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POSITRACTION: My aunt has returned to Ireland after 49 years

JEmail: O’Connell, Bill (MC1976) “If all you have to say about your experience …”

CARTOON: Barack Obama’s key formative figures

JEmail: FACEBOOK messages Between Chelsea Del Toro (MC2012) and Fjohn68

JFound: DiGirolamo, Rich (MC1985) and DiGirolamo, Lori (MC1981)

JObit: Vaughan, James J. [MC1940]

JObit: Witmer, John Joseph Jr. [MC1942]

JFound: Wood, Jerry [MC????] aims to play all 140 courses on Island

JFound: Double Chili Cheeseburger [MC????]

JObit: Cariddi, John J. [MC????]

JObit: O’Brien, Br. John Martin [MC????]

JFound: Stolze, Eric [MC1990?] interested in the growing field of neuropsychology

JOY: Marano, Sandra (MC2005) engaged!

ENDNOTE: Sad commentary on what morality has come to.




POSITRACTION: My aunt has returned to Ireland after 49 years





*** begin quote ***

My aunt has returned to Ireland after 49 years in Prince George, British Columbia. There was a nice write up about her in the Prince George Citizen before she left. She was the last of the Sisters of Mercy in the diocese.

*** end quote ***

Following Jaspers’ blogs often lead to interesting gems. Here’s a story of a self-sacrificing lady who touched innumerable lives. Interesting that “we” are not replacing those people. And, the world will be immeasuably worse off for it.

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Posted on: Sun, Sep 14 2008 6:13 PM



JEmail: O’Connell, Bill (MC1976) “If all you have to say about your experience …”

From: Bill O’Connell

Date: September 14, 2008 10:09:42 AM EDT

To: “John J. Reinke”

Subject: Response to Stebbins Thread

As I read the e-mail from Donald Stebbins I started scratching my head.  I have been following the political scene and the conventions pretty closely and I was wondering how I missed an attack on Catholics?

The gravamen of the campaign concerning both Obama and Palin is about experience.  As soon as Sarah Palin was chosen she was lambasted for a lack of experience.  The response was what kind of experience does Barack Obama have?  The criticism was aimed at how does being a community organizer qualify one to be President of the United States.  I don’t think anyone was demeaning the work of someone who works in their community and tries to help their brethren.  That is bedrock conservative philosophy, individuals privately helping one another.  It is for not government programs run by bureaucrats who have to follow a rulebook written by more bureaucrats, rather than having the freedom to evaluate the situation in front of you.  When you have a government program with a set of rules that must be followed, then you will have truly needy people who don’t fit the mold and therefore, by the rules, get no help and you will have undeserving people who do fit the mold and will get “help” they don’t deserve.  The more government programs expand in this area, the less private charity can function because potential donors start to think, why should I contribute?  Isn’t there a government program for that?  Why should I contribute?  My taxes are sky high already and the government is using my money already for that.

I don’t think Rudy or Sarah Palin would have any problem or less than total admiration for Barack Obama if he continued his community work helping the less fortunate. However, if Father Flager is any example of the kind of organizing he was really doing and an expression of Catholic values on the South Side of Chicago, then I am not so sure.  Barack Obama doesn’t want to talk about that time and his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, Father Flager, William Ayers.

Getting back to the experience question.  Being a lifeguard is a very noble and admirable thing to do.  You save lives and you help people.  Does that qualify you to be chief of thoracic surgery at Bellevue?  There is nothing wrong with helping in your community.  There is nothing wrong with being a state senator.  There is nothing wrong with being a U.S. Senator.  However, the Office of the President is an executive position and Sarah Palin is the only one in the race with executive experience in government.  Period.  Every time her experience is questioned, the focus has to come right back around to Obama.  If she’s not qualified to be Vice President, how is he qualified to be President?

The criticism from Rudy and Sarah Palin, I believe, was aimed at the disjoint between Community Organizer and that being a qualification to be President of the United States.  As far as Rudy’s comment that, “I don’t know what a community organizer is,” well, Obama has not exactly been forthcoming on exactly what he did from high school until he became a State Senator.  If all you have to say about your experience is the job title, is it wrong to say, “I don’t know what that means?”

