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Nov 21, 2010 

POSITRACTION: The results of small acts of charity


From The New York Times: Kindness of a Stranger That Still Resonates

*** begin quote ***

A man in Ohio brought together a recipient and descendants of people who received small gifts from his grandfather during the Depression.

*** end quote ***

[JR: A generation later, a man’s small good works brings forth an amazing set of stories. Who knows how we change the lives of others by our seemingly minuscule efforts. Sigh, I guess we never know. We never have to know. As Nike says: “Just do it”. The gift ennobles the giver.]

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Nov 21, 2010 

JEMAIL: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) touching story about Salerno, Fred [MC1965]

On Nov 12, 2010, at 9:19 PM, Mike McEneney wrote:

Dear John,

   The 11/4/10 Edition of CATHOLIC NEW YORK has an article on the front page about how Fred Salerno, ’65 and member of the Board of Trustees at Manhattan, was able to bring back to the States the Body of his Uncle who was killed in Action during World War II. After he was killed in action, his body was never recovered. In 1994 Fred and his wife Pat went to France on the 50th anniversary of D-Day. Fred hired a French speaking guide and went to visit St. Germain d’Elle where the battle took place where his Uncle was killed. They met an old farm couple who recounted how, after the battle, the towns people buried the fallen American and German soldiers. Fred left them his business card in case any more bodies were found that might include his Uncle. 15 years latter Fred received a phone call from a Virgina man who said that he had information about his uncle. He was a member of a group of motorcyclists that were dedicated to finding and returning the remains of soldiers lost in Action. It seems that a construction crew found the body in a shallow grave together with his Uncle’s dog tags. After reading about the find, the Farm couple recognized the name and dug out Fred’s business card. This eventually led to his Uncle being buried at Arlington with Cardinal Egan presiding.

   Some local TV stations also picked up the story earlier this week. I have a copy if you need it.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated. Great find.]

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‘Uncle Johnnie’ Finally Comes Home to Hero’s Funeral

*** begin quote ***

Though he was absent, “Uncle Johnnie” was an overwhelming presence in Fred Salerno’s young life. His picture hung in virtually every room of the house in Queens where the three-generation extended family of 10 lived. Devout Catholics, the family would pray together every Friday and his grandmother would offer up the Rosary in memory of her son, the uncle that Fred never had the opportunity to know.

“I was less than a year old when he died, so I have no first-hand remembrance of him,” Salerno, now a parishioner of Resurrection in Rye, said of his missing uncle. “But my two brothers, Charlie and Peter, and I were very impressed by his story. We knew we had a heroic uncle who had made the ultimate sacrifice over there. It was a point of pride for us…We were told how easy-going and friendly he was, about his athleticism, how handsome he was.”

*** and ***

Fifteen years later, just before Memorial Day 2009, Fred Salerno received a telephone call from a Virginia man who said he had information about his uncle. The news hit Salerno like a lightning bolt. Bruce Biggs, a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, a motorcycle organization dedicated to finding and returning the remains of American soldiers lost in action, told Salerno that a construction crew working near St. Germain d’Elle had found the body of an American soldier buried in a shallow grave. Dog tags found nearby bore the name SSGT. John R. Simonetti. Army DNA specialists would later verify the remains were Simonetti’s. A story appeared in the local newspaper and the farmer’s wife, recognizing the soldier’s name, had sent Salerno’s now outdated business card to a local official. By an astonishing coincidence, the French official happened to be Biggs’ brother-in-law.

The business card listed Salerno as vice chairman of NYNEX, a company since merged with Bell Atlantic and subsequently merged again with GTE to form Verizon. The phone number was long out of date and, in any case, Salerno had retired from the company as vice chairman and CFO in 2002. The apparent difficulty did not deter Biggs.

“Bruce deserves all the credit,” Salerno said of Biggs’ dogged search to find the soldier’s kin. “He hung in and made the connection. There was nothing in it for him except to do right by our heroes. He is a true patriot.”

