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POSITRACTION:  Legally blind archer


LONDON (AP) -- Legally blind archer Im Dong-hyun set the first world records of the London Olympics, breaking his own record in the 72-arrow mark and helping South Korea set a team record in the ranking round on Friday.

[JR: Impressive. And, there are a lot of able people, who think they "can't". Unfortunately, they are right! We're our own limitations. Time to update one's paradigms and memes.]

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JEMAIL: Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975) corrects about armor


Once again, the media gets it wrong. The Aurora shooter was wearing a "tactical vest" (load bearing equipment with lots of pockets, like fishermen and photographers wear), not even "soft" body armor. "Two to the chest" would have put him down for the count, terminally. Especially if you used a real caliber (beginning with a "4", or a "1"), not the wussy 9 mm.


Gerard M. Delaney '75

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Delaney, Gerard M. (MC1975)

[JR: Thanks. I missed that "correction". But, I don't listen to the media reports with anything but suspicion and scorn. So, my 1911 would have suitably "impressed" the ne'er-do-well. If I was allowed to carry it by our masters! "Free country", don't make me laff. ]

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JNEWS: Pompey, Aliann (MC1999) makes her final Olympic appearance


U.S. looks to end 60-year drought in men's 3,000-meter steeplechase
8:00 PM, Aug 3, 2012
Written by Elliott Denman For NJ Press Media

*** begin quote ***

Aliann Pompey, the Shore Athletic Club member and past NCAA champion for Manhattan College, competing in her fourth Olympic Games for Guyana, claimed a spot in tonight’s women’s 400-meter semifinals. .

Pompey, meet–record holder at Holmdel’s New Jersey International Meet, ran her fastest lap of the year, 52.10, to advance into the 24-runner semis. With her performance, Pompey became the first runner of any nation to compete in four Olympic 400s.

“But this is definitely my last,” she said. “I can’t see myself running much further.

“It takes a toll on you. I’m happy with my 52.10 and think I can go faster in the semis, but this has been a tough year. I had some Achilles tendon surgery and missed a lot of time, so this was only my fourth or fifth race all year.”

*** end quote ***

Pompey, Aliann (MC1999)

[JR: Hats off! And a big round of applause to a woman who exemplifies what a Jasper should -- brave. Explanations; not excuses. She did her best. She's a champ in my book. We've recorded many of her off-track accomplishments here in Jasper Jottings as well. So, as the old Navy Chief taught me, we'll signal her a "Bravo Zulu", old Navy flag signal for "Well Done"! The fact that she didn't advice past the semis just means on that given day there were others who were faster. But, none better, imho.]

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JBLOGGER: Marmbrandt, Malin (MC2011) Jasper reunion in Stockholm


[JR: My Swedish is a little rusty. But this is what I think she wrote.]

Epic Weekend:

The weekend that was was crazy fun! We had a Manhattan College reunion in Stockholm, which began Friday night with 5-martial on Grönan. We were divided into teams by rock, paper, scissors, and I ended up with Malin, Andrea and Felix. It was a blast, and my team came second (or second last to Tobbe said, haha). My strong suit was banging down logs with a hammer. I was fast but got a lot of lactic acid! This branch was also Siri good at, so well that she was the best thing that had made the area all day, so she won a big plastic hammer.

Friday ended at a bar where we were planning tomorrow.

Saturday's program consisted of tasty hotel breakfast, a boat trip out to Fjäderholmarna where we had a picnic, and then chill in some hours before we went out to Linda in Nacka. There, we ate Tacos and played lot of games. So very many laughs attacks I had that night, that is - just sick :-) So lovely bunch!

All of a sudden ask Siri, if we want to go party bus into town, and the rest of us look quizzically at each other, and think well this is strange but fun. We wondered if it really would be some party bus out of Nacka. But it did. And not just any bus at any time, without a big, steaming, black party bus with disco lights and smoke machines! Completely crazy! We jumped in and drove around in type 45 minutes, danced us sweaty and I did everything to not fall over with my boot. The bus then dropped us at the Cafe Opera :-)

When we dropped out we looked at each other and asked if this really happened. It was so strange everything. People on the streets, took pictures of the bus and "high-fivade" us when we drove past haha ..

