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POSITRACTION: Gordon Hirabayashi, an unpleasant reminder


Gordon Hirabayashi

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EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) - A sociologist who refused to be sent to internment camps that kept more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans captive during World War II has died in the Canadian city of Edmonton.

Gordon Hirabayashi, who died at the age of 93, was vindicated four decades later when a U.S. court in 1987 overturned his conviction and concluded that the U.S. government's internment policies had been based on political expediency, not on any risk to national security.

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In 1942, five months after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, he turned himself in to the FBI and was sentenced to 90 days in prison, a verdict that was upheld on appeal through to the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to a University of Washington newsletter from 2000, Hirabayashi was in his senior year when he refused to get on a bus that was taking Japanese-Americans to internment camps on the West Coast.

"I wasn't a rebel looking for a cause," Hirabayashi said at the time. "In fact, I was preparing to go. But in the days before I was supposed to leave, I realized that I couldn't do it."

He said he knew his parents might be in jeopardy, as they had not been eligible for naturalization when they immigrated to the United States.

"But the second generation, my generation, were U.S. citizens," Hirabayashi said. "We had constitutional rights. I didn't think anything could happen to us. We had a rude awakening."

His disbelief continued as he fought his legal battle, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union.

"When the case got to the federal courts I thought I might win it, since the primary goal of federal judges was to uphold the Constitution," he said. "But the judge told the jury, 'You heard the defense talking about defending the Constitution. That's irrelevant. The issue is the executive order that the military issued.' Under those circumstances, the jury came back very fast."

Having his conviction overturned many years later was a real vindication not only for Hirabayashi but for "all the effort people had put in for the rights of citizens during crisis periods."

He said it also changed his view of his home country.

"There was a time when I felt that the Constitution failed me," he said.

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Franz Jägerstätter?

There are people who stand up for the right thing. They are exemplars for what we should be. Aspire to. Support.

In today's crazy times, we have to celebrate these individuals.

stand up. speak up. and, be heard!

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JBLOGGER: Pompey, Aliann (MC1999) puts on a few pounds


The “slings and arrows” of (athletic) retirement
3 Dec

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A few years ago, I read an article on www.atoboldon.com. He talked about how he’d occasionally ‘let himself go’ in the off-season. Essentially, he took the time off to do NOTHING. He talked about the motivation of knowing that you have to go from sub-zero to 100 in a short period of time. It was a strange carrot (yummm.. carrot cake) to dangle in front of someone, and although I don’t remember all the details of his reasoning, at the time it made sense to me. So much sense that I tried it. That year, I took the time off to discover all kinds of food. If I’ve never had it, I tried it. I lost weight. Clearly it wasn’t for me. Fast forward a few years, and it’s what would otherwise be pre-season 2012-2013. But I’ve retired, so it’s just Fall. Sadly, the damned Ato Boldon workout plan kicked in just a bit late. Just about two months in, I was already 9 pounds heavier.

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[JR: Welcome back to Earth. Where us ordinary people have been struggling with pounds for decades. LOL!]

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JEMAIL: McFadden, Michael J. [MC1973] maybe a bit behind the times?

Hmm... maybe I'm a bit behind the times (or remiss in my Catholic theology...)  but I thought the Church was still pretty firm in its separation from the State as regards marriage here in the US.  As far as I thought things were, members of a couple who have not gotten a proper annulment by the Church ( very difficult to do if I remember correctly) can not get remarried in the Church.  Am I wrong in that?