*** end quote ***

Salerno, Fred [MC1965]

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Nov 21, 2010 

JEMAIL: Apoldo, Lou (MC1963) concurs on death penalty and remember Doc Zia


Your blog against the death penalty raised two thoughts in my mind. First I too am against the death penalty, because when they finally get around to executing the miscreant after years of expensive appeals we don’t really provide justice for society, for the murdered, or even for the murderer. In lieu of the death penalty, I suggest that the convicted prisoner be given Life Without Any Chance of Parole in Solitary Confinement. This will save society lots of money for not needing to defend numerous appeals, protect other prisoners from a convicted murderer with nothing to lose by killing again, and will most importantly provide the prisoner with lots of free time to contemplate his crime and hopefully permit him to make his peace with God before he assumes room temperature naturally.

Your reference to the bridge collapsing reminds me of a classical incident at Manhattan with Professor Zia who taught us engineers Differential Equations in the early sixties. An engineering student had been given no credit at all for one of the more important test problems by Dr. Zia on one of his tests, and he appealed to Dr. Zia when he received his test score. He told the professor that he had classified the problem correctly and had worked almost all of the solution correctly down to the last line of the solution where he had made a silly addition error in gathering like terms, and thus came out with an incorrect final answer. Dr. Zia’s highly-accented response was classic when he told the student – “When you become engineer, and do most of a bridge design correctly, but make mistake on last line, the bridge fall down, everybody die – no partial credit!”

Lou Apoldo
BCE ‘63

[JR: <1> The Death Penalty is unconstitutional and immoral. I don't want any costumed group of thugs deciding who lives and who dies. The only difference between "judges" and the KKK is the color of the uniforms. We can't depend on Gooferment to only kill the "right" people. The only solution is to say to the Gooferment, politicians, and bureaucrats: "You can't kill people." It's not about "cruel and unusual" or the safety of the chemicals used. The logical extension is the Nazi Death Camps, Pol Pot's Killing Fields, or Bush / Obama's Drone Assassinations. Gooferment's role is to keep the peace here. That's all. <2> Ahh, yes. I think of Old Doc Zia -- and his one question exams -- every time I see someone reach the right answer for the wrong reason. Now I know that, in matters of life and safety, injineers always move the decimal point on design loads over a digit or two. Just to ensure that Zia's bridge doesn't fall down. I remember it as if it was yesterday: "U in-cha-neeeer. Wrong sign; bridge fall down. Noooo partial credit." With a toothy grin. He was lucky he didn't get his lights punched out. But, he was correct. Hard lesson to learn.]

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Nov 21, 2010 

JLINKEDIN: Martinez, Anthony [MC2001] Contract Retoucher


Martinez, Anthony [MC2001]
Contract Retoucher
Greater New York City Area
Graphic Design

Websites: http://www.google.com/profiles/KolorPro

Summary: Professional Experience — Staff Retoucher – Macy’s East Freelance Retoucher – Macy’s (East and West), Neiman Marcus, Club Monaco, Target, People, Adrienne Vittadini, Elle, Elle Girl, Mode, Essence, Samsonite, The Sharper Image, Bally Total Fitness and other accounts.

Goals: Lead Retoucher Position or a Studio Manager

Specialties: I’m a talented retoucher with 8 years of experience in Advertising from designed, to finished products. I stay current with the newest adobe suite tools and workflows, currently up to CS5. I am experienced in high-end digital camera work flows including converting and storing captured images. I’m able to put together a small network of computers, and create backup solutions.I have creative retouching abilities in all media, including web.

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Nov 21, 2010 

JEMAIL: Zuccaro, Rich (MC1974) remembers the origins of “bridge fall down” 

I believe that the “bridge fall down” line comes from Professor Joshua Zia (Zhia?). He taught math. He always said you get the wrong answer, you get no partial credit no matter what your work showed. “You build bridge, bridge falls down, no partial credit”

Thanks for the memory. I did not have him as a professor but several of my friends did and quoted him often.

Rich Zuccaro
MC 1974

[JR: Sharp eye and memory. I had him for 3 semesters. One repeat and two original. I picked my classes by time. Couldn't let them interfere with my part-time job -- bridge or hearts for money in the injineering cafeteria. More than once, I heard his mantra. The one question final would break many a heart. I think the exact quote is: ""U in-cha-neeeer. Wrong sign; bridge fall down. Noooo partial credit." With a toothy grin. :-) Maybe I should put that on my tombstone? "Here lies a fat old white guy injineer who never got partial credit."?]

