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POSITRACTION: Diagnose Pneumonia On the Cheap


StethoCloud Project Diagnoses Pneumonia On the Cheap
Posted by timothy on Sunday August 26, @08:26AM
from the changing-the-shape-of-the-bottleneck dept.

*** begin quote ***

Hugh Pickens writes "According to the World Health Organization, nearly one in five childhood deaths worldwide is caused by pneumonia, each year killing an estimated 1.4 million children under the age of 5, more than any other disease. Even in developed countries, trained healthcare professionals have trouble accurately diagnosing pneumonia because diagnosis comes after the onset of symptoms, which often must become severe before the condition is recognized as life threatening. Now Singularity Hub reports on StethoCloud, a cloud-based service that turns a Windows smartphone into a digital stethoscope. Using a specially designed microphone called a 'stethomic' that plugs into the smartphone's audio jack, and an app that guides users through the proper method for listening to a patient's breathing, early testing shows promise at accurately detecting the disease. Currently, the group is working with the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne to develop research protocols for field testing and they've sent the stethomics to hospitals in Ghana, Malaysia, and Mozambique. By next year, the team hopes the device will be in use in areas that need it most. The team expects its stethoscope to cost around $15 to $20, significantly cheaper than current digital stethoscopes in the market which tend to cost hundreds of dollars. The team argues that the cost of the phone itself is negligible, as smartphones are quickly becoming common even in the developing countries where childhood pneumonia is most prevalent."

*** end quote ***

[JR: Why can't we create more life-saving products for the benefit of the poor? The problem is in our memes and paradigms. Free trade is like JFK said: "A rising tide raises ALL boats." We need to get the human race working together as opposed to petty bickering. Like arguing about who's God is better. Like rioting in the city, when the pro-team of MP4B = “Millionaires Playing For Billionaires” wins something. Dumb! I'm hard pressed to think of anything dumber than "printing press money". It's like changing the definition of a yard halfway through a football game. (It's left to the reader as homework to come up with their own list of "dumb" paradigms and memes. If you can't come up with five, you're not thinking. Just look at any politician, for sparks.)]

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JEMAIL: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) ids McGowan, John J. [MC1972]

Dear John,

I believe that John is a member of the Class of 1972.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

McGowan, John J. [MC1972]

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JFOUND: McGowan, John J. [MC1972] Professor Bethany College, Bethany, WV

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JEMAIL: Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975) about the Church "learning" about the State

from: Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975)
to: Reinke, F. John (MC1968)
date: Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 11:43 PM
subject: Timothy Cardinal Dolan


As the Speaker said while introducing the Cardinal in Tampa, "A preferential option for the poor is not a preferential option for big government."

And it turns out that Dolan's original offer to pray at the DNC was rejected. Until the optics became too bad, and the Dems had to offer him a slot.

At least since the passage of Obamacare, the Church has been relearning the truism that "he who pays the piper calls the tune." All the fine promises to respect religious beliefs expired the day after they were uttered. To their chagrin, even the Catholic Health Care Association has found that abortion is the only healthcare the Democrats truly care about.

Rep Ryan's bishop has been reported as saying that the Ryan budget is consistent with Catholic teaching.


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[JR: Ahh, yes, the old "golden rule". He, who has the gold, makes the rules. Other than the religion stuff, I think I'd make a great "cardinal". "OK, Mister or Ms. CINO politician, Let's talk about how inflation really <synonym for the act of procreation>the poor." ROFL, yeah, I'd last about an hour. Thanks for reading all the way to the end. At least I know it's not just me.]

Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975)

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JEMAIL: Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975) ids Conte, Rich [MC1975]

from: Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975)
to: Reinke, F. John (MC1968)
date: Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 11:26 PM
subject: Rich Conte


I believe that Rich is '75.


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Conte, Rich [MC1975]

Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975)

[JR: Thanks, Gerard. Much appreciated. Mike better be careful; so many nipping at his heels for his "high paying" job at the on the Research Desk at the Virtual Jasper Newsroom. Maybe I can cut his pay. ROFL!]