The party continued in the café where we danced the night away :-)

Completely crazy, sick, and fantastikt fun I had! Thank you wonderfully funny MC snap caps! This must be done to a

Manhattan Girl
2012-07-18 @ 20:17:15

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Marmbrandt, Malin (MC2011)

[JR: The other pics make me wish I was thin, young, and handsome again. (Ever?) Instead of just a grumpy fat old white guy injineer. And one venial sin, it's Google Translate!]

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JEMAIL: McEneney Edward J. (MC1959) spots a Jasper citation for Cardinal George William Mundelein

from: Edward J. McEneney
to: "john (reinke cc)"
cc: McEneney, Mike (MC1953)
date: Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 1:20 PM
subject: Brooklyn Tablet / Cardinal George William Mundelein / Manhattan College Graduate

The Tablet, Brooklyn NY Diocese, July 7 - -14, 2012 www.thetablet.org

Cardinal George William Mundelein, a native of Manhattan and graduate of Manhattan College, The Bronx, was ordained a priest in Rome by Brooklyn Bishop Charles McDonnell on June 8, 1895....served as assistant secretary to Bishop McDonnell, Chancellor, and founding rector of Cathedral College, Brooklyn...ordained the first auxiliary bishop of Brooklyn by Bishop McDonnell on June 30, 1909. In 1915 , he was named Archbishop of Chicago and named a cardinal in 1924. He died October 2, 1939, and is buried in Mundelein, Ill.

Edward J. McEneney '59

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[JR: Thanks, Ed. Much appreciated. Was't able to track it back to the website. Often the site and the paper are very different. (I think that's a mistake, but what do I know.) Great find.]

McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)

McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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JMAIL: Flynn, Bro. Gregory (MC1967) annouces the Addis Hope Program has closed

[JR: Received 2012-08-04]

July, 2012

Dear family and friends of Addis Hope,

I write this letter above all to thank you for your prayers during my chemotherapy. Apparently, your storming the heavens has worked. My recent tests at Columbia Presbyterian show no sign of my previous colon cancer. With God’S help, I will hear the same news in September when I return for further evaluation. Assuming I do, I hope to return to Addis Ababa. So, I have much to be grateful for.

Sadly, the Addis Hope Program which has existed for eleven years because of your generosity, has closed, following the graduation ceremony just celebrated. In the best of times, we have limped along financially and been able to sustain the program. My health issues required me to be absent from the day to day operations for a prolonged period of time. Ruth Girmay, my colleague and founder ofthe program, has completed her Masters and will possibly pursue her Doctorate in Special Needs Education. As a result, she will no longer be able to serve in her role as chief administrator. Thus, it seemed best to end the program rather than operate it haphazardly. We are most grateful for her years of dedication to the Addis Hope children and families.

Along with this letter, I am refunding part of the donations you gave to help us with the building drive. Some of your funds have been used to support the program prior to its phasing out. Needless to say, I am very disappointed that it is necessary to do this but I want all of you to take great pride in everything you have done throughout the years to improve the lives of over a thousand children.

I remain hopeful that God will see fit to have me return to Ethiopia where I hope to take on another challenge in assisting deserving youngsters in need. I will keep you informed of any new developments.

Thanks again for your support. Please keep us in your prayers as you are in mine.

Brother Greg Flynn (Jack)

enclosed: check

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Flynn, Bro. Gregory (MC1967)

[JR: That's too bad. I feel for the mothers and children who have no place else to go. Prof P -- Predmore, Carolyn (MCfaculty) -- used AH in a marketing course last year to try and stoke revenue. Too late. Lois Harr also at the College was supportive as were the Engineering and CompSci folks. All too little to late.]

“Everybody has capacity, talent, and ability. Everybody has responsibility. Everybody has stewardship responsibility. I don’t care what dirt hovel you’re living in, in Brazil or Mexico City or Manila. You have a responsibility to be a steward of the resources under your control because you have a heavenly Father who has put great things inside of you and that’s waiting to be called out and developed and extracted.” - Rudy Carrasco

[JR: Many years ago, I read this fellow's insight. I've tried to follow it in my donations.]