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Nov 21, 2010 

MFOUND: Manhattan College iPhone Wallpapers


Manhattan College iPhone Wallpapers

[JR: Neat. Two others. Appears to be free?]

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Nov 21, 2010 

JEMAIL: Reinke, F. John (MC1968) following up on College Sports rant


Possible fake injuries irk Oregon fans
Associated Press
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*** begin quote ***

Coaches across the country spent the offseason trying to figure out a way to stop top-ranked Oregon’s bullet-train offense. No matter what they’ve tried, no one’s been able to do it. A new tactic may be emerging: faking injuries. Outlandish as it may seem, speculation over fake injuries has been rising over the past few weeks as seemingly healthy players fall to the ground, howling in pain, their season apparently over, only to be back on the field the next play.

*** end quote ***

Following up on my mild disgust at corruption in athletics:

If it supposed to be about protecting the player, then we should protect “injured player”.

I’d suggest the rule be the player can not reenter the game until the next quarter. Anytime the game’s delayed due to ANY injury. Injuries in the last 2 minutes of the quarter, then the subsequent quarter is lost as well. That should just about take care of that problem.

And, lest the cheaters think they can get away with something, then injuries in the fourth quarter carry over to the following game.

Sports, athletics, is supposed to be about developing character; not characters.

Cheating is cheating. And, it always comes back to bite you in the A double Q.

Rules are for lawyers. But if we have to have rules, let’s have rules that mean something.

P.S.: I notice the NCAA still hasn’t addressed the “student athletes” who don’t graduate or do, but can’t read. Sorry, but a “leaver” should cost the school double his remaining scholarship. Leave without graduating as a senior; charge the school one four year scholarship. Bet that problem ends in a year or two. Re-administer the SAT to all scholarship athletes upon graduation; same penalty. If you get that I think the NCAA is part of the problem, you’re right.

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Nov 22, 2010 

MFOUND: The Patently False Baseball Myth That Refuses to Die


The Patently False Baseball Myth That Refuses to Die
By George B. Kirsch

George B. Kirsch is Professor of History at Manhattan College. He is the author of “Baseball in Blue and Gray: The National Pastime during the Civil War” (Princeton, 2007).

[JR: Wow, phew, argh! That was close. I thought he was going to debunk Brother Jasper and the Seventh Inning Stretch. It's only Doubleday!]

# # # # # posted 2010-11-22 09:57

Nov 22, 2010 

JEMAIL: Orgon, Ed (MC1967) remembers a perfect Fall day in Gaelic Park


Great to see Roger Freda ’67 going into Hall of Fame. I was fortunate to have been at both games cited. That first game was on a beautiful, picture perfect Fall day in Gaelic Park. Roger’s play made it a tremendously exciting game!

I was accompanied by my then girlfriend, Jeanne, now my wife of 43+ years!

Ed Orgon ’67

[JR: Ahhh, to be young again. So many things to celebrate. Life, love, and the immortality of yute! I think of Rodney Dangerfield and the Dying of the Light. Best rendition of "rage" not in traditional venue; good comedy too! Thanks for the mental vay kay. And, congrats to Frau O for putting up with you. LOL!]

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P.S.: Should have added, and this is important to know: The College did not “reintroduce” football. This was a club team, and the money was raised from the student body. A true grass roots effort. You probably remember that too John !

[JR: Yup. It was true "amateur". Looking back on it, it was poorly funded. It's hard to imagine the optimism that made us students think that it could be done. The ignorance of youth. We didn't know it was all about money. It's always about money. Somethings never change.]