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JNEWS: Conte, Rich [MC1975] has his 911 story told; worth the read


A 9/11 survivor's long journey from Ground Zero
Saved only by acts of fate, Rich Conte of Stowe still carries the legacy of his firefighter brothers
6:52 PM, Sep 7, 2012

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MTWITTER: Alumni Soccer Game 2012

TWEET by @bigsoccerheadNY (Eric Krakauer)

"Alumni Game 2012 #ManhattanCollege #Jaspers #GoJaspers #Soccer #NYC http://t.co/xSky6EIm"

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[JR: The link shows an instagram picture.]

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JHQ: There's an app for that; Jasper Athletics



Follow the Jaspers with the latest news, scores, schedules, rosters, photos and live stats from all Manhattan College athletic teams.
Manhattan Jaspers Support

What's New in Version 4.0.1

Get the Official 2012/13 iPhone app of Manhattan Jaspers Athletics.

  will give you access to all Manhattan Jaspers sports including football, basketball, baseball, golf, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, track and field and volleyball. The app includes sections for News, Scores, Schedules, Rosters, Bios, Live Stats, Facilities, Photos, Twitter feeds and more.

The app has been updated for the start of 2012/13 season, making it even easier to follow your favorite team:
* Added the 'Latest' tab which highlights the most recent articles, photos, and video.
* Added the ability for users to control the tabs on the bottom navigation bar and create their own, custom experience.
* Enhanced sharing features including Email, Twitter, Facebook and Messaging.
* New Offline Mode which allows fans to view information previously accessed inside the application without an Internet connection.
* Added the official athletics Twitter feed so you can stay up to date directly from the app.
* Enhanced usability as articles now link to other articles, rosters, video, bios and more directly within the app.
* Browse multiple seasons of schedules for each sport.
* Schedules now feature a new detail view which allows you to set game alerts, add events to your calendar and view related articles, photo albums, scores and stats for a game.
* Updated rosters page which now shows coaches bios and provides the ability to sort the roster by player name or number.
* through hundreds of high resolution photos through the brand new Photo Galleries.
* The new 'Gameday' tab will aggregate all the relevant information around the next game.

The premium in-app purchase is a one-time charge for the 2012-2013 season.

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[JR: I don't report sports in Jasper Jottings because Alma Mater did that pretty well in the past and is doing it well now. Now they "have an an app for that". Many of the alums that read Jasper Jottings don't care a wit about sports; some are rabid. Eiither way, Alma Mater is beginning to show signs of understanding the technology and how to use it. Five bucks ain't going to break anybody. Sends a message "to do more". Maybe I need Jasper Jottings app?]

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JLINKEDIN: Greene, Thomas [MC1961] Publisher at Greene Bark Press Inc.


Greene, Thomas [MC1961]
Publisher at Greene Bark Press Inc.,
Allentown, Pennsylvania Area


* Acquisition, publishing, sales and marketing of original children book titles. Selection, acquisition, sales and marketing of educational toys and games. Procurement of professional books and materials from other publishers in fulfillment of business and government contracts. Sales and marketing of an instant test kit for the viruses of E-Coli and Salmonella through a separate division of Greene Bark Press Inc.,, TJGreeneSupplies.

* Formed a partnership with singer Maureen McGovern to sell the music rights to a song based upon the title of one of our publications; "Couldn't We Make A Difference?"

* Sales rep several marine company products overseas through another division; TJGreene Associates.

* Long term goal is to sell the company.


* Marketing Children books; educational games and toys;

* Selling Instant E-Coli and Salmonella test Kits to school readiness programs, daycare centers, schools, ;libraries, parents etc.,

* Marketing marine products overseas

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JNEWS: Bergoffen, Abigail [MC1992] Science Teacher Glen Rock High School


Who are the New GRHS Teachers? Find Out.
Check out the biographies of the ten new educators at the high school.

*** begin quote ***

Don't recognize some of the names on your kid's schedule? Glen Rock High School has a few new teachers and aides for the 2012-2013 school year and the school added a few biographies on its website.