Seven Principles from a Century Ago
by Marvin Olasky

*** begin quote ***

The crisis of the modern welfare state is a crisis of government, and it is more than that. Too many private charities and foundations dispense aid on the basis of what feels good rather than what works. As a result, they end up providing, instead of points of light, alternative shades of darkness. Too many act like the arrogant individuals criticized by F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby: "They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness… and let other people clean up the mess they made."

Private charities and foundations can do a better job than government but only if they follow seven principles that effective poverty fighters of the past understood. Here are the principles, with historical meaning and contemporary applications, in alphabetical order.

Affiliation, Bonding, Categorization, Discernment, Employment, Freedom, God

*** end quote ***

[JR: I've really only been "involved" in two "real" charities. One is succeeding; one has "failed". Say what you want, but AH was NOT able to survive the "key man" / "key woman" problems. You have to build an organization to have it run without the "founders". Sad, but next year there will be poor women and children with no place to go. Sadly!]

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JLINKEDIN: Hart, Guy Jr. [MC????] Managing Partner at Hart Lyman Companies


Guy Hart Jr.
Managing Partner at Hart Lyman Companies LLC
Syracuse, New York Area
International Trade and Development

University of South Carolina-Columbia
Manhattan College

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Hart, Guy Jr. [MC????]

# - # - # - # - #  2012-Aug-05 @ 15:23 

Dear John,

I do not have anything in my "stuff" for Guy.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

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JEMAIL: Nicholas, Douglas (MC1964) "Something Red" gets good reviews

Hi John,

Here's a happy link: my novel, Something Red, has been included in PW's Best Books of Fall:


Just trying to catch up with announcements about my novel, Something Red.

It's been getting some great reviews from those publications that tell bookstores and librarians what to get ahead of the publication date, so they're important.

Here's a starred review in Kirkus Reviews(a star is, according to the Kirkus FAQ, "assigned to books of remarkable merit"):

Author: Nicholas, Douglas

Review Issue Date: August 15, 2012
Online Publish Date: August 2, 2012
Publisher:Emily Bestler/Atria
Pages: 336
Price ( Hardcover ): $25.00
Publication Date: September 18, 2012
ISBN ( Hardcover ): 978-1-4516-6007-4
Category: Fiction

Award-winning poet Nicholas (Iron Rose, 2010, etc.) treks into the wilds of medieval England in his first novel, a saga vibrant with artful description. . . .

Nicholas adeptly creates the medieval world, intriguingly populated by guilders, knights and wayfarers from faraway Lietuva. . . . Nicholas’ language, its relevance to ancient times in syntax and vocabulary, and his extensive research into medieval England, bring this book to life in a brilliant fashion. [His] descriptions of life at the inn and later at the redoubt of the Norman, Sir Jehan, the Sieur De Blanchefontaine, are superbly realistic. Nicholas’ portrayal of Blanchefontaine and its inhabitants, from castellan to page, ring with authenticity.

A hauntingly affecting historical novel with a touch of magic."

Here's a review from the Booklist (American Library Association magazine) review of Something Red.

"Something Red.

Nicholas, Douglas (Author)

Sep 18, 2012. 314 p. Atria/Emily Bestler, hardcover, $25.00. (9781451660074).

Poet Nicholas puts his flair for language and imagery to good use in his atmospheric first novel. The tension level ratchets ever higher as a traveling troupe comprised of the strange and wondrous Mistress Molly, her equally mysterious lover, her devoted granddaughter, and her impressionable young apprentice/son roam the bleak countryside of northwest England. The medieval setting lends itself perfectly to the dark and the fantastic, as this motley band of vagabonds is compelled to stave off the nameless and faceless evil swirling about it wherever it goes. After it takes refuge in a castle, relief is short-lived, and the band must grapple with terror on a grand scale. Not for the faint of heart, this pulse pounding page-turner grabs you from the start and never lets you go. A wickedly clever and evocative combination of history, horror, mystery, and magic.

— Margaret Flanagan"


Douglas Nicholas
B.A. 1964

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[JR: Congrats. Hope every Jasper buys one.]