# # # # # posted 2010-11-22 11:10

Nov 22, 2010 

JLINKEDIN: Menna, Anthony [MC1990] Associate at WSP Flack + Kurtz


Menna, Anthony [MC1990]
Associate at WSP Flack + Kurtz
Greater New York City Area
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

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Nov 23, 2010 

MFOUND: MC Players: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Fri 12/3 @ 2000


MC Players Presents: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Time : Friday, December 3 at 8:00pm – December 5 at 11:00pm
Location The Box (5th floor of Thomas Hall)
Created By: Megan McShane, Nickel Finn

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Nov 23, 2010 

JLINKEDIN: Curley, James [MC1964] Independent Maritime Professional


Curley, James [MC1964]
Independent Maritime Professional
Greater Los Angeles Area

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Nov 23, 2010 

JEMAIL: Stebbins, Donald M. (MC1967) thinks we’re better with “big government”

Dear Jasper John:

Sometimes I wonder which planet you are living on!!

You actually believe people were freer and better off without “big government”?

My grandfather was “free” to die of gangrene after being forced to walk home after his leg was injured at work. No OSHA or other “gooferment” agencies were around to save him in your “good old days”. He died in 1939, one year before my birth, so I never got to know him. Corporations without the balancing power of government looking out for the common man are “free” to loot our economy and reduce the rest of us to beggars.  

I recently came across some data that undermines the libertarian case that government is responsible for all the mass killings of recent centuries. In his recent book, “The Moral Landscape” (Free Press, 2010) Sam Harris quotes J. Diamond (New Yorker, April 21, 2008) as saying “It’s true, of course, that twentieth-century societies, having developed potent technologies for mass killing, have broken all historical records for violent deaths. But this is because they enjoy the advantage of having by far the largest populations of potential victims in human history; the actual percentage of the population that died violently was on the average higher in traditional pre-state societies than it was even in Poland during the Second World War or Cambodia under Pol Pot”. Harris also cites S. Pinker (New Republic, March 19, 2007) as stating that “If the wars of the twentieth century had killed the same proportion of the population that die in the wars of a typical tribal society there would have been two billion deaths, not 100 million”.

Again the “good old days” appear not to have been so good.

Sincerely Yours,
Donald M Stebbins
BS 1961

# – # – #

[JR: <1> Just planet earth. Didn't know there were other choices? lol. <2> Absolutely, "free-er". "Better off" implies that I can measure something called "better-ness". But, I take the bait. Yes! I'll just present one data point as "evidence". The Black Community. Prior to the "(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs" and the "War on Poverty", their lives were "better" (i.e., two parent households; low illegitimacy rate; working schools). After, their lives are "worse" (i.e., fatherless families; skyrocketing illegitimacy; dysfunctional schools) <3> I am truly sorry that you never got to know your grandfather. But, you can't seriously not recognize "regulatory capture"? OSH "regulates" safety; please don't make me laugh. Corporations are the creation of Gooferment and are used to loot the Sheeple. And, then the Gooferment, through its corporations, bribes the politicians, who reward the corporations and bureaucrats. It's incestuous. Yeah, we'd be much "better" off without such "help". Maybe if "business" didn't translate to Limited Liability Corporation, then someone could be held accountable for your grandfather. In a "libertarian" world, there's accountability. It goes with liberty. <4> So, you're arguing that Gooferments could have killed more to be in the same proportion? So we should have them because they could have killed more? I find that notvery persuasive. I've always asserted that "Gooferment is the meme that kills people". Breaking it down further, the monopoly on the use of force to enforce its decisions is really the defective principle that it operates on. Maybe it's "the lion will lay down with the lamb" thinking, but that's why I adhere to the Zero Aggression Principle as a better meme. <5> As always, we will just have to agree to disagree agreeably.]

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Nov 23, 2010 

JEMAIL: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) spots MC cited as a “value”

Dear John,

   Today’s NY Daily News has a short piece that reads as follows:

“College on ‘value’ list

Manhattan College has been named as one of the top 100 private universities in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Best Value in Private Colleges Survey.

Among 600 private institutions surveyed, measuring academic quality and affordability, it came in 87th out of 100 private universities recognized for offering the best value in the United States.

   The findings are in the December issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine.”


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

# # # # # posted 2010-11-23 15:34

Nov 24, 2010 

JNEWS: Luna, Lauren [MC????] does a charity calendar


Master Artist Lauren Luna Releases Calendar Benefiting Barefoot Kids
Lauren Luna and Fly Definition team up for the release of Custom Ladies.

