JASPER JOTTINGS Week 35 - 2008 Aug 31



POSITRACTION: Always listen to your “inner voice”.

JOY: Hogue, Laura Streche (MC2005) weds

POSITRACTION: Boys Honored As 911 Heroes

JNEWS: Tramontano, William A. (MC1976) has become Brooklyn College’s new provost (again?)

JEMAIL: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957) received “THE” postcard from Manhattan College!

JNEWS: Stevens, Stanley “Bud” [MC1980] new Chief Human Resources Officer Amerinet St. Louis, Mo.

JOY: A beautiful baby girl — ‘Sarah Josephine Power’

JOY: Otterstedt, Paul (MC1983) proclaims the arrival of Abigail Charlotte

JEmail: Reinke, FJohn (MC1968) takes note of bishop’s “correction”

MObit: Martin, Gerard Edward (Jasper BBall Fan)

MObit: Healy, Gertrude M. [Jasper spouse)

QUAD: Quadrangle back online

JVideo: Move in day; no eithernet cables

JEmail: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957) cites KofC news site

Comment on JObit: Semchyshyn, George Roman (MC1968) by kat

Comment on CARTOON: Barack’s New book by Jerry Breen (MC1970) by margaret c

ENDNOTE: Let’s NOT forget the workers on ‘Labor Day’!

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POSITRACTION: Always listen to your “inner voice”.




Madrid air crash stewardess survived by ’switching seats’

By Fiona Govan and Ed Owen in Madrid

Last Updated: 11:22PM BST 23 Aug 2008

*** begin quote ***

The sole crew member to survive last week’s Madrid air crash has revealed how her life was spared by a last-minute decision to switch her seat from the back of the plane to the front.

*** end quote ***

Always listen to your “inner voice”. I’ve heard it described as: “your conscience”, the “Universe singing to us”, “God speaking quietly directly to our soul”, “intuition”, “synchronicity”, and “plain old luck”.


An Old Nun said it was your Guardian Angel.

If it is “your conscience”, the I love the dialogue in the movie “A Man For All Seasons” for instructions on following “your conscience”:

*** begin quote ***

The Duke of Norfolk: Oh confound all this. I’m not a scholar, I don’t know whether the marriage was lawful or not but dammit, Thomas, look at these names! Why can’t you do as I did and come with us, for fellowship!

Sir Thomas More: And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?

*** end quote ***

Hope, that voice yells for me. I do tend to get engrossed in what I am doing at the time. No sensitive tap on the shoulder will do; I need a good swift kick in the A double Q!

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JOY: Hogue, Laura Streche (MC2005) weds

Hogue, Laura Streche (MC2005) weds.


[JR: Pics prove it!]

*** begin quote ***


Friday August 8, 2008, 7:00PM

Brentwood Country Club

100 Pennsylvania Avenue

Brentwood, NY 11717

*** end quote ***

[JR: On 8/8/8 @ 7PM?]

[JR: Mozel Tov!]

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POSITRACTION: Boys Honored As 911 Heroes


Boys Honored As 911 Heroes

Published: August 5, 2008

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two local boys received awards Tuesday for calling 911 in an emergency.

Shawn D. Parkes, 12, of Overland Park, was recognized by 9-1-1 for Kids®, an international emergency/disaster response educational organization. He called 911 when he saw a man at a Johnson County school beating a woman. Police said he stayed on the phone to make sure that officers knew exactly where to find them.

Dillon Huddleston, 10, of La Plata, Mo., called 911 when he saw his mother, who was 8 months pregnant, sick on the floor. Doctors later told her she would not have survived if her son hadn’t called for help.

Former Kansas City Chiefs players and even the police chief were on hand to recognize the young heroes.

[JR: May all your challenges be small enough for you to handle; yet, big enough to stretch you. Me? Tiny ones, please.]

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JNEWS: Tramontano, William A. (MC1976) has become Brooklyn College’s new provost (again?)


New Provost William Tramontano Takes Office

August 25th, 2008

***Begin Quote***

William A. Tramontano, a distinguished educator and researcher in the biological sciences, has become Brooklyn College’s new provost and vice-president for academic affairs, the College’s chief academic officer.

“Dr. Tramontano brings strong leadership to the College, a commitment to faculty growth and development, and a proven ability to initiate and implement new academic programs,” said President Christoph M. Kimmich as the provost assumed his post on Tuesday, July 1. “Brooklyn College welcomes Dr. Tramontano.”