Here's the list:

*** and ***

Science Department

*** and ***

Abigail Bergoffen– Abigail received her Master’s Degree from Manhattan College and her BS from SUNY Cortland. Abigail has experience teaching in New Milford, as well as in New York. She also has experience as an environmental engineer.

*** end quote ***

Bergoffen, Abigail [MC????]

# - # - # - # - #  2012-Sep-10 @ 13:04

Dear John,

I believe that Abigail is a member of the Class of 1992.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Bergoffen, Abigail [MC1992]

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JNEWS: Barile, Laurence J. [MC1986] does his own thing


Small Business,
Big Projects

September 2012

*** begin quote ***

With a mechanical engineering degree and several years of experience at a large, Manhattan-based engineering consulting firm under his belt, Laurence J. Barile returned to his roots, a small multidisciplinary firm founded by his father and a partner in White Plains, NY.

That was some 27 years ago, and he has never looked back. Barile literally started from the ground up, sweeping floors from the age of 11 at Damiano Barile Engineers, but after graduating from Manhattan College, he wanted a taste of a larger firm. He was a pioneer in the field of computer-aided drafting and design, and at Syska Hennessey, one of the largest U.S.-based global engineering design firms, he was an early adopter of CAD and drafting software for the firm. He brought those skills to Damiano Barile, where he and the firm have thrived.

*** and ***

"That consistency and continuity lead to good productivity," says Barile. "The guy who is there on day 1 of your project is likely to be the guy there on day 101."

The same continuity also comes from having principal involvement on every project. "The ownership is very close to the people doing the work on the job, and we're involved," he says. "There aren't layers of bureaucracy. The people with the name on the door are intimate with every project."

The firm is very mindful that it is in the service business. "When someone calls, they can speak with someone whose name is on the door to discuss a problem or issue. Every construction project is going to have problems. It's not a matter of whether you have problems but how you deal with problems," says Barile.

*** end quote ***

Barile, Laurence J. [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Laurence is a member of the Class of 1986.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Barile, Laurence J. [MC1986]

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JHQ: September Alumni Connection


Yankees Pregame Reception & Game

Enjoy a private pregame reception with fellow Jaspers as the Yankees take on the Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, Sept. 18. The cost of the event is $50 per person and includes admission to the park and access to the Malibu Rooftop Deck (exclusively for Manhattan College alumni and guests), all food and non-alcoholic beverages. The reception begins at 5:30 p.m., and game time is 7:05 p.m.

Broderick Scholarship Golf Tournament

Please join us on Monday, Sept. 24 at Westchester Hills Golf Club (401 Ridgeway Ave., White Plains, NY) for the eighth annual Jasper 66 Golf Outing and 26th anniversary dinner to benefit the Donald R. Broderick Memorial Scholarship fund. Since its inception, the fund has raised more than $800,000 and has provided 11 graduates and four current students with the opportunity to pursue a Manhattan College education. To register online and for additional details, visit the website.

For more information about the tournament and dinner, please contact Mary Ellen Malone by phone at (718) 862-7976.

Port City Brewing Company

Washington, D.C., Port City Brewery Tour & Tasting

The Alumni Club of Metro Washington, D.C., is proud to announce its first event of the season. Join fellow alumni on Saturday, Sept. 29 for a private tasting and tour at Port City (3950 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria, VA, 23304), a new artisanal brewery. The event, hosted by Elli Nesbitt '81, will begin at 11 a.m., and the tasting and tour will run about two hours. The cost is $10 per person and includes a Port City souvenir tasting glass. Payment may be made directly to Port City on the day of the event. For questions about the event, please contact Elli Nesbitt at (703) 623-4275.

For those who would like to continue the fun afternoon, an optional lunch will follow at Ted's Montana Grill (2451 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, VA, 22314). Lunch will be a la carte and guests can pay the restaurant directly as well.

To RSVP, please contact Ainsley Woakes, assistant director of Alumni Relations, at (718) 862-7454 or email ainsley.woakes@manhattan.edu.