Bill O’Connell, ‘76

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Posted on: Mon, Sep 15 2008 12:59 AM



CARTOON: Barack Obama’s key formative figures

From: Jerry Breen

Date: September 15, 2008 3:53:52 AM EDT

To: John Reinke

Subject: Obama cartoon

Obama's key formative figures





John: In this cartoon, I tried to give brief summaries of some of the key formative figures in Barack Obama’s background. Quite a group. And I didn’t even have room for the Reverend Wright. But you all know about him. These people are lesser known, but just as important in making Obama who he is today. - Jerry Breen        www.newbreen.com

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[JR: Thanks, Jerry. Another opportunity to put shorts in a knot for some folks.]

Breen, Jerry (MC1971)

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Posted on: Mon, Sep 15 2008 7:28 AM



JEmail: FACEBOOK messages Between Chelsea Del Toro (MC2012) and Fjohn68

FACEBOOK message exchange

Between Chelsea Del Toro (MC2012) and Fjohn68

# - # - #

John Reinke

September 13 at 8:24am

May I assume that you’re a fellow Jasper?


# - # - #

Chelsea Del Toro

September 13 at 6:57pm

Yes I certainly am.

# - # - #

John Reinke

September 13 at 7:30pm

Jaspers look at lot different these days. Thanks, fjohn68

# - # - #

Chelsea Del Toro

September 13 at 9:38pm

What does that mean?

# - # - #

John Reinke

September 14 at 6:52am

Well, when I was in school, women were just starting to be admitted to Manhattan. The year I graduated the first woman was admitted to the Engineering School. There’s a picture floating around of an anti-war demonstration in Quad. I’ll try to find it for you. It was a “monoculture”. Everyone looked like they were in uniform anyway. Today, Jaspers are … “colorful”.

I go to the Campus for the Computer Governance Committee meeting. (We help Brother President decide how to spend the College’s infrastructure budget. Been doing it for a decade, and the reason the College has what you see in computing is a lot of folks laboring behind the scenes to make tough techie choices.) And, the students are like “peacocks”.

Makes me wonder how old alums looked at us there.

BTW that is some profile picture you have. Is that professionally done. Who ever shot it has talent. As a hobby, I shoot some pics; that’s a photograph. Very evocative of some emotion. Can’t put my finger on which one, but one. Sadness?

Too bad Jasper Jottings doesn’t have a photo feed … … yet. Maybe the next Collector In Chief will do it. If there is a next one. Oh well, have to get to work on this week’s issue.



# - # - #

Chelsea Del Toro

September 14 at 9:47am

Yes I’m quite sure that things must be different. Most don’t look like me though, I really do stick out. I’m a giraffe amoung peacocks. I was shocked by all of the shortshorts though…

I can’t imagine what students will be like when I graduate, probably nudists, so I force the ugly thought from my mind.

I did the makeup and took it about a week ago of myself in my doorm room. There’s a few more but that one seemed to be the best. I played with the colors I chose because they made my eyes green when they’re really grey/blue. I’m albino and my eyelashes are white, so it allowed me to use bright blue mascara, and I used my camera phone to take it. I have a 400 dollar cannon but it’s hard to take pictures of yourself with a moderately sized camera.

# - # - #

John Reinke

September 14 at 10:38am

Well, if you’re “shocked”, us old Jaspers would probably be in cardiac arrest! lol

Nah, not nudists; they turn into stodgy old people with mortgages, car loans, and forgotten dreams. :-) This is the “peacock” phase where they all, you all, have to attract mate.

Well, re: profile pic, you have a real talent there. I’m no “arteeeast” but it’s eye catching. Maybe you can find a career glamming up old politicians. Or old news anchors like Katie Coric, who’s show a little stress. Caught my eye regardless of the hardware you used. There’s a quote about “if Rembrandt had just crayons, you’d still be able to see the talent.”