A native of Bay Ridge, Tramontano comes to Brooklyn College from Lehman College, where he served as dean of natural and social sciences since 2003. He also served as the acting provost and vice-president for academic affairs during the 2006–07 academic year.

“I feel privileged to become part of the Brooklyn College community, and I look forward to serving all its members,” Tramontano said.

Tramontano holds a B.S. in biology from Manhattan College, an M.S. in biology from New York University, and a Ph.D. from New York University with a major in physiology. In 2002, he received the Distinguished LaSallian Educator Award from Manhattan College. Tramontano is currently serving the City University of New York on the Research Deans Committee and the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in Science (National Science Foundation).

“Coming from CUNY makes the transition easier because of the similarities of the institutions, the semi-centralized nature of CUNY, and my familiarity with the duties of the college provost,” Tramontano said.

He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sigma Xi Honor Society, Botanical Society of America, Council for Undergraduate Research, and National Associations for the Advisors for the Health Professions. Tramontano taught at Manhattan College from 1981 to 2003. From 1988 to 2002, he served as chairperson of the Biology Department at Manhattan College/College of Mount Saint Vincent, where he also taught biology with the rank of full professor since 1991. He attended the Jesuit Brooklyn Preparatory High School, today the site of CUNY’s Medgar Evers College.

Under his leadership, Lehman College initiated three new academic programs: Master of Social Work, Master of Public Health, and Bachelor of Business Administration. He was also instrumental in the planning of a new science facility.

“Facilities are always an issue, as is getting the money for the capital improvements we will need at the College. So whether it’s the Roosevelt science project or the new theaters, those are the things I am going to play a role in,” he said.

“The intellectual tradition of Brooklyn College is recognized both near and far—it’s a fantastic institution. That said, what I know about the College is probably five percent of what I need to know.”

***End Quote***

Tramontano, William A. (MC1976) (again?)

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JEMAIL: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957) received “THE” postcard from Manhattan College!

From: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957)

Sent: Aug 25, 2008, at 5:41 PM

To: reinke, fjohn68

Subject: Re: Phishing expedition?

I received a postcard from Manhattan College signed by Ellen Kiernan, Director of Alumni Relations asking me to verify my data. Is this legit? Is it an attempt to sell us an alumni directory with an endorsement by the college? If it is I see it as an unethical and underhanded way to sell this “directory”.. If it is a sales pitch, let the publisher send it out to us as all the other fund raising items are sent or let them take out an ad in the news magazine we receive. I think it would be better received if it were done that way.

Carmine Vaccarino

BEE ‘57

PS Din not receive a Jasper Jottings this week.

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[JR: (1) Legit, read the last two or three issues of Jottings. It's fronting for the College. The pitch is from the Alumni Organization. There have been lots of thoughts expressed. Not all printable. (2) Issue went out on schedule. Check you spam folder? fjohn68 ]

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UPDATE: Looks like I screwed it up. I redid the Yahoo distribution today. Sorry, Oldheimers!

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JNEWS: Stevens, Stanley “Bud” [MC1980] new Chief Human Resources Officer Amerinet St. Louis, Mo.





Amerinet Names Stevens as Chief Human Resources Officer

Last update: 9:09 a.m. EDT Aug. 25, 2008

***Begin Quote***

ST. LOUIS, Aug 25, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Amerinet announces the appointment of a new Chief Human Resources Officer, Stanley “Bud” Stevens. Bringing an extensive background in human resource leadership and management, Stevens will begin with Amerinet, effective August 25, 2008. His office will be housed in Amerinet’s corporate offices located in St. Louis, Mo.

Stevens’ diverse career includes positions that have utilized his broad professional expertise in recruitment and retention, compensation and benefits, training and development and performance management and assessment.

Stated Todd Ebert, Amerinet’s president and chief executive officer, “I look forward to having Bud join our organization as an integral member of our leadership team. His depth and breadth of professional experiences in the human capital arena will be critical for the successful continuation of our strategic growth plan for our company.”

Stevens’ professional background includes leadership positions at architectural and engineering design firm, HNTB Company and Fidelity Investments. Additional leadership roles held within the medical industry feature corporations including Xomed Surgical Products, Allergan Optical and Tambrands. Stevens also holds the honor of having served as a captain in the United States Marine Corps.

His educational background includes a BA in Economics from College of the Holy Cross and an MBA earned at Manhattan College.

About Amerinet Inc.

Through Total Spend Management Solutions, Amerinet strategically partners with healthcare providers to improve operating margins by creating efficiencies, reducing costs and identifying new revenue streams.

