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POSITRACTION: An email from Toner, Mike (MC1975) prompts ‘heavy thinking’

JObit: Bruno, Vincent J. (MC1939)

CARTOON: McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for Veep

JEmail: Manhattan College Businessmen’s Retreat

CARTOON: Hillary as ‘Prom queen”

JFound: Burns, Sr. Dorothy (MC????) the Father Victor Yanitelli Award

JVideo: Manhattan College Allstars

JObit: Mackey, Richard A. Sr. (MC1965)

JFound: Appell, Kenneth Charles (MC1947) in early 1965 revolutionized hemodialysis

JEmail: Farmer, Lindsey Kristine (MC2011) on vet bill

JHQ: Authors James Patterson And Michael Ledwidge

JNEWS: Quinn, Peter [MC1969] Best of the Bronx 2008 Honoree

MNEWS: Best of the Bronx 2008 Honoree: Brother Thomas J. Scanlan

JEMAIL: Ngassam, Felicia (MC20??) questions my Jasper Jottings invite

ENDNOTE: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957) On Thursday, September 11th, 2008, an American flag should be displayed




POSITRACTION: An email from Toner, Mike (MC1975) prompts ‘heavy thinking’

From: Michael Toner

Date: August 31, 2008 11:47:13 AM EDT

To: fjohn68

Subject: Re: [Distribute_Jasper_Jottings] JASPER JOTTINGS Week 35 - 2008 Aug 31

Dear John,

I’m writing in response to your comments about Bishop Wuerl’s response to Speaker Pelosi’s comments on Meet the Press.

While I am not in full agreement with their position, I certainly agree that the bishop’s can and should defend the church’s position on abortion. What I find offensive is that they summarily dismiss anyone who has the temerity to point out that there have been disagreements over the centuries over when HUMAN life begins. Several saints and doctors of the church have argued that human life begins at some time past the moment of conception. Here is a link to an article by Prof. Dan Maguire of Marquette University that details some of those positions: http://www.religiousconsultation.org/News_Tracker/moderate_RC_position_on_contraception_abortion.htm

Several bishops and, in fact the USCCB, have denounced Prof. Maguire’s paper but nowhere was there a point by point rebuttal of his citations.

I certainly agree, as Cardinal Egan points out, that with modern medical technology we have a much better idea of fetal development than did those making the earlier arguments and perhaps that argues in favor of the church’s current position. But what is just plain wrong is to demonize and dismiss those who would point to the earlier writings.

The bishops would have a lot more credibility (of course, these days that is not saying very much) if they would acknowledge that there have been discussions and disagreements over the centuries and then say - “but now with today’s technology we think it is irrefutable that life begins at conception.” Instead they do their usual - pretend that history doesn’t exist (when it is inconvenient) and say “this is the way it has always been…”

Will they never learn that the faithful have some intelligence and can appreciate a nuanced discussion that acknowledges all of the historical facts.

Thanks again for all your efforts as CIC - and commentator.

mike toner

buffalo, ny

bee ‘72

[JR: Thanks for the information, input, and sharing. Compliments not required; head swelled enough. Thinking I can pull this off. Personally, I'm an injineer. It seems like simple biology to me. I'll leave the heavy lifting to the big thinkers. No one will convince me that having the gooferment involved with the force of guns is going to help us in what is probably the most difficult of human problems. I'd hop that good people working with the support of friends, families, and professionals minus an agenda or economic incentive would figure it out. I know we have setup in this country a whole bunch of folks with 'agendas'. Sometimes it power; sometimes money. And I love how politicians create the problem, and then offer us rescue if we empower them further. I did like Cardinal Eagan's formulation. With what we now know, we have to update our thinking. We've seen where eugenics takes us and that's not pretty. It's obvious we need people of and in good faith to leads us out of this mess. IMHO infantacide as voted in the past by one Presidential candidate is 'morally objectionable'. Others will have to decide for themselves. I don't seek to force anyone; just hope they reach their own conclusion.]

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         * Posted on: Mon, Sep 1 2008 10:12 AM



JObit: Bruno, Vincent J. (MC1939)

Vincent J. Bruno

1918 - 2008

Vincent was born on August 5, 1918 and passed away on Tuesday, August 26, 2008.

