also been recognized as the out- standing teacher among the engineering faculties at both Texas A&M University (1986 Tenneco Award) and the University of Colorado (1992 Hutchinson Award).

3/25/09 10:51 AM
Page xviii

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2014 08 03 facultyChapra

Steven Chapra, F.ASCE, F.AEESP
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Louis Berger Chair in Computing and Engineering

Ph.D. University of Michigan
B.S., M.E., Manhattan College

"I'm an environmental engineer and a professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Tufts University outside Boston. I grew up in New York City and was educated at Manhattan College and the University of Michigan. Aside from Tufts, I've worked for the U.S. EPA, NOAA and Texas A&M University and the University of Colorado. I was fortunate enough to spend the 1997 and 1998 school years in London at Imperial College and the University of Reading.

I was originally drawn to environmental engineering because of my love of the outdoors. I am an avid fly fisherman and hiker. My primary research focus is surface water-quality modeling, and my primary professional goal is to apply engineering, mathematics and computing to maintain a high quality environment in a wise and cost-efficient fashion. I feel blessed to have found a profession where I can meld my love of mathematics and science with my passion for the natural environment. In addition, I get to share it with others through my teaching and writing."

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Chapra, Steven [MC1970]

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JFOUND: Saccone, Diane [MC????] Grade 2 Grace Church School



Saccone, Diane [MC????]
Grade 2
B.A. Manhattan College
M.A. Rutgers University

Grace Church School
86 Fourth Ave.
New York, NY 10003 

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Dear John,

I do not find anything in my 'stuff' for Diane.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

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PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for Peggy


Good Afternoon All,

I have just heard from John Nason. John and Jeanne ask for your prayers for a dear Friend of theirs, Peggy S. Peggy is undergoing Cancer surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, 8/6/14. We need to muster some prayer-power for Peggy. Please raise the volume once again as we pray that the MDs succeed in removing all the Cancer and that the prognosis is positive for a full and quick recovery.. Please keep Peggy, her Family and Friends in your prayers and keep the volume up. Thank you. God Bless.

Phil Colon

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-05 @ 18:14 

JOBIT: McKillop, Alexander J. Jr. [MC1947 RIP]



Alexander J. McKillop Jr. (1922 - 2014)

McKillop, Alexander J., Jr.

Alexander J. McKillop, Jr. died at home in Tappan on August 4. His family was with him. He had celebrated his 92nd birthday on June 11th.

Mr. McKillop was the son of Alexander J. McKillop, Sr. and Mary Ellen Donovan McKillop. Raised in Queens, Mr. McKillop excelled in academics and athletics at Bishop Loughlin High School and at Manhattan College, which he entered in 1940. During World War II, Mr. McKillop was stationed in England as a member of the 8th Air Force, and he was commended for meritorious wartime service. In England, he married Patricia D'Arcy, and last December they celebrated their partnership of 68 years.

In 1947, Mr. McKillop graduated from Manhattan College, and he continued his professional education through graduate-level courses at Columbia University's Teachers College. He began his teaching career at Regis High School, and later, the majority of his career was devoted to teaching English at New York City's School of Printing.

Mr. McKillop retired in 1981, but he continued teaching part-time in local high schools.

The McKillops lived in Shanks Village, Orangeburg, beginning in 1947, and in 1955 they moved to Tappan.

Mr. McKillop was active in community service, including participation in the founding and development of the Tappan Library, and support for Tappan's Boy Scout program.

He was an avid swimmer and tennis Instructor, and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. He was also an active parishioner, first of St. Catharine of Alexandria Church in Blauvelt, and later of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in Tappan.

Mr. McKillop is survived by his wife, Patricia; his sons Peter and Gregory and his wife Patricia; his grandchildren Elizabeth and Daniel and his wife Stephanie; and his great-grandchildren Neve and Spencer. His eldest son, Michael, died in 2012.

The Mass of Christian Burial will be conducted at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church (845-359-1230), 120 Kings Highway, Tappan, on Friday, Aug. 8, beginning at 10am. Private burial will follow.