Supported by a team of clinical, data and supply chain experts, Amerinet offers a suite of tools, programs and services including a comprehensive and competitive portfolio that delivers practical solutions to address members’ specific needs.

Based in St. Louis, Mo., with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, Providence, R.I., and Warrendale, Pa., Amerinet serves acute and non-acute healthcare providers nationwide. To learn more, visit www.amerinet-gpo.com.

SOURCE: Amerinet Inc.

***End Quote***

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JOY: A beautiful baby girl — ‘Sarah Josephine Power’

From: Power, Matthew (MC1993)

Date: Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:55 pm

Subject: birth announcement mpwer

A beautiful baby girl –’Sarah Josephine—born June 6, 2008, welcomed

home by big sister Amanda and big brother Matthew

Michelle (LeMire) Power 92

Matthew Power 93

Pierce J. Power –grandfather 50

Paul LeMire –uncle 85

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[JR: Mozel Tov! ]

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JOY: Otterstedt, Paul (MC1983) proclaims the arrival of Abigail Charlotte

From: Paul Otterstedt (BEME 1983)

Date: August 26, 2008 2:50:10 PM EDT

Subject: Re: JASPER JOTTINGS Week 34 - 2008 Aug 24

Happy news to share!

My wife Jenny and I announce the birth of our second child, Abigail

Charlotte Otterstedt, on August 15, 2008.

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[JR: Mozel Tov! Jaspers have been busy this week!!]

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JEmail: Reinke, FJohn (MC1968) takes note of bishop’s “correction”

In lieu of sending my self email, I thought I’d share this finding directly. Email is so last decade any way. I should be pushing twitters, not a blog. So, like, I think, ahh, … (yeah, hanging around on the Facebook too much!)

I have roasted the CINO politicians and the enabling Princes of the Church. Seems like that might be changing?





Washington archbishop rips Pelosi on abortion

By Bob Cusack

Posted: 08/25/08 11:29 PM [ET]

*** begin quote ***

In a rare public rebuke of a top politician, the archbishop of Washington said Monday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was incorrect when she recently said the moment of conception has long been a matter of controversy within the Catholic Church.

In a release issued Monday night, Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl said Pelosi’s comments on “Meet the Press” on Sunday “were incorrect.”

Wuerl noted that Pelosi responded to a question on when life begins by mentioning she was Catholic.

The release quoted Pelosi as saying the church has not been able to come with a definition of when life begins.

“After Mr. Tom Brokaw, the interviewer, pointed out that the Catholic Church feels strongly that life begins at conception, she replied, ‘I understand. And this is, like, maybe 50 years or something like that. So again, over the history of the church, this is an issue of controversy,’ ” the release said.

Wuerl strongly disagrees.

He said, “We respect the right of elected officials such as Speaker Pelosi to address matters of public policy that are before them, but the interpretation of Catholic faith has rightfully been entrusted to the Catholic bishops. Given this responsibility to teach, it is important to make this correction for the record.”

Wuerl pointed out that the Catechism of the Catholic Church is clear, and has been clear for 2,000 years. He cited Catechism language that reads, “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception … Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law.”

A Pelosi spokesman did not immediately comment for this article.

The Speaker recently said she, unlike other Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, has not clashed with her church about receiving communion.

In an interview on C-SPAN that aired earlier this month, Pelosi was asked about how some church officials have raised objections about whether former presidential contenders - such as Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) - should receive communion.

Pelosi, a Roman Catholic whose district includes most of San Francisco, said she has not encountered such difficulties in her church.

“I think some of it is regional,” she said, “It depends on the bishop of a certain region, and, fortunately for me, communion has not been withheld and I’m a regular communicant, so that would be a severe blow to me if that were the case.”

*** end quote ***

Perhaps, there will be “truth in labeling” for the CINOs yet!


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August 27, 2008

Cardinal Egan and the Abortion Debate

C. Edmund Wright

Did I just hear Cardinal Egan change the abortion debate? Perhaps I did.

Tuesday, the Archdioces of New York issued an unequivocally blistering rebuke to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her mind numbing attempt to keep the question of when life begins “above her pay grade” (not to mention the pay grades of Barack Obama , Cardinal Egan, the Pope and pretty much the entire Catholic Church.)  Egan, perhaps fresh off a raise, is apparently of sufficient pay grade to answer this nagging question. And answer it he did, with clarity and certitude and with passion.

What he did not include in his answer, and this is the game changer, was scripture.

“We are blessed in the 21st century with crystal-clear photographs and action films of the living realities within their pregnant mothers. No one with the slightest measure of integrity or honor could fail to know what these marvelous beings manifestly, clearly and obviously are, as they smile and wave into the world outside the womb.”