He was preceded in death by his wife Ellen.

Vincent was last known to be living in Carlsbad, California.

He attended P.S. 20, Port Richmond High School, Manhattan College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, and Fordham University where he obtained his L.L.B.

He was a U.S. Army Air Force veteran of World War II.

Visiting will be held at the Higgins Memorial Home, 20 Center Street, Freehold on Monday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The Funeral Liturgy will be celebrated at St. Rose of Lima Church, Freehold on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. followed by interment at St. Peters Cemetery, Staten Island.

In lieu of flowers memorial donations to the National Parkinson Foundation, 1501 N.W. 9th Ave., Miami, FL 33136-1494 would be appreciated.

# - # - #

Dear John,

I believe that Vincent is a member of the Class of 1939.

May He Rest In Peace.


[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated. ]

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CARTOON: McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for Veep

From: Jerry Breen

Date: September 2, 2008 8:22:04 PM EDT

To: John Reinke


Subject: Jerry’s new cartoon

John: Here’s my latest cartoon, -- http://tinyurl.com/66veen  -- on the subject of McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for Veep. I’ll have another one on the Wrath of Hillary in a day or two. Yours in Jasper, Jerry Breen ‘71 PS: As usual, post a link to my website, www.newbreen.com. Thanks.

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         * Posted on: Tue, Sep 2 2008 9:52 PM



JEmail: Manhattan College Businessmen’s Retreat

From: “Mike McEneney”

Date: September 2, 2008 7:09:18 PM EDT

To: “Jasperfjohn Reinke”

Subject: Fw: Manhattan College Businessmen’s Retreat

Dear John,

An update on the Manhattan College and Businessmen’s Retreat. As of Aug 31st we have 54 Men signed up (and 42 have actually sent in their deposit!). This  looks to be a great weekend and we still have room for some more men. At $195 for the weekend with room and board and some great speakers you can’t go wrong!

See below for more information.

Mike McEneney, Esq. ‘53

A Special Retreat Weekend

for alumni and friends of Manhattan College

September 19-21, 2008

Passionist Spiritual Center of Riverdale

5801 Palisade Avenue

Bronx, NY  10471

This year is the seventeenth anniversary of the Reality Retreat at the Passionist Spiritual Center. The founding purpose of these retreats is bringing men in business together for 36 hours to listen to gifted speakers make presentations centered on an annual theme.  Over the years, more than 50 speakers including CEOs, presidents of universities, government officials, psychologists and clergy have made these presentations.  We then provide an opportunity for the retreatants to discuss possible solutions to the difficulties and obstacles we all face in trying to live successful and spiritually fulfilling lives.  It is amazing when each retreatant realizes that he is not alone with his problems but finds compassion, camaraderie and friendship with the other retreatants.

This year’s theme is Gratitude.

Gratitude is a gift and way of life that lifts the spirit… easy to say, hard to put into practice.  Come listen and share with other retreatants this under-appreciated gift.

The word retreat conjures up the retreats of your school days but the Reality Retreat is unlike and you have made before.  So come join us for a life-changing 36 hours: from Friday at 6:00 p.m. to Sunday at noon.  Sign-in begins at 5:00 p.m. Friday evening and dinner is at 6:30 p.m.  A deposit of $75 is required.

There are private rooms for each retreatant, delicious meals (accommodations can be made for special dietary requirements), and a placid environment on the beautiful grounds overlooking the Hudson River that lend itself to discussion and personal renewal.

Contact the following retreat team members for more information:

Owen McKeon ’60                           Ed McEneney ’59

(201) 447-2398                                   (914) 962-2700

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         * Posted on: Tue, Sep 2 2008 9:54 PM



CARTOON: Hillary as ‘Prom queen”