Published in the The Journal News from Aug. 6 to Aug. 7, 2014


McKillop, Alexander J. Jr. [MC1947 RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/lohud/alexander-j-mckillop-condolences/171987634?cid=full#sthash.ykUhRBL9.dpbs

[JR: Graduated the year I was born and married for 68 years. He was given a great life. Requiescat In Pacem  ]

# - # - # - # - # 2014-Aug-05 @ 18:56

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) added this request to his prayer circle.

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-05 @ 20:49 

JOBIT: From 2005, Knepper, Frederick B. [MC???? RIP]


[JR: This popped up as new. Go figure what makes something "new”.]


Frederick B. Knepper
The Guest Book is expired.

Frederick B. Knepper, 95, of Harborcreek, and formerly of Bradenton, Fla., died Tuesday, October 4, 2005, at Twinbrook Medical Center.

Born in Erie on April 10, 1910, he was the son of the late Frederick H. and Catherine Loesch Knepper.

He was a State Champion Track Star at Academy High School, and attended Manhattan College, Yonkers, N.Y.

He enjoyed woodworking and golfing. He was employed at Hammermill Paper Co. in the Safety Dept. for 41 years, retiring in 1975.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his first wife, Helene Knepper, Florence Knepper, and Harriet Knepper; a son, John M. Knepper; two sisters, Madalyn Dippo and Leona Southworth; and a brother, James Knepper.

He is survived by a daughter, Kathleen Jenkins and her husband Paul; four grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; three sisters, Alma Clark, Erie, Mary Jane Boeglen, Eatontown, N.J., and Kathryn Knochel, Steamwood, Ill.

Friends may call at the Burton Funeral Home, 2532 Norcross Rd., Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Services will follow, with the Reverend Philip M. Oriole officiating. Private burial will be in Calvary Cemetery. Memorials may be made to the City Mission, 1023 French St., Erie, PA 16501. Send condolences and flowers to www.burtonfuneralhomes.com.Published in the Erie Times-News from Oct. 5 to Oct. 6, 2005


Knepper, Frederick B. [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: Expired a long time ago

# - # - # - # - # 2014-Aug-05 @ 20:43

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) added this request to his prayer circle.

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-05 @ 21:24 

Dear John,

I do not find anything in my 'stuff' for Frederick.

May He Continue To Rest In Peace.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-06 @ 09:53 

PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for Thomas Durham


Good Morning All,

Maria Khury asks for our prayers for Thomas Durham. Mr. Durham is well known in the Community having served on the Community Board Chairing Housing. While visiting his Family in Maryland,Tom had a health problem that left him in a coma. He is now slowly coming out of it. We pray for strength for his family and for a full recovery. Please keep Tom and his Family in your prayers. Thank you. God Bless.

Phil Colon

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

# - # - # 

Khury, Maria [MC1977]

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-06 @ 09:55 

JFOUND: Castaldi, Marco [MC1992] member of Innovation Insights



Dr. Marco Castaldi's Page
Latest Activity
Dr. Marco Castaldi is now a member of Innovation Insights

Short Biography  

Marco Castaldi received his B.S. ChE (Magna cum Laude) from Manhattan College and his Ph.D. in in Chemical Engineering from UCLA. Prior to joining CCNY he was Associate Professor at Columbia University’s Earth & Environmental Engineering Department.

Professor Castaldi has approximately 60 peer-reviewed research articles, 40 peer-reviewed conference papers, 3 book chapters and 11 patents in the fields of catalysis, combustion and gasification. Some of his research findings have been covered by The New York Times, The Observer, CNN, and other trade publications.

In addition, he is the Editor of the North American Waste to Energy Conference (NAWTEC) Series (ISBN: 978-0-7918-4393-2), Co-Editor of the Waste to Energy text published by Elsevier (ISBN: 978-0-85709-011-9), Editorial Board Member of Waste and Biomass Valorization published through Springer (ISSN: 1877-2641) and Catalysts (ISSN 2073-4344).

Prior to his academic career Professor Castaldi worked first as Manager of Fuel Processor Development for Precision Combustion Inc. in New Haven, CT. Professor Castaldi is currently Chair of the Materials and Energy Recovery Division of ASME and Chair of the Research and New Technology Council of AIChE and immediate Past-Chair of the North American Catalysis Society’s New York Metropolitan Section.