[JR: WOW! Seems like the score is Princes 2 CINOs 0!]

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MObit: Martin, Gerard Edward (Jasper BBall Fan)




Gerard Edward Martin

GERARD EDWARD MARTIN formerly of Bedford, NY; Woodbury, CT; Block Island, RI, died on Sunday evening, August 24, 2008.

He was born and raised in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx, nicknamed “Yardy”, son of Thomas and Mary (nee McGovern), both natives of Galway, Ireland. Married 49 years to his late wife Anne T. Martin (nee Reilly), is survived by their five sons: Dr.Thomas J. of Grahamsville, NY; Timothy G. (wife Daniele) of Simsbury, CT; Michael P. of Salisbury, CT; Brian C. (wife Carla) of Avon CT; Peter J.(wife Christy) of Darien, CT; as well as grandchildren: Mary-Kate, Ryan, Cameron, Reilly-Anne, Kathleen, Connor, Brian, Jack, and Katherine.

Gerard served in the USCG at 17 years of age during WW II. Later attended University of the Highlands, and Iona College briefly on track scholarships, before joining the NYPD. He attained the rank of detective within months of graduating the academy and was later awarded a Special Citation by the U.S. Secret Service for his work. Gerard elected to join his brother firefighters in the FDNY where he served at Ladder Co’s 17 and 32, until his retirement. Manhattan College basketball devotee, “scouting” beloved nephews: Martin Baietti, Peter Swanson and Gerry Oswald. He built numerous fine homes in Westchester and Fairfield as owner of Georgetown Construction. He is also survived by his sister, Eileen Panzenbeck.

Wake at Woodbury Funeral Home of Munson-Lovetere, 2 School St. on Thursday 1-3, and from 6-9. Mass at St Patrick’s Church, Bedford NY on Friday at 11:00. Burial in Gate of Heaven Cemetery Valahalla, NY. Reception at Clock Avenue, Darien, CT, to follow the burial. To place an online condolence, please visit www.munsonlovetere funeralhome.com

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Martin, Gerard Edward (Jasper BBall Fan)

[JR: Editorial discretion applied. If this Fan has Jasper in his obit, then the alumni should extend him a "payback" prayer. Notre Dame recognizes its 'subway alumni'; so should we.]

Guestbook: http://tinyurl.com/6azgn5

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MObit: Healy, Gertrude M. [Jasper spouse)




Gertrude M. Healy

Gertrude M Healy, age 84, passed away peacefully Monday, August 25, 2008 at the Connecticut Hospice on the coast of Long Island Sound in Branford. Gertrude was born April 3, 1924, daughter of Walter Markey and Gertrude Marie (Shea) Markey.

Gertrude grew up on City Island, N.Y. and was always proud of the title “Clam Digger” given to the residents. A graduate of Villa Maria Academy in the Bronx, Gertrude attended Franklin School of Professional Arts and became a draftswoman for Jacobs Shipyard that built mine sweepers and PT boats. On August 22, 1944, she had the honor of christening the PT BOAT PT398.

Gertrude married William Healy, a Manhattan College graduate and Navy lieutenant. The couple moved to Danbury and raised two sons, William and Robert. After 30 years in her beloved Danbury community, Gertrude moved to Southbury and sought employment in areas of interest to her. Working at Calico Corners and the Lenox Store, she shared her passion for creating a beautiful home environment. Gertrude was an active volunteer throughout her life, volunteering at the Danbury Court House, the election polls, Welcome Wagon, the Southbury Training School Thrift Shop, and Pegasus, a therapeutic horseback riding stable for handicapped children in Woodbury.

Gertrude became known as “Gigi” (short for Grandma Gertrude) when her first granddaughter was born 25 years ago. “Gigi” was devoted to her granddaughters and would come to their aide at a moment’s notice. Always resourceful and efficient, she often enjoyed the challenge of redesigning a dress or a slip cover! Gertrude passed on her love of the shore and saw to it that her family enjoyed vacation by the sea for decades.

Gertrude’s friends at Heritage Village fondly remember her as one who always anticipated the needs of others right through to the end, whether it was potting flowers for the units or running errands, she attended to the smallest of needs for others. An active member of her church, Gertrude possessed a firm faith in God’s goodness which she reflected to all.