Join Manhattan College in the Hispanic Day Parade

Alumni, family and friends are invited to march along Fifth Avenue in this year's Hispanic Day Parade on Sunday, Oct. 14. The estimated step-off time for the College's unit is at 3 p.m. Please arrive no later than 2:15 p.m. for assembly. The parade will start at 12 p.m. on 46th Street at Fifth Avenue and will end at 5 p.m. at 69th Street. The colorful Hispanic Parade is a showcase of Hispanic solidarity and encourages the traditional values, music, costumes and folklore of each participating country. Parade participants' number more than 10,000, and spectators exceed 1 million. Participation in the parade and events will provide exceptional opportunities to demonstrate the College's support of the Hispanic community.

A post-parade gathering is being organized, and details are forthcoming. For more information about the parade, please contact Joaquin Pradas '71 by email at jfxpradas@hotmail.com. Please keep the Alumni Relations office aware if you're participating by emailing alumni@manhattan.edu, as limited spaces are available to march.

Nassau County Alumni Reception

Join the College on Thursday, Oct. 18 at The St. James (190 Second St., Mineola, NY) from 6-9 p.m. for an evening cocktail reception. Jim O'Leary '75, proprietor of The St. James, will host the event, and the cost is $40 per person ($25 for young alumni from the classes of 2002-2012), which includes open bar and heavy hors d'oeuvres. REGISTER»

California Events – October 2012

Manhattan College is coming back to California. Mark your calendars for the following dates and please join us for one (or more) of the events. For more information and to register, please visit http://manhattan.edu/alumni.

Please contact Ainsley Woakes, assistant director of Alumni Relations at (718) 862-7454 or email ainsley.woakes@manhattan.edu with any questions.

San Francisco Reception

Monday, Oct. 22, 2012
The Brick Yard (1787 Union St., San Francisco)
6–8 p.m.

Enjoy after-work drinks and appetizers with fellow Manhattan grads on historic Union Street. The cost of the event is $25 per person and includes two drinks and a selection of appetizers. REGISTER»

Newport Beach Reception

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012
The Cannery (3010 Lafayette Rd., Newport Beach)
6–8:30 p.m.

Enjoy after-work drinks and appetizers with fellow Manhattan grads on historic Union Street. The cost of the event is $25 per person and includes two drinks and a selection of appetizers. REGISTER»

Los Angeles Alumni Breakfast

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012
LA Market at JW Marriott LA Live Hotel (900 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles)
8–9:30 a.m.

Get your day started with fellow Jaspers at our Los Angeles gathering. Enjoy a classic breakfast and catch up with the College and old friends (and hopefully a few new ones). REGISTER»

San Diego Happy Hour Wine Tasting

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012
Wet Stone Wine Bar (1927 4th Ave., San Diego)

Relax and enjoy a casual wine and food pairing for $30 per person. Happy hour specials will also be available for purchase directly from the restaurant until 7 p.m. REGISTER»

Open House Alumni Brunch

On Sunday, Oct. 28, the Alumni Relations office and President Brennan O'Donnell cordially invite you to attend our annual Open House Mass and Alumni Brunch, a special event for families with prospective students. Mass will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers followed by a 10:30 a.m. brunch in Dante's Den. At 12 p.m., a welcome address will be made in the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers.

The event is free, though advance reservations are required.

For more information and to register, visit the Open House section of the website.

Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony 2012

The 2012 Manhattan College Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on Saturday, Nov. 10. This year's inductees include: Richard Alexander '81 (track and field), James Amandola '02 (men's lacrosse), George Fisher '74 (golf), Fran Fraschilla (men's basketball coach), Sandy Gordon '88 (women's basketball), Bo Kucyna '81 (men's soccer), Travis Lyons '98 (men's basketball) and Tiffanie Poole '00 (track and field).

Mass will be held at 4 p.m. in the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers, followed by cocktails at 5 p.m. in Dante's Den. The dinner and induction ceremony will take place in Smith Auditorium at 6 p.m.