# - # - # 

Castaldi, Marco [MC????]

# - # - # - # - #  

Dear John,

I believe that Marco is a member of the Class of 1992.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Castaldi, Marco [MC1992]

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-05 @ 19:40 

JNEWS: Pérez, Michelle [MC1992] Interim VP of Students Affairs Millersville U



Millersville University
Posted on Aug 6, 2014

2014 08 06 Michelle Perez

*** begin quote ***

Michelle Pérez will serve as Interim Vice President of Students Affairs. She has been with the University since 2011 as the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.

Previously Pérez worked at the University of Arizona, performing a number of roles within the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in physical education from Manhattan College and her master’s degree in higher educational leadership from Florida State University.

*** end quote ***

Pérez, Michelle [MC????]

# - # - # - # - #  

Dear John,

I believe that Michelle is a member of the Class of 1992.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Pérez, Michelle [MC1992]

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-07 @ 13:38 

JFOUND: Piro, Danielle [MC2008] NYC Real Estate Sales



Danielle Piro
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
587 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10017

Phone: 212.252.8772
Mobile: 516.661.6733

As a native New Yorker, Danielle’s love affair with Manhattan started at a very young age. Enchanted by the architecture and palpable energy of NYC, she knew this was the only place for her.

After graduating from Manhattan College with a B.S. in Marketing, she began her career in Sales. She eventually found that Real Estate was the best way to combine her two passions- NYC and networking.

With an inherent knack for identifying her client’s needs and building excellent relationships, she has an exponentially growing portfolio of satisfied nest seekers.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent from a knowledgeable and passionate professional, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to helping you find your next apartment, dream home or investment property!

# - # - # - # - #  

Piro, Danielle [MC????]

# - # - # - # - #  

Dear John,

I believe that Danielle is a member of the Class of 2008.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Piro, Danielle [MC2008]

# - # - # - # - #  2014-Aug-08 @ 11:06 

JFOUND: “Sweetest Somethings”, Dina [MC????] at Alma Mater



2014 08 07 dina Rdinner2 1024x680

*** begin quote ***

05 Aug 2014
catching up

Hi all!  So happy to be playing catch up today here on the blog.  We’re officially married!  And back from the most amazing honeymoon in California and Hawaii.  I wanted to blog a little leading up to the wedding about how excited I was, but I was just so busy and wrapped up in all the last minute details.  Now that it’s all over, I can honestly it was the most wonderful, special, amazing day of my life.  Everything came together exactly how I imagined and I can’t wait to share some pictures after we get them back from our amazing photographer. There were so many DIY accents that I’d been planning for over a year and I couldn’t believe how perfect everything looked.  Celebrating with family and friends all weekend made Tommy and I feel so incredibly lucky.  Today I wanted to share some pictures one of my bridesmaids snapped during our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  It was so nice to see so many of our family and friends the night before and start the celebrations.  Tommy’s family threw us such a nice dinner and my mom put together a beautiful slide show of Tommy and I.  We knew each other for eight years before getting engaged so there were lots of memories to share.  Here are a few snaps of the special night.  I can’t wait to share some pics from the honeymoon later this week, so stay tuned! xo

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[JR: All I have is “Dina”]

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We got at married at the chapel at Manhattan College.  We both went to undergrad there and met there, so it was an extra special place for us.

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“Sweetest Somethings”, Dina [MC????]

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JFOUND: Barden, John [MC1983] Professor UT Dallas



UT Dallas 2014 Undergraduate Catalog
Faculty Roster

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Barden, John
Clinical Professor, Financial Accounting
BS, Manhattan College, 1983
MBA, Manhattan College, 1988

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Barden, John [MC1983]

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JNEWS: LaRocca, Michael [MC1989] CUO XL Group



Michael LaRocca Named Chief Underwriting Officer of XL Group's North America Property Business
PR Newswire
August 07, 2014: 11:00 AM ET

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NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- XL Group's Insurance Operations today announced the appointment of Michael LaRocca as its Chief Underwriting Officer in its North America Property business. Mr. LaRocca will be based in XL's New York office and report to Michele Sansone, President of XL's North America Property unit.