Gertrude is survived by two sons, William and his wife, Suzanne of Bethel and Robert of Southbury; one brother, Walter Markey of Chester, N.J.; and her beloved grandchildren, Robyn, Anna, Heather, Melissa and Christy Rose. There will be no calling hours. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Thursday, August 28, 2008 at St. Teresa Church, Woodbury at 10:30 a.m. Following a reception, committal services will take place in St. Mary Cemetery, Bethel. Memorial contributions are requested to be made to the Connecticut Hospice, 100 Double Beach Road, Branford, CT 06405-4906. The Green Funeral Home, 57 Main Street, Danbury is in charge of arrangements.

# - # - #

Healy, Gertrude M. [Jasper spouse)

[JR: Descretion again. What can I say. If someone thought it was important to mention, then we can pray for them.]

Guestbook: http://tinyurl.com/56oq6b

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QUAD: Quadrangle back online




Notes From The Editor

David Ellison

Issue date: 8/27/08 Section: OpEd

*** begin quote ***

We are back online!

I understand a lot of alumni, families of students and others interested in what is going on at Manhattan College have wondered what has happened to the online version of the Quadrangle.

Well we went offline all of last year to concentrate on the print issue of the newspaper. As a result, I am pleased to announce we recently won the Most Improved Group Award for the 2007-2008 school year.

We are extremely excited to bring back the online version.

{Extraneous Deleted}

*** end quote ***

[JR: Respecting their copyrights after a nasty conversation two years ago about "their content", I'm just reporting what they send me.]

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JVideo: Move in day; no eithernet cables



Joined: August 17, 2008

Last Sign In: 17 hours ago

Videos Watched: 92

Subscribers: 3

Channel Views: 153

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[JR: A new finding from Twitter to YouTube. Hard to find all the ways Jaspers express themselves. Funny. But then a girl with a bag on her head is always a hoot. Forgetting the cables; expecting the new dorm to be wireless. Argh! Have to bring that up at the next CGC meeting. I enjoyed it. Shocking, but reminds me of the 60's. Have to watch for more. Interesting that YouTube doesn't allow an RSS feed of an individual user. That would have been helpful. Finding this content is going to be hard enough!]

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JEmail: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957) cites KofC news site

From: Vaccarino, Carmine (MC1957)

Date: August 28, 2008 11:14:52 PM EDT

To: “Ferdinand J. Reinke”

Subject: Fw: A new service from the Knights of Columbus

I found this to be an interesting web site. Check it out.


— On Thu, 8/28/08, Knights of Columbus Communications Department <communications@kofc.org> wrote:

From: Knights of Columbus Communications Department <communications@kofc.org>

Subject: A new service from the Knights of Columbus

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008, 5:58 PM


Knights of Columbus launches news and information site for Catholics

The Knights of Columbus this week launched a brand-new Internet-based news and information service for Catholics everywhere: Headline Bistro.

Headline Bistro is a website that provides a quick digest of daily news sources around the world that contain news of interest to active Catholics. Whether it relates to world affairs, national politics or news specifically about the Catholic Church, you’ll find links to the original sources here. You’ll also find video clips, detailed state-by-state information about voting and public policy, and recommended reading from the world of books. The web address is www.headlinebistro.com.

You can also sign up for a daily e-mail that’ll give you the day’s top headlines. If you’re already a subscriber to our other e-mail updates, just enter your e-mail address in the sign-up box and add Headline Bistro to your preferences.

Tell all your Catholic friends about Headline Bistro!

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Comment on JObit: Semchyshyn, George Roman (MC1968) by kat

i dunno who wrote this but you know nothing about my dad obviously and nothing about our family!

    * Posted on: Thu, Aug 28 2008 12:20 PM

[JR: Kat is George’s daughter. I’ve emailed her to find out what is wrong.]

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Comment on CARTOON: Barack’s New book by Jerry Breen (MC1970) by margaret c


    * Posted on: Thu, Aug 28 2008 10:08 PM

[JR: Typical ‘drive by’ comment.]

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ENDNOTE: Let’s NOT forget the workers on ‘Labor Day’!

Last night, I heard three waitresses in a ‘greasy spoon’ commiserate that they only earned 2.63 per hour with no holiday or overtime pay. Not being annoying, while I am never an advocate for gooferment action, in this case I was.

I want to urge the gooferment to get out of its improper and unconstitutional role in education. Clearly these women had been miseduacter in their rights in the free market. I wanted to stand up and scream ‘qwit yur kvetching and get a better job!’ at the top of my lungs.

I appreciated these women serving Frau and I. (You might ask why I was in a greasy spoon, but that a matter for another day!) But, I’m saddened that America’s “Labor” is so under educated!

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    * Posted on: Sun, Aug 31 2008 7:05 AM



"Bon courage a vous tous"