Nicholas, Douglas (MC1964)

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JLINKEDIN: Sewitt, Takara [MC2009] Actress/Model/Spokesmodel


Takara Sewitt
New York, New York

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Sewitt, Takara [MC2009]

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JOBIT: Ferro, Frederick J. [MC1949 RIP]


Frederick J. Ferro

Ferro, Frederick J.

Frederick J. Ferro, age 89, died at home on August 5, 2012. Fred was born in Kingston, NY and grew up in Queens, NY. He joined the Army - Air Force during WW II and served in England. After the war, he attended Manhattan College and graduated with an electrical engineering degree. He moved to Lisbon Falls, Maine to marry his sweetheart, Marguerite Carrier. Fred worked for U.S. Gypsum in Lisbon Falls until he was transferred to the U.S. Gypsum Factory when it was built in Grassy Point in the 1950's. He worked for U.S. Gypsum for over 37 years. Fred lived in Stony Point and was a member of the Stony Point Lions Club and the Knights of Columbus. He served as an Eucharistic Minister at Immaculate Conception Church.

Fred is survived by his loving wife, Marguerite and his sons, Gerard (Sheryl) and John (Emily). Fred was predeceased by his daughter, Cecilia Ferro Crane. Fred is survived by his grandchildren, Laura, John, Sherri and Jacob and his great-grandchild, Tristan. Fred was predeceased by his brothers, Ernest, Francis, Alfred, and his sister, Sr. Marie Cecilia. Fred is survived by his sisters, Margaret, Anna, and Cathy and many nieces and nephews.

The wake will be held at Finn's Funeral Home in Stony Point on Wednesday, August 8th from 2 - 4 PM and from 7 - 9 PM. The Mass of Christian Burial will be on Thursday, August 9th at 10 AM at Immaculate Conception Church in Stony Point with burial to follow at Frederick Loescher Memorial Cemetery in New Hempstead, NY. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to United Hospice of Rockland County.

Edward C. Finn Funeral Home 43 E. Main St. Stony Point, NY 10980 845-786-2400

Published in the The Journal News on August 7, 2012


Ferro, Frederick J. [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/lohud/guestbook.aspx?n=frederick-ferro&pid=158997836&nocache=true&cid=addentry&sign=0

# - # - # - # - # 2012-Aug-07 @ 08:23

Dear John,

I believe that Frederick is a member of the Class of 1949.

May He Rest In Peace.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Ferro, Frederick J. [MC1949 RIP]

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JOBIT: Fitzpatrick, Francis Thomas [MC1956 RIP]



Fitzpatrick, Francis Thomas

Born in Newburgh, NY on February 13, 1935 and passed away unexpectedly while vacationing on July 23, 2012.

Graduated from Manhattan College, NY following which he served 3 years in the US Army and 26 years in the US Air Force. Following his military retirement Major Fitzpatrick taught at a Jesuit school in Phoenix, AZ for 15 years.

He is survived by his wife Linda, his sons Christian and Michael, grandsons Derek. Sebastian, Nicolas and Darwin, step-grandsons Andrew, Alex and Ian, and his sister Virginia.

Private funeral services were held on August 3, 2012 followed by burial at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, CA

Published in The Sacramento Bee on August 7, 2012


Fitzpatrick, Francis Thomas [MC???? RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/sacbee/guestbook.aspx?n=francis-fitzpatrick&pid=159007103&nocache=true&cid=addentry&sign=0

# - # - # - # - # 2012-Aug-07 @ 08:34

Dear John,

I believe that Francis is a a member of the Class of 1956.

May He Rest In Peace.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Fitzpatrick, Francis Thomas [MC1956 RIP]

# - # - # - # - #  2012-Aug-11 @ 15:19 

MEMAIL: Query about Francis Thomas Fitzpatrick

Message from Mary Ann Wood

We are sorry to read the obituary in The Sacramento Bee. I believe he may have been the son of my mother's brother Francis Thomas Fitzpatrick who we had tried to locate in NY. Would you, by chance, know his parents names?

# - # - # - # - #  

[JR: No, I don't but maybe one of our fellow alums do.]

# - # - # - # - #  2012-Aug-08 @ 20:44 

JEMAIL: Gorman, Ken (MC1954) released his 5th novel. Patriotic Gamble

From Ken Gorman, class of 1954B.