On a personal level I think the separation should be firm.  If the State wants to allow gay marriage I see no problem with it.  If the Church doesn't want to allow it I see no problem with that either.  The Church says "no sex between unmarried consenting adults" and that's fine with me.  The State says it's OK, well, that's fine with me too. 
Abortion gets tricky because the State doesn't want to recognize the fetus as a full human being worthy of legal protection, while the Church sees an abortion as murder.  The question of "protecting the innocent" comes into play.  However, the Church gave up some of its moral standards on "protecting the innocent" once it allowed Catholic pilots to drop bombs on civilians in enemy cities.  I have no problem with the Church telling its doctors "No, you can't perform abortions (or perhaps even prescribe birth control)" but I also think the State has a right to say "As a Dr. you must perform certain duties in what we, as the certifiers of doctors,  feel are in the best interest of your patients." 
I have difficulties with the Church trying to force the State to bend to its beliefs.   Might the Church *WANT* the State to agree with its stance on marriage, birth control, peace, and abortion?  Yes.  But the limits of that desire should stop roughly somewhere around the line of urging voters to vote in line with their conscience and religion at the voting booth.  Anything beyond that opens the door to law by religion, and I don't know if I'd care much more for "Roman" law than I would for "Sharia" law. (Well, ok, maybe I'd lean a BIT toward the Vatican on that, but I'll admit that might be influenced by my own prejudicial upbringing....)
Michael J. McFadden
Peace Studies, 1973
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Dear Jasper McFadden:
Thanks for a well composed response. It got me going.
Well, fat old white guy injineers are not the paragons of moral virtue, nor the sole possessor of "The Truth". Personally, as a pro-choice pro-life little L libertarian little c catholic, I think that Holy Mother Church's leadership has, to put it bluntly, screwed up. It's been subverted into a cheerleader for Big Gooferment.
Sorry to say, but the Amish do the best job of "coexisting" with Big Gooferment; next best are the Quakers. Maybe the Mormons? The Church should be a counterbalance to the oppression of the State. The war for the hearts and minds of the country is OVER.
Gooferment Skrules turn minds into mush with a mix of worship of self, Mother Earth, Father State from whom all good things flow.
The current battle over "religious freedom" is a rear guard action against the symptoms of decisions made ages ago. Personally, I believe that the Gooferment has used the pedophilia scandals as knife at the throat of the Church hierarchy.
I'd go to "war" over "religious freedom". Even going so far as to say Holy Mother Church should remove the American flags from its churches. Refuse to process civil marriage paperwork. Forgo 501c3 status. Start a serious anti-war movement. Refuse the Gooferment's money or their rules at its hospitals; if it becomes and issue, shutter everyone of them with "Closed by Government Order". And, ditto with Catholic Charities. Along the way, I'd excommunicate every CINO politician.
Peaceful non-violent non-cooperation as taught by Gandhi and Doctor Martin Luther King.
It's an "in your face" strategy. But it's the hill worth dying on.
Like a last throw of the dice, the "Hail Mary" pass, to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at the hands of the "Secular Progressives", Socialists, Communists, and Marxists.
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JVIDEO: Upcoming L.O.V.E. trip to Kenya


Manhattan Jaspers Fundraise for upcoming L.O.V.E. trip to Kenya

Published on Dec 7, 2012

Through late November and early December, members from both the Manhattan College Volleyball team as well as Women's Lacrosse team sold raffle tickets to members of the Jasper

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0:40 of two very self conscious Jasper women raising funds for a trip.

They don't say if they are going.

Nor, did they say how to buy tickets.

Well, maybe they're future fat old white guy injineers? (that label doesn't exclude women; it's a mindset) rather than marketers.

Maybe the alumni will get a chance to let the moths out for exercise?

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JNEWS: Dowdall, Mary [MC????] President Irving Burton Associates


IBA Names Mary Dowdall as President
The Irving Burton Associates (IBA) Board of Directors unanimously voted and announced the appointment of Mary Dowdall to president of IBA.

Herndon, Virginia (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

The Irving Burton Associates (IBA) Board of Directors unanimously voted and announced the appointment of Mary Dowdall to president of IBA. Ms. Dowdall is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of leadership experience and strength in operational and fiscal management. As president, Ms. Dowdall will be responsible for all divisions of the company, including operations, business development, human resources, legal, accounting and contracting.

Ms. Dowdall previously served as chief operating officer at IBA. She also held several other leadership positions at IBA including vice president and eastern director of operations and vice president of finance. Prior to this, she supported the Military Health System (MHS) Chief Information Officer, the former Clinical Information Technology Program Office (CITPO) and the Executive Information Decision Support (EIDS) Program Office.

"Mary Dowdall is the consummate professional: ethical, fair-minded and hard working. She also is empathetic and calm, which when effectively managing over 200 people, is a gift" said Anna Ryan, chief executive officer of IBA. "I believe her years as IBA's chief operating officer has prepared her for this newest challenge and she is the right leader to steer IBA in the 21st century."

Ms. Dowdall holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in education and sociology from Manhattan College in Bronx, New York, and is married with three children.


Irving Burton Associates (IBA) is a woman-owned professional and technical services firm of 200 employees based in Herndon, Virginia with a regional office in Denver, Colorado. Repeatedly named a top GSA vendor by Federal Times, IBA has provided program management, software development and information technology services to the federal government, military departments, and commercial organizations since 1979. IBA specializes in mobile applications, software development, program management and Agile Scrum. IBA is also recognized as a “Great Place to Work” company by the Washingtonian magazine. For more information about IBA, please visit http://www.ibacorp.us.

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Dowdall, Mary [MC????]

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JLINKEDIN: Lisa LoFaso, [MC2008] Program Coordinator at iMentor


Lisa LoFaso, [MC2008]
Program Coordinator at iMentor
Greater New York City Area
Civic & Social Organization

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JVIDEO: Then, Ynaliz [MC????] attractively pitches life a O V


Overlook Manor

Published on Dec 7, 2012

An inside look at Overlook Manor nearby Manhattan College's campus.

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Then, Ynaliz [MC????]