Well, time to go see who I’ve enraged this week with Jasper Jottings. No fun unless someone’s shorts are in a know.

# - # - #

Chelsea Del Toro

September 14 at 4:45pm

That’d be amusingly depressing. hehe

Well I mean the next generation of Jaspers. They’ll definately be nudists, or follolw the circle of trend and go back to reserved.

Thank you. I’ve done some modeling in the psat, and am a part of a small agency now. I might do coding for their website and myspace along with being one of their models. I draw and paint so I’m good with makeup, and I seem to be pretty okay with a camera, I’m glad you think so.

That quote makes more sense than you know…

Sounds like the utmost fun. Enjoy yourself, talk to you soon.

# - # - #

John Reinke

September 14 at 6:06pm

One “knotted” short in the old inbox. May I quote our conversation in the next issue? Two, if you count the “Little Sisters of the Poor” objecting to my use of their name in my online novel. lol! I just shake my head sometimes. l8r, fjohn68

# - # - #

Chelsea Del Toro

September 14 at 8:05pm

I’m kinda tired, so therefore lost..what is it you want to quote?

# - # - #

John Reinke

September 14 at 9:15pm

Well, I’d like to reproduce our conversation, in its entirety, in Jasper Jottings for our fellow alums to enjoy. Some folks don’t want the publicity. While one can usually “legally” quote email or web conversations one is a party to, I think it’s rude to “surprise” people by doing it. I honor all wishes. (Well, I have screwed up twice that I remember.) Think about it when your not tired.

# - # - #

Chelsea Del Toro

Today at 12:45am

Oh that’s fine, I don’t care. I’m proud of everything I say. I love publicity for my thoughts. :)

# - # - #

[JR: She sent me a FACEBOOK friend request. (Ask her why?) And, an email exchange ensued. Sensing a "story" for Jasper Jottings, I asked her permission to share it with my 1,500 closest friends. Well, she now has publicity. If you want to see a ... "haunting" ... profile pic, surf over to http://www.new.facebook.com/profile.php?id=530106601. Probably the most memorable Facebook profile pic I've seen! If you drop her a line, tell her you're part of my "tin foil" hat brigade. Don't want to scare the wee lass. The gal has talent! She SHOULD be an injineer. She'd make the blueprints REALLY blue. LOL, boy, I love this "job"!]

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Posted on: Mon, Sep 15 2008 7:52 AM



JFound: DiGirolamo, Rich (MC1985) and DiGirolamo, Lori (MC1981)


Vent If You Must - But Be Ready to Get an Earful!

Posted by admin

Sep 15

The phone rings. I pick it up; it is my sister. She says “Can I vent?”

Vent, Whine, Moan, Bitch - it’s all the same to me. I said sure; after all it is my sister.

The doctor said he would call Tuesday afternoon with the results of the MRI. He did not. I called yesterday morning; the receptionist said he would call later this morning with the results. He did not. When I called the office the nurse told me that there was no way the doctor could call; it is his surgery day. The nurse said she could not give me the results; the doctor needed to do that. Today the nurse calls with the results; keep her in a sling for three weeks and then we’ll start six weeks of physical therapy. I thought you weren’t allowed to give the results - that the doctor had to do so, my sister commented. The nurse replied if you would like to make an appointment with the doctor to discuss the MRI this Friday we can do that for you. I really don’t like this doctor, but it was an emergency and I had to get her in to see someone. Now I’m stuck with him and not happy, and Jessie’s (my niece) baseball season is over and I don’t know how I’m going to tell her…………………………………………

Yep, that was the condensed version of my sister going on and on and on and on when she called me last week and asked me a three word question……………..”Can I vent?”

Now I must admit while she was going on and on I found myself mouthing those Peanut’s like teacher sounds “Waw, Waw, Waw, Waw” while sitting on my sofa watching Judge Judy call people morons. As an aside I’m still amazed and entranced by the level of stupidity of the people who sign up for that show.