Commenting on the appointment, Ms. Sansone said: "Mike's 25 years of experience providing insurance and risk engineering services to complex property risks aligns very well with our growing book of large commercial property risks. In his new role, Mike will help our property underwriting teams in the US, Canada and Bermuda maintain consistent underwriting practice and standards that will help us grow wisely and provide  our clients with the property coverage, risk engineering and claims services they need to keep their employees safe and their properties well protected."

Mr. LaRocca joins XL Group from AIG where he served as Vice President and Northeast Zonal Leader for Large Property accounts. His insurance career also includes positions with Zurich and Gerling America Insurance Company, where he held positions in underwriting management and developed an in-house risk engineering department. Mr. LaRocca earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York. 

XL Group's North America Property business meets the global and domestic property insurance needs for a wide variety of commercial businesses and industries. Coverages include Equipment Breakdown, General Property and Property for Energy companies, delivered by a dedicated team of underwriters, risk engineers and property claims managers who specialize in addressing large, complex property risks.
About XL Group plc's Insurance Operations

XL Group plc's insurance companies offer property, casualty, professional and specialty insurance products globally. Businesses that are moving the world forward choose XL as their partner. To learn more, visit xlgroup.com/insurance

About XL Group plc

XL Group plc (NYSE: XL), through its subsidiaries, is a global insurance and reinsurance company providing property, casualty and specialty products to industrial, commercial and professional firms, insurance companies and other enterprises throughout the world. XL is the company clients look to for answers to their most complex risks and to help move their world forward. To learn more, visit xlgroup.com
XL Group is the global brand used by XL Group plc's insurance and reinsurance subsidiaries.


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LaRocca, Michael [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Michael is a member of the Class of 1989.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

LaRocca, Michael [MC1989]

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JEMAIL: Flynn, Bro. Gregory (MC1957) has a video about Addis Hope


Hello John,

This is an Addis Hope video put together by my colleague, Ruth Girmay, to thank our donor/partners for their support. {Privacy Invoked} What do you think?

Br. Greg


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Flynn, Bro. Gregory (MC1957)

[JR: I like it. And I hope it motivates our fellow alums to support it.]

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MFOUND: Gadio, Samir [MCxFaculty] Head, Africa Strategy @ Standard Chartered



Samir Gadio
Head, Africa Strategy

Samir Gadio heads up the Africa Strategy team, based in London. He is responsible for formulating the bank’s views and recommendations on fixed income and FX markets across Africa, working closely with the Africa macro research team and the bank’s stakeholders. Before joining Standard Chartered, Samir was an Africa market strategist at Standard Bank; prior to that he was a financial economist at Renaissance Capital. He started his career as a lecturer at Manhattan College. Samir holds a PhD and MA in economics from Fordham University, and a BSc in economics from the Russian Peoples' Friendship University. He speaks English, French and Russian.

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Gadio, Samir [MCxFaculty]

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MOBIT: Sowinski, Thomas [MCstaff RIP]




SOWINSKI-Thomas. Suddenly on August 7, 2014. Devoted son of the late Chester and the late Jane (nee Jablonka). Ret. Professional Baseball Player, Ret. Baseball Coach of Adelphi University, Manhattan College and Queens College. He is survived by a long list of friends. Reposing at the Leahy-McDonald Funeral Home, Atlantic Ave. at 111 St., Richmond Hill, N.Y.

Funeral Mass Monday 9:45 A.M. at St. Stanislaus R.C. Church, Ozone Park. Visiting hours Sat. and Sun. 2-8 P.M.

Published in the Daily News from Aug. 9 to Aug. 10, 2014


Sowinski, Thomas [MCstaff RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/nydailynews/thomas-sowinski-condolences/172033045?cid=full#sthash.gKJVDOEo.dpbs

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JFOUND: Santiago, Tiffany Marie [MC2015] seeking internship



Tiffany Marie Santiago
Biology and Biological Sciences
Manhattan College

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Santiago, Tiffany Marie [MC2015]

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JFOUND: Bozzo, Vic [MC????] SVP Telarix speaks in Philippines



TELARIX SVP Vic Bozzo to speak at ACC 2014 Plenary

Vic Bozzo, Senior Vice President for Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Telarix, is speaking at the Plenary Session of the Asian Carriers Conference 2014 on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, at 12:00 NN, in The Marquee at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu, Philippines.