# - # - # 

Ken released his 5th novel. Patriotic Gamble, a timely poltical thriller, tells of bizarre happenings in the Electoral College and on Inauguration Day.

Available as ebook and order through www.kengorman author.com

John Grisham is my hero.

My family credits Manhattan College for latent dedication to creative writing.


# - # - # - # - #  

Gorman, Ken (MC1954)

[JR: Hope you outsell Patterson. Won't take much to outsell my puny efforts.]

# - # - # - # - #  2012-Aug-08 @ 20:51 

JOBIT: Neidnig, Andy [MC1941 RIP]


Army Veteran and Runner Andy Neidnig of Sag Harbor Dies At 93
Publication: The East Hampton Press
By Colleen Reynolds Aug 7, 2012 12:41 PM
Aug 7, 2012 6:38 PM
Andy Neidnig

*** begin quote ***

Fleet of foot and strong of body, the runner Andy Neidnig of Sag Harbor had a champion’s endurance that powered him for miles—around collegiate tracks, through cross-country courses, past plenty of finish lines and atop many medal stands.

He fell in love with running as a boy and never stopped going the distance, marathoning into his 80s and cementing his status as a local legend in his sport until his death this week.

Mr. Neidnig died of natural causes at about 3:30 a.m. Monday at Southampton Hospital. He was 93.

“Everybody knew who Andy was,” said Jaime Kosinski, a Sag Harbor native transplanted to Chicago who used to put on a 5K race in Sag Harbor. “All the timers, all the coaches, all the runners. Everyone always said, ‘We want to go out like Andy.’”

She recalled how in his later years, often only the ambulance would come in behind him in the local races, but he always persevered and would always tip his hat to the crowd at the finish.

Born in Brooklyn on July 3, 1919, Andrew Ernest Neidnig rose quickly in the running world, specializing in the distance- and middle distance disciplines.

He excelled early, earning his first running medal at the age of 11. As a teenager, he was one of the top-notch high school runners in New York at John Adams High School, a public school in Queens.

In the late 1930s, he competed for Manhattan College and broke the national intercollegiate record for the 2-mile with a time of 9:18–a time that, these days, is matched by elite high school runners on more advanced track surfaces and wearing more sophisticated running shoes. He made a name for himself as one of the fastest runners in the nation as a college athlete, clocking times of 1:54 in the half-mile and 4:13 in the mile, when the mile world record stood at just 4:06.

The 1941 graduate’s accomplishments have since been enshrined into the college’s Hall of Fame, where he is listed as a champion in cross-country and indoor and outdoor track and field.

“My running career at Manhattan was very good,” Mr. Neidnig told The Press in a 2005 interview. “But when I ran races, I never ran for time. I ran the race to win or to place the best I could. If I ran 16 miles all week in training, that was a lot. For God’s sake, when I was 62, I was running 40 miles a week out here. So whatever we ran, it’s remarkable we ran that well.”

The distance star earned a bachelor’s degree at Manhattan and, later, a master’s degree at New York University, and initially planned to teach biology, but went into construction and made a career as a steamfitter after realizing that teaching was not for him, said his only child, daughter, Jan Neidnig, 60, of Manhattan in a phone interview on Tuesday. He moved to Sag Harbor after he retired.

But first, he went to war.

Mr. Neidnig was drafted into the United States Army in August 1941, where he served for five years, fought at the Battle of the Bulge and ran all the while.

“As long as I could run, I would run,” he told The Press in 2005. “I always said that in the war, I ran against the Germans, and I ran away from the Germans.”

As a member of the Army track team, he sped down the homestretch in an 800-meter race in Nuremberg, Germany, to what he later described as the loudest roar of his life among more than 5,000 American soldiers.

“What happened was they announced that Japan had capitulated—right at the time I finished this race,” he said in that same interview.

His death this week coincides with the Olympic track and field competition in London, but Mr. Neidnig himself never got a chance at Olympic glory, as the games were canceled from 1938 to 1948 because of World War II.

“Running was always a big part of his life, and I think that’s why he made it to 93,” his daughter said this week. “How many 80-year-olds do you know who can do the New York City marathon?”

Her father was one.