For more information about the event and to register, visit http://manhattan.edu/halloffame.

NYSC New York Sports Club & Town Sports International

The Alumni Relations office is happy to announce a partnership with Town Sports International (parent company of New York Sports Club) to offer Manhattan College alumni a corporate membership discount of $74 a month for a one-year passport membership at any club, any time.
News Spotlight

Eleven years after Sept. 11, engineering alumni Anthony Sartor '64 and Steven Plate '76 are partnering to help rebuild the World Trade Center.

Honored Faculty Manhattan College thanks the following professors who retired in 2012 for their longtime service to the College:

Faraj Abdulahad, Ph.D., associate professor emeritus of economics and finance (started in 1970)

George Freiji, Ph.D., assistant professor emeritus of English (started in 1969)

Thomas Mancuso '64, Ph.D., associate professor emeritus of electrical and computer engineering (started in 1973)

Al Manduley, M.B.A., assistant professor emeritus of marketing and director of global business studies (started in 1958)

John McCabe '57, Ph.D., associate professor emeritus of mathematics and computer Science (started 1966)

Judith Plaskow, Ph.D., professor emeritus of religious studies (started in 1979)

John Tomer, Ph.D., professor emeritus of economics and finance (started in 1983)

John Wilcox, Ph.D., professor emeritus of religious studies, former vice president for the Mission office and director for the Center of Lasallian Studies (started in 1974)

Upcoming Alumni Event Dates

New York City Club Reception, Nov. 28

Join the College on Wednesday, Nov 28 at Mutual of America for the NYC Club's annual alumni reception. Author Michael Ledwidge '92 will be this year's speaker.

Radio City's Christmas Spectacular, Dec. 7
Get in the holiday spirit as Radio City celebrates 85 years of The Rockettes.

Reunion Weekend 2013, May 31-June 2, 2013

Attention Restaurant/Bar Owners

Do you or another Jasper you know own a restaurant or bar? We'd love to host an alumni event with you. Please let us know at alumni@manhattan.edu.

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Share Your News and Updates

Please keep the Alumni Relations and Marketing and Communication offices informed of any updates in your career and personal life. We are eager to receive your notice of promotions, advanced degrees, births, marriages, deceased notices and any ideas you might have for campus news. Please also notify us of any changes to your home address and business contact information.

Submit online or email

Alumni Society

Are you interested in joining the Alumni Society Board? Meetings are held four times throughout the academic year and volunteers are greatly needed. Please email alumni@manhattan.edu to learn more.

Jasper Screensavers

Catch the Jasper spirit on your computer screen with custom wallpaper options.

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[JR: You can submit your news online to Jasper Jottings too. And, I know the Alumni Office "poaches". LOL! If if they don't like competition for your eyeball, it does keep them on their toes. Of email: jasper at reinke dot c(harlie) c(charlie). It's a domain from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. At one time, it was important to have my name. Do all fat old white guy injineer''s have big egos? And the "Reinke Pivot Irrigator" of Nebraska beat me to reinke dot com by a few hours. Another gold rush I missed. Argh!]


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JNEWS: Powers, Taylor [MC????] Colleen Queen 2012 and future Jasper


Setting a Positive Example As Colleen Queen 2012
Posted on 07 September 2012.
by Antonina Zielinska

*** begin quote ***

Having attended the Irish Fair most years of her young life, Taylor Powers had great admiration for the Colleen Queens that reigned over the fair each year.

“I remember them walking around the fair with their sash, and I wanted to be like them,” she said.

Although it was her childhood aspiration, Powers did not put much thought into it as she prepared to attend Manhattan College, the Bronx. The fair committee tried to contact her with the news that she was chosen as the 2012 Colleen Queen, but she was in Puerto Rico at the time. She did not read the news in her e-mail until she returned home.

Serving as Colleen Queen will only be the newest way Powers serves the Irish Fair. She performed at the event nearly every year with the Buckley School of Irish Dance, where she was a student for 13 years.