Bozzo is responsible for leading Telarix’s global strategy and marketing and communications functions. With over 20 years of experience in selling solutions to carriers globally, he has been instrumental in the creation and growth of several successful communications and technology companies. Prior to joining Telarix, he oversaw the sales and marketing divisions of Pac-West’s Emerging Technologies division, ensuring the company’s expansion of services and thus solidifying their reputation as the preeminent network and service enabler for carriers.

He also served as CEO of Factor Communications, leading the organization’s introduction of an innovative portfolio of cloud-based communications services. He also led diverse executive sales and general management teams at NexTone Communications, ITXC Corporation, Voxware, and Marshall Industries. Bozzo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College.

His talk, titled “Retail, Wholesale and OTT Using OSS/BSS To Do Interconnect Sharing Agreements,” will tackle the changes in the telecommunications industry landscape. This is in line with the ACC 2014′s event business theme, “Discover the Future of Telecom Carriers.”

With customers coming from less traditional places, OTT players are here to stay, wireless wholesale carriers are utilizing a unified system to manage video, SMS, data and peering, and carriers exchange information to build relationships that result to shared successes. Delegates will get to learn how to replicate the accomplishments of OTT players through marketing and bundling, hubbing and bilateral deals, and how to use back office systems to generate more revenue.


About Telarix

Telarix, named the market leader in Interconnect Business Optimization, provides billing, settlement, trading, price list management, and routing solutions to carriers around the globe. The company’s award-winning products, iXTools and iXLink, are available in both licensed and SaaS models for voice, video, data, and SMS. With a carrier community of over 3300 individual companies, Telarix is the de-facto standard in electronic information exchange, allowing customers increased revenue, extended reach, access to the user community, and higher levels of efficiency – all without increasing human resources.

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Bozzo, Vic [MC????]

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JBLOGGER: Teare, Brad (MC1983) Door County, Wisconsin Plein Air Festival



184 Fail quickly

I just got back from the Door County, Wisconsin Plein Air Festival. It was a great experience. The painters in attendance were amazing and the resulting show was by far the best plein air show I've seen. My personal performance was good although the overwhelming greens of Door County threw my desert dwelling sensibilities a curve. But after the first painting–which took a record five hours to paint–I successfully adjusted my palette.

But by Friday evening–when we were each to have four paintings hung in the gallery–I felt my work was lacking. It was done in my typical thick style–without much broken color which I attribute to excessive focus on getting the greens right–but something else was amiss. My instincts proved correct when after the dust settled only one of my paintings sold.

It is typical of artists to obsess over failure. Which is wrong. Yet it is equally wrong to be indifferent to failure. I'm not advocating taking council from our fears or giving up but failure is a painful obstacle that can induce the type of introspection that incites meaningful change.

I embrace the feedback from Door County only to the degree that it confirms my own intuition. Two ways lie before me–retreat to a thinner style with more accurate representation or distance my style even further from conventional plein air technique.

Any guesses which way I'll go?

Brad Teare, August 2014

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Teare, Brad (MC1983)

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JFOUND: Thieke, Stephen G. [MC1969]



Stephen G. Thieke
Non-Executive Director and Member of Remuneration Committee, Barclays PLC

Mr. Stephen G. Thieke, also known as Steve, served as Senior Adviser at Promontory Financial Group, LLC. Mr. Thieke served as the Chairman, Head of the Fixed Income Division, co-Head of Global Markets and President at JPMorgan Securities, Inc.

From August 1989 to July 1999, apart from serving in various senior management roles he oversaw the Economic Research Group.

As an Executive Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, he held a wide range of senior management positions, including roles in credit and capital markets, open market operations, banking supervision, discount window operations, securities operations, and planning and control functions. He has also held senior roles in investment banking and risk management with JP Morgan where he spent ten years.