{Extraneous Deleted}

Mr. Neidnig is survived by his wife, Jean Neidnig of Riverhead and a daughter, Jan Neidnig of Manhattan.

Visiting hours were set for Wednesday, August 8, from 2 to 4 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Yardley and Pino funeral home on Hampton Street in Sag Harbor.

A funeral service was set for Thursday, August 9, at 11 a.m. at Oakland Cemetery.


Neidnig, Andy [MC1941 RIP]

Guestbook: None cited

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JOBIT: Kaufmann, Richard Urban [MP64MC1968 RIP]


Richard Kaufmann

Richard Urban Kaufmann

1946-2012 WEST DOVER Richard Urban Kaufmann, 65, a resident of Crosstown Road in West Dover, passed away unexpectedly Monday August 6, 2012 at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

Richard was born in the Bronx, N.Y., on September 13, 1946 the son of Urban and Centa (Albrecht) Kaufmann. After his mother's passing he was raised by his stepmother, Clara (Schmidt) Kaufmann. He attended Our Lady of Assumption Catholic School in the Bronx, graduated from Manhattan Prep School and was a graduate of Manhattan College earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He served his country as a member of the United States Army during the Viet Nam era. Richard was the Human Resource Manager for G.S. Precision in Brattleboro, a position he held for thirty-eight years. Richard loved to cook, especially Sunday dinners for his family. He enjoyed vegetable gardening, raising gladiolas and was an avid New York Yankee baseball and New York Giants football fan. He recently joined the Deerfield Valley German Club and was very active in local politics. He was the moderator for the Town of Dover and the North Branch Fire District and served on the Dover School Board and was the President of the West Dover Cemetery Association for many years. He was a member of the Brattleboro Elks, Lodge 1499, the American Legion, Post 5, Brattleboro Vermont and the Knights of Columbus, Leo Council.

He is survived by his wife the former Catherine Alles of West Dover, whom he married at Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Vt., on July 30, 1983, his children Thomas U. Kaufmann and Mary B. Kaufmann both of West Dover, his mother-in-law Dolores Alles, his sister Justine Bajardi of O'Fallon, Mo., his nieces, Christine Presley and Elizabeth Bajardi of Missouri, his nephew Bernard Bajardi, III of Missouri and their families.

FUNERAL NOTICE: The liturgy of Christian death and burial for Richard will be celebrated Monday morning August 13, 2012 at 11 a.m. at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Brattleboro. Interment will follow in the family lot in West Dover Cemetery. Visiting hours will be held Sunday August 12, 2012 at Covey & Allen-Shea Funeral Home 44 East Main Street Wilmington, Vermont from 3 to 5 p.m. when the family will be in attendance. If friends desire, memorial gifts in Richard's memory may be made to the Covenant House or Hope House Ministries, c/o Covey & Allen Funeral Home P.O. Box 215 Wilmington, Vermont 05363 and Brigid's Kitchen, c/o St. Michael's Catholic Church. To send the family personal email condolences, please visit www.sheafuneralhomes.com.

The family has entrusted arrangements to the care of Covey Allen-Shea Funeral Home 44 East Main Street Wilmington, Vermont.

Published in Brattleboro Reformer on August 9, 2012


Kaufmann, Richard Urban [MP64MC1968 RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/brattleboro/guestbook.aspx?n=richard-kaufmann&pid=159043177&cid=full

[JR: On a personal note, Rich was the first one who called after Frau Reinke died. He always encouraged me. Even to the point of coming up and staying in how extra "crash pad". He was the one who teased me that in "CHURCH 10●19●62", "my children" fled to and made Vermont a paradise. It always stings when a Jasper passes. It stings a little more when they are from your own year. When it's one of the few Prepsters, I have contact with even more so. When it's a genuinely nice guy, that really getting up there on the "worst scale". Dona Nobis Pacem!]

# - # - # - # - # 2012-Aug-09 @ 07:16

MOBIT: Mulcahy, Walter John [MCattendee RIP]


Walter John Mulcahy

Mulcahy, Walter John

Walter John Mulcahy, 88, of Clifton Park and founder of Taft Furniture, passed away on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at home with his loving family by his side.