*** begin quote ***

Columbus,Ohio, November 23, 2010 – Lauren Luna has teamed up with Fly Definition for the much anticipated release of Custom Ladies Calendar 2011 premiering December 4, 2010. Reconceptualized sneakers showcased on gorgeous women from across the Globe brings a saucy mix to each month. Featured models include Jayonna Fabro, Ashley Logan, Yana Nichole, Andrea Marie, and many more. Custom Ladies Calendar is sure to appeal to both hip hop fans and sneakerheads alike. Due to the amount of interest in the project, calendars may be reserved and purchased in advance.

Lauren Luna will hold an official calendar release event on December 4,2010 at The Elevator Brewing House located at 161 N. High Street in Downtown Columbus, OH 3 blocks South East of the Nationwide Arena. The official models of the Custom Ladies Calendar will be available for Signatures after purchase.

*** and ***

Lauren Luna is a professional artist, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Lauren received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a focus on painting from Kent State University. She was awarded her Masters degree in Special Education from Manhattan College and is currently working on her Masters of Fine Arts in non-figurative studies at the Academy of Art University. She owns her own namesake company, Lauren Luna Ltd. She has been in the custom shoe design business for 2 years now, and has created custom shoes for many, including hip hop artists and celebrities. She has amazed the nation with her custom artwork. Lauren has always given back to underprivileged kids by making donations from proceeds received at every showcase.

*** end quote ***

Calendar order page: http://www.artistaluna.com/custom_ladies_calendar.htm

# – # – #

Luna, Lauren [MC????]

# # # # # posted 2010-11-24 10:09

Nov 24, 2010 

JEMAIL: Reinke, F. John (MC1968) sneaks in a pro-life news item

Dear Readers:


Court: Nurse Can’t Sue Hospital That Forced Her to Do Abortion
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 11/23/10 2:36 PM

Here’s further evidence of the “Secular Progressive” state and how people can expect their “conscience objections” to be treated. Doesn’t bode well for how things will work out under Obamacare. I’m no saint, no paragon of virtue, nor even a “real catholic”. More like a “fellow traveler”; trying to find my way to the exit without hurting others along the way. But when should have the Jews objected in Nazi Germany? When they were being loaded on the railcars. Oh, that can’t happen here! Might want to think about that when you have your Thanksgiving.

Happy t-day,

# # # # # posted 2010-11-24 10:23

Nov 24, 2010 

JHQ: Kiplinger’s Best Value in Private Colleges Survey


November 19, 2010

Manhattan College Named as One of the Top 100 in Kiplinger’s Best Value in Private Colleges Survey

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – Manhattan College was recently named as one of the top 100 private universities in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Best Value in Private Colleges’ survey.

Manhattan College was among 600 private institutions surveyed measuring academic quality and affordability. From the 600 private institutions, the survey analyzed private universities and liberal arts colleges separately, and Manhattan College was listed as No. 87 out of 100 private universities recognized for having the best value in the United States.

In the quality section of the survey, which accounted for two-thirds of the total results, SAT and ACT standardized test scores, application, admission and graduation rate, and the student-to-faculty ratio were used to determine a college or university’s best value. Total financial cost, average student debt at graduation, and percentage of financial aid provided are a few of the key areas evaluated in the affordability section of the survey.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine released the rankings in the December issue, which was available on newsstands on Nov. 9. For a complete list of the online rankings, visit http://www.kiplinger.com/reports/best-college-values/.

# – # – #

[JR: #87 fyi]

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Nov 24, 2010 

JLINKEDIN: Rodriguez, Magalie [MC2003] Print Buyer at OppenheimerFunds


Rodriguez, Magalie [MC2003]
Print Buyer at OppenheimerFunds
Greater New York City Area
Marketing and Advertising

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Nov 25, 2010 

MNEWS: The notorious Fenwick’s bar reopening


November 24, 2010
New owners vow to improve troubled bar
By Adam Wisnieski

*** begin quote ***

The notorious Fenwick’s bar, located on West 238th Street between Waldo and Greystone Avenues, will soon come under new ownership and an awning bearing the name Pinstripes. On Monday, Community Board 8 approved a liquor license transfer that will allow Anne Travaglini and Ernie Carafa to operate the bar for which they signed a contract a month ago.