He has four decades of experience in financial services, both in Regulation and Investment Banking. He served as Head of the Corporate Risk Management Group and retired from JP Morgan in 1999. He has significant board level experience, both in executive and non-executive roles, including spending 7 years as a director of Risk Metrics Group, where he served as Chairman of the board.

He served as the Chairman of RiskMetrics Group, LLC. from 1998 to June 2004 and its Lead Independent Director since August 2007.

Mr. Thieke has been Director, Chairman of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee and Member of Audit Committee of RiskMetrics Group, LLC. He has been a Non-Executive Director of Barclays PLC and Barclays Bank PLC since January 7, 2014. He serves as a Member of the Global Advisory Board of JER Partners L.L.C. He serves as Member of Advisory Board of Promontory Financial Group, LLC. He served as a Director of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., since 2002 until 2011. He served as a Director of Mercantile Bankshares Corp., and The Financial Conduct Authority. He served as a Director of Financial Services Authority. Mr. Thieke served as Advisor to the Monetary Authority of Singapore on matters relating to regulatory and supervisory policies, market infrastructure development, and risk management practices.

He holds a B.A. degree from Manhattan College.

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Thieke, Stephen G. [MC1969]

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ENDNOTE: Dependent and was owned by the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party



Often My Friends Misunderstand My Personal Politics

*** begin quote ***

Chicago, IL—I was raised in the Windy City under a politically conservative Democratic Administration.  The Party boss and Mayor was the late Richard J. Daley not to be confused with his pathetic son, Richard M. Daley. 

A single mother collecting welfare who avoided parenting at every opportunity raised me.  I was really supervised by various friends of my mother or nobody.   Saying my mother raised me is a misstatement.

As a nine year-old I was taught to prepare my own meals, clean up after myself and to never answer the door should someone knock.  I’d not see my mother but for three or four times a week and she’d be quickly gone again.  I always got myself to school and never once did she offer to help me with my school homework.

My mother was destroyed by the Socialist welfare system that simply sent her money with no strings attached.  A little more than once per year we’d get evicted.   Our property would be carried out to the street in the snow.  As a result I had attend 13 different grammar schools.  

My childhood was an ugly experience that ended when I was 14, lied about my age and took up residence in a nearby apartment while working at a hotdog stand after school.  Like most children I just assumed what was going on in my life was perfectly normal and the same for everyone, or at least those without a father in the house. 

My mother was made totally dependent and was owned by the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party.  All she cared about was the monthly checks and the crappy canned food she was given for me to eat by the state.  To my mother Republicans and Conservatives were evil.

I grew to hate Liberal idealism and embrace the idea of breaking free from any form of dependence upon government.

I’m a Libertarian at the Conservative side of the political spectrum.  That does not make me uncaring or evil.

I want and demand limited government, taxes and intrusion in my life.  The best government is the one that’s not constantly making  news for new programs and new wars.

I want and demand prosperity and human rights for all.  I want maximum Liberty and Freedom.  I want equal opportunity for a superior education and jobs for every American.

I absolutely despise seeing America’s children sent off to fight in foreign wars and returning home in body bags or otherwise disabled.  The Swiss have the right notion to stay neutral no matter what.

I simply believe all things happen better without government intervention.

I want to see the end of the deeply flawed death penalty and serious controls on government prosecutors that have lost sight of justice or fairness.

Are the things I want and demand really so radical?  Isn’t this what all politicians promise and then never deliver?

I ask that my Leftist friends understand where I came from and tolerate my position.

The track record of Communists and Socialists everywhere has become a litany of government murder, tyranny and misery.   I can never understand how empty promises of the Far Left Wing politics can be so popular. 

I have to ask, are members of the Left Wing blind and deaf?  Can they not see the corruption and destruction to our culture and way of life?

*** end quote ***
Very eloquent. What could I add other than to say my life with a single Mom was nothing like this, but then she wasn’t dependent upon any one. She was a “Republican” despite never having done anything formal.
So how did I wind up a “little L libertarian”?
Pro-liberty, Pro-life, and Pro-choice on every issue every time.
“Who is John Galt?”
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