He was born in Troy, N.Y. on April 25, 1924. The son of the late James and Margaret Carroll Mulcahy, he was a graduate of Catholic Central High school class of 1941. Following his graduation he attended Manhattan College until the bombing of Pearl Harbor when he enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps serving from 1942 to 1945.

After his honorable discharge, he received his bachelor's degree from Siena College.

At the request of his parents he joined his father and began to sell used furniture. Walter's optimism led directly to the origins of a very successful new furniture company known as Mulcahy's Furniture on River Street in Troy. An urban renewal reconstruction of the River Front in Troy in the early 70's put an end to Mulcahy's Furniture and left Walter with an even greater ambition that led him to open and operate the first Furniture Warehouse and Showroom Taft in Albany, N.Y., which became one of the most successful stores in New York State.

Survivors include his wife of 59 years, Margaret Hayes Mulcahy of Clifton Park; three sons, Matthew Mulcahy of Clifton Park, John and his wife Nancy of Loudonville, and James Mulcahy of Saratoga; one daughter, Mary Mulcahy of Northville. Three grandchildren also survive him. He was predeceased by his daughter, Margaret Mulcahy; and his brother, Robert Mulcahy.

Friends may call on Sunday, August 12, 2012 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Northville Funeral Service, 401 Bridge St., Northville. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Monday, August 13, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Northville. Burial will be held in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Northville. Condolences may be made to the family online at www. northvillefuneralservice.com.

Published in Albany Times Union from August 11 to August 12, 2012


Mulcahy, Walter John [MCattendee RIP]

Guestbook: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/timesunion-albany/guestbook.aspx?n=walter-mulcahy&pid=159070449&cid=full

[JR: We know that the War disrupted lives. A 59 year marriage sounds "Jasper-ish" to me. Attendees are recognized on the theory "if it's important to some to mention in an obit, then we can spare a few prayers". Perhaps, the time at MC was both formative and important to our comrade. And, imho, WW2 interrupted many plans. A good many who went never came back and maybe those that did had new priorities. Or new "realities" to deal with.]

# - # - # - # - # 2012-Aug-11 @ 10:12

JEMAIL: Moore, Kevin (MC1980) remembers the Number Six Jasper Tradition

Dear CIC,

I was away on vacation for two weeks and so I did not get a chance to read the July 29 issue of Jasper Jottings until today.

In it I noticed an article on the Top Five Jasper Traditions which apparently came from Jasper Headquarters and may be somewhat suspect in some matters. I would first like to point out that the Number 1 “Senior Walk” tradition was routinely violated with impunity in my time at Manhattan without consequence. I do seem to remember some type of ceremony for Seniors at the beginning of senior year, but I do not remember participating. It could have been due to an extended lunch hour at the Pinewood.

Secondly no mention was made of urinating off the roof of Overlook Manor, which was something of a rite of passage in my time by practically all male residents on campus and a few of the commuters as well. Rumor had it that some of the ladies participated in this tradition as well, but I cannot confirm that. It was so often done that one evening a gentleman living across the street yelled “God Bless the Jaspers” as someone was performing this particular tradition. I realize that Jasper HQ would probably not want to advertise this particular tradition, however a glowing tradition it was.

Kevin Moore

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[JR: (1) There's no excuse for not reading your weekly issue. As Heinlein wrote in Double Star: "Death is the only excuse." And, that's exceptble only if you give Jasper Jottings the scoop! (2) Senior Walk was sacrosanct when I was at the Prep, as was the grass on the Quad. No one "laid on it; let alone walked on it. Mortal sin. But after the big anti war demonstration, all discipline broke down. "Hell no we won't go", but they did. Some even came home. Sigh! I was a fool then. (3) Never heard to Overlook tradition. It must have been something you youngsters invented. (4) I drank so much in the various "dives" … er I mean off-campus study halls that I should have studied Sanitary Engineering. Never saw a poor plumber.]

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ADMINISTRIVIA:  John Dandola (MC1970) and his beautiful wife Mickie are celebrating their 40th

ADMINISTRIVIA: One Jasper obit this morning. I'll get to that but today my "older friend" John Dandola (MC1970) and his beautiful wife Mickie are celebrating their 40th Wedding anniversary. I'm praying they have 40 more! ... Let us remember that we are ...