*** and ***

Helping younger generations is part of a pattern Powers has demonstrated throughout her lifetime. As part of her Girl Scout volunteer work, she organized dances for children in Holy Name parish, Park Slope.

Though she likes to entertain children, safety always comes first. She has taught children to be junior lifeguards in Breezy Point.

Her school recognized her leadership and made her co-captain of the varsity swim team and captain of varsity cheerleading. However, getting her to speak about her accomplishments is not an easy task. She said she just follows her family’s example.

“I was raised to give back,” she said. “My mom always encouraged me to volunteer…I just want to give back to the community what was given to me.”

She said she brought the lessons she learned from her family and community to college with her as she studies civil engineering.

“St. Saviour is a very big part of my life,” she said. “I grew up there. I did everything there. My parents got married in the church, and my parents went (to the school) there.”

Being part of the St. Saviour community means more than school and volunteer work for Powers. She said it is also a religious experience. She said being part of the faith community and serving as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion has helped her deepen her relationship with God.

*** end quote ***

Powers, Taylor [MC????]  

[JR: I'm sure she's going to break a few hearts around Fanny Farmer. Makes me wish I was back in school. Nah, I couldn't get in and why would they want a fat old white guy injineer hanging around? Impressive credentials she brings. I'd keep my eye on her; she's a keeper. But you might need a club to to tie her down. LOL! I'm just a old fellow who needs slow moving targets and low thresholds.]

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JEMAIL: Schlickenrieder, Warren (MC1942) ids Reilly, Shannon Erin [MC2006]

JOY: Reilly, Shannon Erin [MC2006] is engaged

Shannon Reilly and William Knecht
Published: Friday, September 07, 2012, 5:01 PM
Updated: Friday, September 07, 2012, 5:08 PM
By The Republican Lifestyle Desk

Denise and Charles Reilly, of Westfield, announce the engagement of their daughter, Shannon Erin Reilly, to William Chase Knecht, both of Brooklyn, N.Y. The future bridegroom is the son of MaryEllen Knecht of Leesburg, Va., and Mark Knecht of Ashburn, Va.

# - # - # - # - # 2012-Sep-08 @ 08:07

from: Schlickenrieder, Warren (MC1942)
to: Distribute_Jasper_Jottings-owner
date: Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 12:39 PM
subject: Shannon Erin Reilly

My "stuff" indicates that Shannon Erin Reilly was a member of the Class of 2006 at Manhattan.

Interesting that Shannon and William both graduated from a Westfield High School - Shannon from one in Massachusetts, and William from one in Chantilly, Virginia.

Warren Schlickenrieder '42

[JR: Thanks, Warren. Wonnder how many folks noticed that; I didn't. Sharp eyes. Much appreciated.]

Reilly, Shannon Erin [MC2006]

# - # - # - # - # 2012-Sep-11 @ 17:07

MNEWS: Brother Thomas J. Scanlan [MCxstaff] La Salle Academy Board of Regents chairman


Brother Scanlan named chairman of the La Salle Academy Board of Regents
GateHouse News Service
Posted Sep 10, 2012 @ 09:13 PM

*** begin quote ***


Brother Thomas J. Scanlan, F.S.C., Ph.D., Auxiliary Provincial, District of Eastern North America, has been appointed as chairman of the La Salle Academy Board of Regents this year and continues to serve on the school’s Board of Directors.

Prior to his 22-year presidency of Manhattan College, Brother Thomas was the Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of Bethlehem University in Bethlehem, Palestine for six years. Before going to Bethlehem, he was Director of Finance and Education New York Province of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

*** end quote ***

[JR: Brother President keeps his hand in education.]

# - # - # - # - #  2012-Sep-11 @ 21:35 

MFOUND: The quad full of flags

The quad at school is full of flags. In memory of 9/11


# - # - # - # - #  2012-Sep-11 @ 21:55 

JOBIT: Higgins, Thomas Martin [MC1958 RIP]


HIGGINS, Thomas M.