From: Jerry Breen

Date: September 5, 2008 4:48:51 AM EDT

To: John Reinke

Subject: new Jerry Breen cartoon


John: Here’s another cartoon, -- http://tinyurl.com/5bpclk   -- summing up the “Democratic” Party nomination process. Hillary Clinton got 18 million votes in the primaries - more than any Presidential candidate in American history, but she “lost” the nomination to Obama! How? Well, Hillary got 85% of her delegates in primaries, while Obama got 60% of his delegates in caucuses. Several states held both primary elections and caucuses. In every case, Hillary won the election and Obama won the caucus. How can the same voters in the same state choose 2 different candidates? Simply put, a primary election with the secret ballot is a safe, secure way to vote, while a caucus is a disorderly free-for-all, easily subject to fraud, coercion and mob rule. Obama’s camp used every means available - legal and illegal - to steal the caucuses. Even in the primaries, the apportioning of delegates was not actually proportionate to the actual vote, and technicalities ended up awarding Obama a  disproportionate number of delegates. The result was a travesty and an injustice. The Democratic Party should either overhaul its nominating process, or change their name.  To call it the Democratic Party is false advertising. - Jerry Breen

[JR: Thanks, Jerry, but don't blame me. I'm a Libertarian. And, I object to paying for EVERYTHING!]

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         * Posted on: Fri, Sep 5 2008 6:29 AM



JFound: Burns, Sr. Dorothy (MC????) the Father Victor Yanitelli Award



***Begin Quote***

Sister Dorothy Burns entered the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill 63 years ago and taught elementary and high school for 27 years. From 1974 to 1987, she served as a pastoral minister for Catholic Charities in New York City in the Office of the Disabled and managed the summer camp for disabled children and adults. Her sensitivity to disabled persons grew as she cared for her own disabled younger sister.

In 1988, Sister Dorothy began to serve people in need through the Encore Community Services, a city-funded program for people who are elderly, homeless, and mentally ill. At the program site, two meals are provided to 300 people, and 200 other meals are delivered to shut-ins. Since 2006, Sister Dorothy has managed the Shop and Escort Program to help elderly people with shopping and getting to appointments.

The second oldest of four children of Irish immigrants, Sister Dorothy grew up in Queens where she attended St. Mary Magdalene School and Bishop McDonnell Memorial High School in Brooklyn. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Fordham University’s School of Education and a Master’s degree from Manhattan College.

SOAR! is pleased to present the Father Victor Yanitelli Award to Sister Jeanne Burns and Sister Dorothy Burns in recognition of their many years of unwavering support of people in need. Their love of God is reflected in their giving of themselves with joy to many individuals, and in building community.

SOAR! is also grateful to Sister Dorothy and Sister Jeanne for being among the first volunteers to introduce SOAR! to New York over 20 years ago. They have remained faithful and enthusiastic supporters ever since.

SOAR! is also happy that His Eminence, Edward Cardinal Egan, a long-time supporter of men and women religious, will be an honored guest at the 2008 Benefit Dinner.

Support Our Aging Religious, Inc. (SOAR!) is a nonprofit organization of persons committed to assuring financially stable and personally secure futures for elderly and infirm members of Catholic religious congregations in the United States, augmenting the efforts of the institutional Church.

Since the founding of SOAR! close to 900 grants totaling more $9 million have helped religious congregations to purchase medical equipment, install elevators and fire and alarm systems, and replace windows and roofs. Over the years, proceeds of the Benefit Dinners have helped to make the SOAR! grant awards possible.

***End Quote***

Burns, Sr. Dorothy (MC????)


         * Posted on: Fri, Sep 5 2008 10:37 PM

    * Updated: Sat, Sep 6 2008 4:08 AM



JVideo: Manhattan College Allstars

***Begin Quote***

Manhattan College Allstars

The Manhattan College Allstars rock the quad in protest of the WRCM Radio Battle of the Bands.




***End Quote***


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JObit: Mackey, Richard A. Sr. (MC1965)





Richard A. Mackey, Sr.

1943 - 2008

Richard was born on May 15, 1943 and passed away on Tuesday, September 2, 2008.

He is survived by his wife Susan.

Richard was last known to be living in Crofton, Maryland.

He attended Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York, where he received a B.S. in Mathematics in 1965. He received his M.B.A. in 1966 from the University of Pittsburgh.

Friends are invited to Richards Life Celebration at the George P. Kalas Funeral Home, 2973 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater, MD on Thursday and Friday from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. Mass of Christian Burial will be offered on Saturday, September 6 at 9:00 A.M. at St. Marys Catholic Church, 109 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD. Entombment Lakemont Memorial Gardens.