*** and ***

Fenwick’s, previously dubbed the Marlin, has a reputation for years of disturbances, resulting in outlandish stories of debauchery — some true and some not — that have circulated the neighborhood. Detective Luis Rodriguez, the 50th Precinct’s community affairs officer, said the precinct has been called numerous times to deal with issues resulting from the mainly Manhattan College watering hole. The bar has received numerous citations for underage drinking and was once shut down for two weeks, according to Det. Rodriguez.

*** end quote ***

[JR: I'm shocked*. SHOCKED! Shocked that there is "debauchery" attributable to the good students of our Alma Mater. Can't be. When I went there for my morning eye opener -- you had to have something to sit through a morning of nuanced theory, disguised as unintelligible gobbledy gook, while being lectured to, in a strange foreign accent -- any rowdiness was due to the Irish track workers from the subway yard. I can't speak to evenings cause I was either at work on the swing shift, or at home a bed tucked in by my Mommy. As a little L libertarian, I point to the stupidity of age based drinking laws that preclude youngsters from learning about the evils of drink until they get to college. And to Community Board 8, I would merely quote the Great American Philosopher Uncle Al with the weird hair “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -- attributed to Einstein]

* “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” — Captain Renault in Casablanca

# # # # # posted 2010-11-25 06:55

Nov 25, 2010 

JLINKEDIN: McAlister, Jim [MC1992] 2VP, Management Information at Travelers


McAlister, Jim [MC1992]
2VP, Management Information at Travelers
Hartford, Connecticut Area

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Nov 26, 2010 

JLINKEDIN: Sinnott, David [MC1980] Furniture Professional


Sinnott, David [MC1980]
Furniture Professional
Greater New York City Area

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Nov 27, 2010

JLINKEDIN: Putalik, Tom [MC????] Ind Management Consulting Pro


Putalik, Tom [MC????]
Independent Management Consulting Professional
Greater New York City Area
Management Consulting

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Nov 21, 2010 

Comment on JOBIT: Toomey, John J. “Jack” [MC1950 RIP] 

by matt boucher

As a former student and family friend I can say that Mr. Toomey was a true gentleman, the kind that we are not likely to see much of in the future. He was someone who we all could admire.

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Nov 23, 2010 

Comment on JFound: Liguori, Tom [MC1966] Partner Copia Associates 

by tony mcguire

Tom Liguori’s degree was B.E. (mechanical engineering). Manhattan’s degrees are Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) in our case.

Tony McGuire B.E., Manhattan 1966

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Nov 27, 2010

ENDNOTE: Yet Another CINO politician


November 2, 2010
How Much Is a Seat in Congress Worth?
Posted by Christopher Manion on November 2, 2010 11:28 PM

*** begin quote ***

Obama spent $619,000,000 (six hundred and nineteen million dollars) to keep one congressional seat—and he got it all from the taxpayer.

And whom did Obama buy with your money? Indiana Congressman Joe Donnelly, who betrayed his pro-life supporters in Indiana’s second district (I know, we’re shocked!). The money came in after Donnelly delivered the votes needed to put Obamacare over the top.

So one congressional seat alone cost taxpayers almost two-thirds of a billion dollars.

A “Catholic” and graduate of Notre Dame, Donnelly knows all about the story of those thirty pieces of silver. But that’s chump change, too, because thirty ounces of silver goes for about $750 these days. Donnelly got almost ten times that from Obama—per voter!

That’s right, taxpayers paid $6,777 apiece for each Donnelly vote.

Donnelly says he voted his “conscience.” Well, we know what that’s worth.

*** end quote ***

[JR: Stunning. It's a hard nugget to digest. We've heard about the "Louisiana Purchase", "Cornhusker Kickback", and some of the other dirty deals made to pass Obamacare. This one is a surprise to me. As a little L libertarian, I KNOW that the problem is too much stolen taxpayer money available to corrupt any normal person. It's not for me to judge, I have my own failings to worry about. But, one has to wonder what happens when, to quote Maggie Thatcher, they run out of other people's money?]

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