Thomas Martin Higgins, 75, of New York, NY, beloved husband of Elizabeth (Palmer) Higgins, died on Monday, (September 10) in New York, NY.

Born in New York, NY, he was the son of the late Thomas and Nora (Corcoran) Higgins of County Mayo, Ireland. Mr. Higgins was a graduate of Cardinal Hayes High School and Manhattan College.

He was an accountant for several Fortune 500 Companies and later, a self-employed businessman. He served on the Steering Committee of Prospect Owners Cooperative from 1983 to 1988, was a Director/Officer on the initial coop boards and served as Board President from 1996 to the present.

Along with his wife, Mr. Higgins is survived by two daughters, Cynthia Larson of Spring Hill, FL and Jennifer Andrews of Palm Harbor, FL; a sister, Ann Cotter of Yonkers, NY; three grandchildren, Eric, Kelly, and Britta Larson and two great grandchildren, Kyla Perkins and Gabriel Larson. He was also predeceased by his brother, James Higgins.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Saturday, September 15 at 10 a.m. at Wesleyan University Memorial Chapel, 221 High Street, Middletown with Rev. Hal Weidner officiating. Interment will follow in Indian Hill Cemetery. There will be no calling hours. In lieu of flowers, friends may make donations in his memory to Manhattan College Development Office, 4513 Manhattan College Parkway, Riverdale, NY, 10471. Messages of condolence may be sent to the family at www.doolittlefuneralservice.com. Doolittle Funeral Home, 14 Old Church Street, Middletown is handling the arrangements.

Published in The Hartford Courant on September 12, 2012


Higgins, Thomas Martin [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/hartfordcourant/guestbook.aspx?n=thomas-higgins&pid=159850517&cid=full

[JR: One of the rare times that I've the seen the "in lieu of flowers" pointing to Alma Mater. So there's no doubt that our fellow alum considered himself a Jasper. Via con dies, my fellow Jasper. I hope to see you soon. I feel a kinship also because "no calling hours". Wakes have to be the most barbarous relic of prehistoric humans preserved today. Having done it too many times, it's a practice that needs to be retired.]

# - # - # - # - # 2012-Sep-12 @ 07:07

Dear John,

I believe that Thomas is a member of the Class of 1958.

May He Rest In Peace.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Higgins, Thomas Martin [MC1958 RIP]

# - # - # - # - #  2012-Sep-12 @ 20:48 

JNEWS: Telschow, Thomas J. [MC????] now an Eagle Scout


Ringwood's Telschow now an Eagle Scout
Thursday, September 6, 2012
Suburban Trends

*** begin quote ***

Ringwood resident Thomas J. Telschow, a member of Boy Scout Troop 76, attained the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Scouting, during a ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 11. A graduate of Lakeland Regional High School in Wanaque, he attends the St. Catherine of Bologna Church in Ringwood. He has also started his post-high school career at Manhattan College. For his Eagle Scout project, he spent about 160 hours building a memorial picnic area at Stonetown Field in memory of Bryan Ward and David Wright who both were known for pouring their energies into the borough's recreational soccer programs.

*** end quote ***

Telschow, Thomas J. [MC????]

[JR: Impressive. The fellow has stick-to-it-ness that Jaspers typically have. "Yeah, I can drink this whole keg myself. Watch me!"  LOL!]

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MNEWS: Alma Mater ranked in the top 20 in U.S. News & World Report


U.S. News & World Report Once Again Recognizes Manhattan College in Top 20 of America’s Best Colleges

School of Engineering also ranked among leading undergraduate programs in the nation.

For the sixth year in a row, Manhattan College was ranked in the top 20 in U.S. News & World Report’s annual America’s Best Colleges rankings in the category of Best Regional Universities in the North.

The report will hit newsstands on Sept. 18 in the 2013 guidebook, and lists Manhattan as No. 17.