In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Arundel Volunteer Fire Department, Station #7, 2380 Davidsonville Road, Gambrills, MD 21054.

# - # - #

Mackey, Richard A. Sr. (MC1965)

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         * Posted on: Sat, Sep 6 2008 2:33 AM



JFound: Appell, Kenneth Charles (MC1947) in early 1965 revolutionized hemodialysis


***Begin Quote***

Saturday, August 2, 2008

In Honor of Dr. Kenneth Charles Appell

My name is David Paul Appell. I’m a writer and editor for a variety of national and international media, but the thing I’m most proud of is that my father is Kenneth Charles Appell, the surgeon who in early 1965 revolutionized hemodialysis, improving and saving countless lives, by inventing the arteriovenous fistula while he was on staff at New York’s Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital. Though it was entirely his idea and initiative, because he modestly delayed publishing his own results, two other doctors, James Cimino and secondarily Michael Brescia, went ahead and published in the New England Journal of Medicine (misspelling Dr. Appell’s name in the process). As a result, the AV fistula unfairly and inaccurately became known as the Cimino shunt, Cimino-Brescia shunt, or Cimino-Brescia fistula, and over the years my father’s authorship was all but shunted aside.

Now, more than 40 years later, fortunately, the record has finally, slowly, started to be set straight. Most notably, Dr. Appell was contacted by Dr. José Ramón Polo, a surgeon at the prestigious Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, Spain, who back in 1988 had heard him speak on the AV fistula at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Polo felt that history had done my dad a grave injustice, and thankfully had the initiative, persistence and most importantly the good heart to set about helping to correct this. Through e-mail exchanges and a personal interview during my family’s visit to Madrid in November 2004, Dr. Polo wrote up a “historical vignette” article entitled “Kenneth Charles Appell, M.D.: the surgeon who performed the first radiocephalic fistulas for hemodialysis,” which was published in the February 2006 issue of The American Surgeon (Vol. 72, No. 2). Then on November 14, 2007, Dr. Appell gave a very well received keynote address on the subject in New York City at the annual meeting of the Vascular Access Society of the Americas during the Veith Symposium.

Despite the above, I’ve realized that in all too many in-print and online sources, as well as in the minds of many patients and people in the medical field, Kenneth Appell’s seminal contribution is still attributed to the onetime friends and colleagues who took credit for the AV fistula and allowed it to be misnamed for all these years. So with the help of the Internet and those people, like Dr. Polo, who have stood by him, I have created this extensively documented Web site both as a tribute to my father’s distinguished medical career and to combat this misinformation, giving credit where it is so clearly due. Millions of patients around the world owe their lives and quality of life to a brilliant but very modest, self-effacing surgeon who was too much of a gentleman to fight for the honor he was due, and who has been the most wonderful father I could have ever asked for.

Going forward, I will be adding photos, video, and other documentation chronicling Dr. Appell’s remarkable career. Please stay tuned.

***End Quote***

*** begin quote ***


Kenneth Appell matriculated in 1939 at Manhattan College in the Riverdale section of the Bronx; it’s a four-year Roman Catholic liberal arts institution, run in the tradition of the church’s Lasallian order and founded in 1853 by the followers of 18th-century St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. Following a biology/pre-med major, his undergraduate studies were interrupted for four years by military sevice, and he finally graduated in 1947.

*** end quote ***

Appell, Kenneth Charles (MC1947)

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JEmail: Farmer, Lindsey Kristine (MC2011) on vet bill

Lindsey wants to know why a veteran voted against the G.I. bill.7:50pm - 3 comments

# - # - #

John Reinke at 9:13pm September 5

Maybe the bill is only titled about vet. Most bills are loaded with pork. And, have little of real substantive help? fjohn68

# - # - #

Lindsey Kristine Farmer at 11:31pm September 5

Well, I think that it would be a good idea to provide returning servicemen and women with secondary educations, a year of unemployment pay, and help with loans for homes and small businesses, but providing aide to people who were protecting the interests of our country abroad for years doesn’t really matter. I mean, just give them a medal and send  them on their way.

# - # - #

John Reinke at 3:10am September 6

Well, I’m a Libertarian, and I wouldn’t have them over there in the first place to have all these ‘re-entry’ problems in the first place.