[JR: Mozel Tov!]

[JR: So, this week's Jasper Jottings will either be early or late. I'm going to the party tonight. If there is a beautiful thin young nubile maiden who thinks I'm colorful eccentric as opposed to a smelly grumpy fat old white guy injineer, then maybe I'll be taking a vacation.]

Dandola, John (MC1970)

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ENDNOTE: My inflation "realization"; when's yours?


Fed Plans Dollar Devaluation, New Evidence; Why Now? (GLD, SLV, IAU, PHYS, AGQ, UUP)
July 24th, 2012

*** begin quote ***

As the following excerpts of the NY Fed proposal to Bernanke and Co. reveals, plans for coping with a banking crisis in the U.S. via some form of dollar devaluation are underway, including capital controls to stem a bank run—of course. Therefore, it’s necessary to make changes to Money Market Rule 2a-7.

Title: The Minimum Balance At Risk: A Proposal to Mitigate the Systemic Risks Posed by Money Market Funds

. . . This paper proposes another approach to mitigating the vulnerability of MMFs to runs by introducing a “minimum balance at risk” (MBR) that could provide a disincentive to run from a troubled money fund. The MBR would be a small fraction (for example, 5 percent) of each shareholder’s recent balances that could be redeemed only with a delay. The delay would ensure that redeeming investors remain partially invested in the fund long enough (we suggest 30 days) to share in any imminent portfolio losses or costs of their redemptions. However, as long as an investor’s balance exceeds her MBR, the rule would have no effect on her transactions, and no portion of any redemption would be delayed if her remaining shares exceed her minimum balance. [her? Politically-correct thieves.]

The motivation for an MBR is to diminish the benefits of redeeming MMF shares quickly when a fund is in trouble and to reduce the potential costs that others’ redemptions impose on non-redeeming shareholders. Thus, the MBR would be an effective deterrent to runs because, in the event that an MMF breaks the buck (and only in such an event), the MBR would ensure a fairer allocation of losses among investors.

*** end quote ***

“You don’t own your money unless you have it in your possession.
—Gerald Celente Nov. 2011 (following MF Global’s sudden bankruptcy, Oct. 31)

Call me a "tin foil hat", "conspiracy nut", or a grumpy fat old white guy injineer. BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), as I learned from the Good Brothers in Good Shepherd, The Prep, and at Alma Mater, pay attention to the details.

Interesting that the rich rarely become poor. Unless they have profligate offspring, snort it, or gamble it away, they always seem to come out on top.


I think not.

So when the Elite change the "rules of the game", you can be assured that it's not for your benefit.

My favorite story of a personal "realization" — that moment when the mental fog clears, and you say: "Holy <synonym for excrement>", "WTx", or, in my case, "Great Brother Jasper's Ghost!!!" — came at the Smithsonian in 1972 when we were taking yet another set of friends or relative on yet another DC tour which always included yet another visit to the Smithsonian. Someone was interested in the coins exhibit. Like most kids I "collected" stuff, coins, stamps, comics. Without passion or learning. Standing in front of a display of the gold French francs from Louis I to Louis something or other 17, 28, 92. Who cares? The French Franc of Louis I looks like a hockey puck. (OK, NOT THAT big. But impressive.) And on an every shrinking scale, the last "Franc" looked like whisp. Small as a button and thin like a tissue. I think our tissues are thicker. Even the bargain brand. That was "inflation". Brought home and slapping me in the face. The Universe saying: "How much plainer does it have to be for you, Stupid!?!"

The Carter inflation of 21% was a direct result of the creation of the Fed in 1913 and FDR's gold theft.

The sad part is that inflation is a direct theft from anyone who saves as well as the poor, old, or anyone on a fixed income.

It's easy now, the Fed doesn't even have to run the "Printing Press" any more, they just add some zeros and … Poof! … more money.

Not more wealth! Just more "paper" claims on something … the full faith and credit of the Federal Gooferment. (Want some of Sadam's dinars?)


How stupid can "We, The Sheeple" be?

I'd advise anyone who listen to start stockpiling nickels. (Poor man's gold!) The ride is going to get bumpy and the politicians and bureaucrats find there's nothing left to hock or steal.

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