[JR: They are making "civil engineers" better looking than in my days. Heck, makes me wish I could live there? ]

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MFOUND: Memorial of the Rev. John Mitchel Grady


Memorial of the Rev. John Mitchel Grady

by Manhattan College. Alumni Association

eBook - Digitized from 1889 volume

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[JR: Free ebook. ]

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JVIDEO: Jasper Jingle 2012


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JOBIT: Sullivan, Thomas P. [MC1954 RIP]


Thomas P. Sullivan

Thomas P. Sullivan

STONE RIDGE- Thomas P. Sullivan, 81, died Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012, at the KingstonHospital.

Born Nov. 9, 1931 in Bronx, he was the son of the late Joseph V. Sullivan and Elizabeth Patterson Sullivan. He was a graduate of Manhattan Prep and Manhattan College (1954) with a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. A Veteran of the U.S. Army (1954-1956) he served in Panama.

He was a licensed Professional Engineer and a partner with Raamot Associates, Manhattan, for 35 years. He moved his family to Stone Ridge in 1976 and continued to work in N.Y.C. and world wide as a consultant. He was a member of ASCE.

He was an avid skier and passed his love of skiing onto his children and granddaughters. He appreciated classical music, exploring new restaurants, and traveling the world. He also enjoyed his family, watching football, and walks through the woods.

Thomas is survived by his loving wife of 55 years, Judy M. Strong Sullivan; sons, Brian Sullivan of Stone Ridge; William Sullivan and partner Fatima Caetano, of Stone Ridge and Uberlandia, Brazil; daughters, Mary Maurer and her husband Erik Maurer, of Portsmouth, N.H., Alice Sullivan and partner Jason Vogel of Talkeetna, Alaska; granddaughters, Charlotte, Keating and Madigan Maurer; sisters, Elizabeth Grossman of Roscoe, N.Y., Margaret and Brad Lewis of Jefferson Valley, N.Y.; brother, John and Joyce Sullivan of Scottsdale, Ariz.; and several nieces and nephews.

A celebration of his life will be held, Tuesday, Dec. 11th at Christ the King Church,3021 Route 213 East, Stone Ridge, N.Y. Viewing at 10 a.m. in the church chapel, service at 11 a.m. followed by burial at Fairview Cemetery, Stone Ridge. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Rondout Valley Food Pantry, 3021 Route 213 East, Stone Ridge, N.Y., 12484 and the Marbletown Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 323, High Falls, N.Y., 12440.(www.GJ MoylanFuneralHome.com)

Published in the Daily Freeman on December 9, 2012


Sullivan, Thomas P. [MC1954 RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/dailyfreeman/guestbook.aspx?n=thomas-sullivan&pid=161577074&cid=full

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JLINKEDIN: Leone, Heather [MC2013] Bartender/Server at The Bridge Tavern


Leone, Heather [MC2013]
Bartender/Server at The Bridge Tavern
Greater New York City Area
Higher Education

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JLINKEDIN: Diaz, Reynaldo G. [MC2005] Technical Supervisor at Con Edison


Diaz, Reynaldo G. [MC2005]
Technical Supervisor at Con Edison
Greater New York City Area

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JLINKEDIN: Rosso, Robert [MC1989] Vice President-Regional Director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management


Rosso, Robert [MC1989]
Vice President-Regional Director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Greater New York City Area
Financial Services


Proven, credentialed wholesaler with 20 years of experience selling mutual funds, SMA's, and alternative investments to all wirehouse firms, and IBD channel in NYC Metro Region.

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JLINKEDIN: Karam, Anthony [MC2011] Analyst at Nexant


Karam, Anthony [MC2011]
Analyst at Nexant
Greater New York City Area
Oil & Energy

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JLINKEDIN: John McNally, [MC1994] Director at Citi


John McNally, [MC1994]
Director at Citi
Greater New York City Area
Financial Services


Dodd Frank Regulation / Derivative Clearing / SDR
Product - Master Security Database
Pricing Operations
Project Management

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JLINKEDIN: McNally, Edward [MC1989] Business Development Whalehaven Capital


McNally, Edward [MC1989]
Business Development Whalehaven Capital
Greater New York City Area
Investment Management


Raising capital for a growing hedge fund.

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JFACEBOOK: Connor, Amanda [MC2004] engaged

On Facebook Connor, Amanda [MC2004] engaged 12/14/12 no other details

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Any suggestions?

I'm always open for improvement. Anyone want to help


What happen to Jasper Jottings when … … ?

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ENDNOTE: Are you following @pontifex?

Habemas Tweetum: Pope's Twitter handle to be @pontifex

[JR: The phrase "a dollar late and a yard short" comes to mind. Holy Mother Church has rapidly fallen off the curve imho. Wile the Shepherd sleeps, the flock is destroyed. It's hard to see anything positive coming up ahead. Except eventually we are called home and to account. Guess it all evens up in the end?]

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