But, two things: (1) This country has a history of poorly treating its vets (i.e., the WW1 bonus army in DC; the reneging on promise of free heath care for life; the VA Bill interpretations; Walter Reed; Agent Orange; VA HealthCare in general). (2) Giving them a medal and a health care system that is, reportedly by the users, aimed at killing them off to save money.

It’s a sad thing. But that’s YOUR gooferment. Not mine.

And, it is immoral to steal money and redistribute it to pay for vets, or anything else.


Not all your education will be in the classroom. See what happens when you engage in conversations with cranky old alums.


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         * Posted on: Sat, Sep 6 2008 3:14 AM



JHQ: Authors James Patterson And Michael Ledwidge


August 29, 2008

Acclaimed Authors James Patterson And Michael Ledwidge To Speak At Manhattan College

College to officially launch the next generation of its communication department.

RIVERDALE, N.Y. – Best-selling authors James Patterson ‘69 and Michael Ledwidge ‘92 will speak at Manhattan College on Tuesday, Sept. 9, highlighting the official launch of the College’s “next generation” communication department in the school of arts. The department is designed for students planning to enter the rapidly evolving field of mass communication, and features state-of-the-art facilities, outstanding faculty and an updated curriculum.

The event, to be held at 7:00 p.m. in Smith Auditorium, is free and open to the public. Following their talk, Patterson and Ledwidge will conduct a book signing.

Dr. Thom Gencarelli, chair of the department, will begin the presentation with an overview of the development of the recently completed communication studios in Leo Hall.

“The field of mass communication has always been a fascinating and incredibly fast and vibrant field in which to work,” Gencarelli says. “But this has never been more true than over the past decade. Professionals in the field are faced with changes such as the rise of citizen journalism through the blogosphere and the quantum shift from network television to cable and satellite.”

With YouTube, the introduction of the Internet into the political process with e-mail blasts and social networking sites for candidates, and the changing face of what is now called the “mainstream media,” Gencarelli notes that higher education institutions must adapt new ways to prepare current students for careers in the field.

“The communication department’s greatest mandate and its greatest challenge are to teach its students to negotiate these changes while preparing them for professional careers in an ever-changing industry,” he says.

One of the most acclaimed novelists of his time with more than 150 million books sold worldwide, Patterson holds the record with 39 titles on the New York Times best-sellers list. He has written 19 consecutive titles that reached No. 1 on the New York Times’ list and is the only author to occupy the No. 1 slot on the Adult Fiction and Children’s Chapter Book lists simultaneously.

Patterson has created the two top best-selling detective series of the past decade. His Alex Cross series, featuring Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls, is the top-selling U.S. detective series in the last 12 years. The Women’s Murder Club series includes 1st to Die, 2nd Chance, 3rd Degreee and 4th of July. In 2007, he teamed with Ledwidge to launch his third best-selling series, Step on a Crack, featuring fictional New York City police detective Michael Bennett.

Last year, the Women’s Murder Club books became a new television series for ABC that stars Angie Harmon. In addition, Spiderman and X-Men producer Avi Arad is at work on the screenplay for a feature film based on Patterson’s Maximum Ride series.

The recipient of numerous awards, Patterson was the nationwide winner of the Reader’s Digest Readers’ Choice Award in 2004. He also is the first-ever author to receive the Bookspan endorsement International Thriller of the Year for Honeymoon (2005).

Born and raised in the Bronx, Ledwidge is the author of The Narrowback. He also has written Bad Connection and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. He also co-authored with Patterson, The Quickie, which was published by Little, Brown in 2007.

Founded in 1853, Manhattan College is an independent, Catholic, coeducational institution of higher learning offering more than 40 major programs of undergraduate study in the areas of arts, business, education, engineering and science, along with graduate programs in education and engineering. For more information about Manhattan College, visit www.manhattan.edu.