The College’s School of Engineering also earned a national placement of No. 35 in the Best in Undergraduate Engineering category, advancing from No. 40 in the 2011 rankings. This particular category evaluates engineering schools that offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees, but not doctoral degrees. U.S. News surveys engineering deans and senior faculty at undergraduate engineering programs accredited by ABET (formerly known as Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

# - # - # - # - #  2012-Sep-12 @ 20:57 

JFACEBOOK: Carey, Christopher [MC1984] celebrates Taylor, Maureen [MC????]

Christopher Carey

‎25 years ago today I received the greatest gift of my life when I married my Manhattan College sweetheart Maureen Taylor at St William the Abbott Church in Seaford, Long Island. We have been blessed with two beautiful and talented daughters Tara and Anna. We have also enjoyed the love and support of the best friends and family anyone could ask for.

Earlier this year Maureen was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her quiet grace and dignity through the healing process has been an inspiration to us all. As we move into the next 25 years of our marraige I know she will continue to amaze me. I love her more now then ever.

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Carey, Christopher [MC1984]

Taylor, Maureen [MC????]

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JLINKEDIN: Baez, Santiago Jr. [MC????] Coordinator - Forensic Interviewer at Safe Horizon


Baez, Santiago Jr. [MC????] 
Coordinator - Forensic Interviewer at Safe Horizon
New York, New York
Nonprofit Organization Management

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JLINKEDIN: Berlin, Sam [MC2008] New Accounts Analyst at Jefferies & Company


Berlin, Sam [MC2008]
New Accounts Analyst at Jefferies & Company
Greater New York City Area
Financial Services

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JEMAIL: The twentieth Jasper fatality … MacGee, Brian P. [MC1973 RIP]


Manhattan College ‏@ManhattanEdu tweets:

"Today we remember 20 alumni who lost their lives in the #Sept11 attacks, and all members of…"

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Mike: My list shows 19 died in 9/11. MC says 20. Who's right? fjohn68

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Dear John,

I thought that it was 20. I think that I have the list at the house in Woodlawn. I will check and get back to you.


PS Our Retreat is this weekend and at the Mass on Sunday we read the names of those from Manhattan and those who were connected with our retreat, who perished.

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from: McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)
to: McEneney, Mike (MC1953), Reinke, F. John (MC1968)
date: Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 11:12 PM
subject: RE: [JasperJottingsEditorial] Fwd: [TrackEngine] Manhattan Homepage


The number is 20

Brian P. MacGee '73 was added to our list last year.



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[JR: Well I am sorry to hear that addition!]

MacGee, Brian P. [MC1973 RIP]

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ENDNOTE: Legionnaires disease at Chicago Marriott


Irishman one of three to die of Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Chicago
Disease contracted via airborne bacteria detected in eight patients linked to the Windy City so far
By CATHY HAYES, IrishCentral Staff Writer
Published Saturday, September 1, 2012, 7:02 AM
Updated Saturday, September 1, 2012, 7:05 AM

*** begin quote ***

A Limerick man has died from Legionnaires’ disease, which he contracted at a Chicago hotel, during a trip to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary and visit their son, Shane (29).

Thomas Keane (66), from Janeboro, died on Wednesday having contracted the disease a month ago. He is the third person to die from this bacterial infection, contracted at the JW Marriott Chicago hotel.

Last month Keane and his wife, Olivia, took part in a walking tour of the city which ended outside the hotel. The couple ate dinner at the hotel where he contracted the illness.

*** end quote ***

When I read this story, I felt tremendous empathy for the spouse of 40 years left behind. Having experienced that, I guess I'm jaundiced.

Then, I read the story with my usual little L libertarian eyes. And I went nuts!

What if deaths don't hit double digits then it doesn't register in Chicago???

Then, I saw "THIRD"!

Where's Marriott HQ? Asleep. Or has "crony capitalism" infected the ENTIRE American economy.

I usually champion how BUSINESS treasures its Customers.

SO, maybe it's time for "We, The Sheeple" to administer, as Judge Marilynn says, "rough justice"..

Anyone staying in a hotel, don't pick Marriott and let them know why.

Any wagers on how long it takes to get their attention?

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