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JNEWS: Quinn, Peter [MC1969] Best of the Bronx 2008 Honoree


***Begin Quote***

Best of the Bronx 2008 Honoree: Peter Quinn

Peter Quinn Hometown: Bronx Association with the Bronx? Genetic and existential. My paternal grandmother was born in Fordham in 1863 (sic). My mother and wife were both born there. I grew from child to man there. Parish / Neighborhood: St Raymond’s / Parkchester. Favorite memory of your time in the Bronx: Those humungous never-to-be-seen again snow storms in the 1950s that paralyzed the streets and closed (Deo gratias) the schools. O what heaven to be alive then! The thing people would be surprised to know about the Bronx is: It’s the only borough of the city to have a real river running through it. Favorite Bronx restaurant / bar: Rota’s Bar on Tremont Avenue (now gone, alas). Yankee fan? This is a rhetorical question, right? And if so, who was the big star when you became a fan? Mantle/Maris. Them were the days! Best place for Pizza? Carl’s on Unionport Road (now gone, alas). Best advice anyone ever gave you: Take a nap, laugh a lot. Best advice you could give someone starting out in life: Take a nap, laugh a lot.

Although his grandmother and mother were Bronx born, and his parents met at a St. Patrick’s Day Dance at our Lady of Solace Dance in 1928, Peter Quinn don’t have the privilege of being a Bronxite by birth. Due to parents caught by natal surprise while vacationing on Long Island, he and his twin brother didn’t arrive in the Bronx until they were a week old. Quinn made up for their carelessness by spending his entire educational career in Bronx Catholic classrooms (St. Raymond’s, Manhattan Prep, Manhattan College, Fordham University), marrying a girl from St. Angela Merici’s, and working as a court officer in Bronx Landlord & Tenant Court. He subsequently went on to other jobs (speechwriter, novelist, editor) and lived in lesser places (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester), but, he says, “no place has ever touched me more or means more to than the Bronx. I made my oldest friends there, learned to love and laugh there, was introduced to Yiddish, Spanish and Italian there. I felt, feel, will always feel more at more at home in the Bronx than any other place on earth. Eat your heart out, Ogden Nash - hell, what does a rube born in Rye know? - The Bronx, yes, thonx!”

This story appeared in the issue of September 3-9, 2008

***End Quote***

Quinn, Peter [MC1969]

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MNEWS: Best of the Bronx 2008 Honoree: Brother Thomas J. Scanlan


***Begin Quote***

Best of the Bronx 2008 Honoree: Brother Thomas J. Scanlan

Brother Thomas J. Scanlan, F.S.C. Hometown: Bronx, N.Y. Association with the Bronx: Born and raised in the Bronx until age 17. Returned from 1975-77, serving as a resident director at Manhattan College while earning a Ph.D. in Business Administration at Columbia University. President of Manhattan College from 1987-2009. Parish/Neighborhood: Sacred Heart/Highbridge Favorite memory of your time in the Bronx: Getting Mickey Mantle and White Ford’s autograph in the players’ parking lot at Yankee Stadium after a game in the 1956 World Series. The thing people would be surprised to know about the Bronx is: The extent and quality of the local parks, including the world class Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Also, several distinguished institutions of higher learning, including Manhattan College. Favorite Bronx restaurant: Madison’s in Riverdale. Yankee fan? I’m a Yankee fanatic, and my boyhood hero was Mickey Mantle. Best Place for Pizza? Joe’s on Broadway/West 242nd. Best advice anyone ever gave you: Respect everyone you work with - someday s/he may be your boss. Best advice you could give someone starting out in life: Read as much as you can and get as much education as you can.

Br. Thomas J. Scanlan, F.S.C., was appointed president of Manhattan College in 1987. Prior to his appointment, Br. Thomas was vice chancellor and chief executive officer of Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, West Bank, a private, independent institution sponsored by the Vatican and directed by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Scanlan is Manhattan College’s 18th and longest-tenured president. Under his leadership, the College has undergone a transformation that has it currently recognized as one of the premier Catholic institutions of higher education in the nation. His presidency has allowed Manhattan to meet the increasing demands of education in the 21st century.

In 1987, Scanlan was awarded the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifici Cross from Pope John Paul II for service to the Catholic Church in the Holy Land. A 20-year veteran in the field of education, he was director of finance and education for the New York Province of the Brothers of the Christian Schools from 1978-1981, where he presided over the Province’s 14 educational institutions.

A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Scanlan earned a doctorate in organizational behavior from Columbia University; a Master’s degree from New York University, and a bachelor’s degree from The Catholic University of America. His many professional affiliations include membership with the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, American Council on Education, National Collegiate Athletic Association and the New York State Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities.

This story appeared in the issue of September 3-9, 2008

***End Quote***

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JEMAIL: Ngassam, Felicia (MC20??) questions my Jasper Jottings invite

FACEBOOK email exchange

From: reinke, fjohn68

Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008

To: Ngassam, Felicia (MC20??)

> I set up a Facebook profile where I can post my pictures, videos and

> events and I want to add you as a friend so you can see it. First, you

> need to join Facebook! Once you join, you can also create your own

> profile.


> Thanks,

> John


> Here’s the link:

> http://www.facebook.com

# - # - #

From: Ngassam, Felicia (MC20??)

Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 2 PM

To: reinke, fjohn68

who r u?

# - # - #

From: reinke, fjohn68

Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 9:41 PM

To: Felicia Ngassam

Subject: Re: Check out my Facebook profile

Hi Ms. Jasper Felicia:

I’m reaching out to future alums to give them a “networking resource” going forward. By way of explanation, I’m just a harmless old alum that runs an alumni ezine — a weekly email about Jasper findings — http://www.jasperjottings.com — It is a imho interesting weekly summary of alumni and (to a lesser extent) student news.

If you’re not interested in this, don’t worry, you won’t hear from me until next year — when I’ll try again. Each year, I reach out to the students, using the Manhattan College public directory, to let them know that Jasper Jottings exists, it’s free, and is an excellent source to identify and connect with specific alumni. Hope that explains what I think I am doing.

IMHO Success for your generation is: (1) ruthless financial discipline — no bad debt; (2) a life long interest in learning — education — a degree — they can’t take it away from you; (3) a white collar job in order to save big bux; (4) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber; (5) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open; (6) a free time hobby that generates income; and (7) a large will-maintained network of people who can “help” you. Like me?

This is just my attempt to “help” you with Item#7, that you didn’t even know you needed. :-) It will help you possibly identify alumni that you might want to connect with.

Jasper-ing-ly yours,


# - # - #

[JR: It's a shame you can't customize that invite message!]

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         * Posted on: Sat, Sep 6 2008 9:32 AM



ENDNOTE: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957) On Thursday, September 11th, 2008, an American flag should be displayed

From: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957)

Sent: Monday, August 25, 2008 11:59 PM

Subject: Fw: Subject: Re: get the flag ready

Please join us in this FLY THE FLAG campaign and PLEASE forward this Email immediately to everyone in your address book asking them to also forward it. We have a little less than one week and counting to get the word out all across this great land and into every community in the United States of America.

If you forward this email to least 11 people and each of those people do the same … you get the idea.


On Thursday, September 11th, 2008, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States. Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag on this seventh anniversary of one our country’s worst tragedies. We do this honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms.

In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through some tough times and it shouldn’t take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. Our American flag is the fabric of our country and together we can prevail over terrorism of all kinds

Action Plan:

So, here’s what we need you to do .

(1) Forward this email to everyone you know (at least 11 people). Please don’t be the one to break this chain. Take a moment to think back to how you felt on 9/11 and let those sentiments guide you.

(2) Fly an American flag of any size on 9/11. Honestly , Americans should fly the flag year-round, but if you don’t, then at least make it a priority on this day.

Thank you for your participation. God Bless You and God Bless America!

Kathy Sondej

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[JR: Another inet chain letter, this one has SOME merit. I'm all for the people and their rights. How about the Revolutionary War flag or the Gasden flag? I still think the people should have been encouraged to rebuild the WTC back identical except one story higher!]

[JR: Upon reflection, I thought readers might read into this that I want the gooferment to rebuild it. Port of New York Authority is responsible for the original WTC. A technological masterpiece; a moral mess. Robbing taxpayer for an edifice like the pyramids. At least the people who built the pyramid had no illusions about slavery. No, I want Donald Trump to be the Chairman of the PRIVATE effort to rebuild the WTC. Like the fund raising for the victims, which you should note became a gooferment pig trough, we could have had a rebuilding fund. Free contributions, private guy like Trump, it’d be done by now. One story higher. Saying to the world, Americans, not American politicians, are tough!]

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         * Posted on: Sat, Sep 6 2008 11:12 PM


"Bon courage a vous tous"