Now just in case you missed what is going on there, my niece got hurt playing in a baseball tournament; my sister is extremely dissatisfied with the doctor’s ability to make a promise and follow through.

Now my sister knows well enough that after she vents she is going to get a mouthful from me. My lack of tolerance crosses all barriers - even my family. I asked her if she was done being aggravated. I asked her if she was ready to solve the problem or stay stuck in the current situation. We do that folks; everyone does at some point in their life; spending more time on rehashing why you are where you are and clinging on to what is bothering you rather than taking steps to get out of the situation.

Lori, you have options I tell her. You can ask for a new doctor; there is another doctor in that office who did wonders with me eighteen years ago when I had my one and only skiing accident; on my one and only skiing expedition. You can let go and move past the lack of perceived customer service from the doctor’s office - we’ve all experienced it; or you can find a new doctor.

Now of course she found “the problem” with every one of those options; but she did like the finding a new doctor one the most. Good, we can at least move forward.

I said to her let’s think about this. You don’t want any doctor; you want someone who is going to get Jess back on the field in the shortest amount of time. So basically you want god.

And how do we find that person” she inquires in a somewhat negative tone.

So here were my thoughts. Professional and college athletes get hurt on a court or field and they are back in the game the next week. We need their doctor. So I tell my sister to call a college athletic department and see who they use. Living in Connecticut, the land of college basketball stars, I tell her to call UConn. She can’t get through (for thirty minutes). She calls me back frustrated. Okay, right now my sister is too attached to the situation; my brother-in-law is………….. Just as frustrated as my sister, so let’s not get him involved.

I decide I need to remove her from the situation for a bit. Folks, we need to do this at times; for our families; our friends and our teammates in the workplace. We need to jump in and remove them from situations where their thinking has been obstructed. Yes, it might require you to tie up a loose end or pick up an extra responsibility or two; but in the end you’ll spend less time listening to whining. This is your keeper today. Who could use to be removed from a bad situation - even just for a few minutes - for the sake of a better personal or professional life?

I called Manhattan College; both my sister and I graduated from Manhattan. They’ve had a decent basketball team over the years; and I’m sure that a player or two has needed to see an orthopedist. I spoke to the Director of Sports Medicine, told him we were graduates and asked who they use to get their athletes up and playing as fast as possible. He gave me a name. I gave it to my sister. The new doc and his colleague decide to take a different approach with my niece. She’ll be playing a lot sooner than originally thought.

That night my niece called to thank me for finding the doctor. Yep, once again, listening to some whining and removing someone from a situation for a bit came back with a nice reward. Yes, it was my family; but I know without a doubt someone in your professional world has a thank you with your name on it. Go make someone’s life better today. Give em an earful; but then help them out.

And a big THANK YOU to Doug Straley at Manhattan College - for giving a fellow Jasper a few moments of his time - and making an eleven year old a bit happier.

Rich DiGirolamo is a professional speaker from Wolcott, CT. He calls himself The Big Kid and enjoys “making painful processes fun.” To learn more about Rich please visit http://www.richdigirolamo.com or http://www.recessatworkday.com

# - # - #

Dear John,

I believe that Rich is a member of the Class of 1985, and his sister Lori is a member of the Class of 1981.


[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated. ]

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DiGirolamo, Rich (MC1985) & DiGirolamo, Lori (MC1981)

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Posted on: Mon, Sep 15 2008 7:16 PM

Updated: Wed, Sep 17 2008 6:03 PM



JObit: Vaughan, James J. [MC1940]




James J. Vaughan

VAUGHAN, James J. James J. Vaughan, 91, husband of the late Frances (Coppinger) Vaughan, died Sunday (September 14, 2008) in West Hartford where he had made his home for over 40 years. He was a graduate of Hartford Public High School, 1936, and Manhattan College, 1940. He served in the US Navy during World War II, discharged as a Lieutenant (jg) in 1946. Jim worked as an analytical reporter and salesman for Dun & Bradstreet until his retirement. An avid sports fan, he especially enjoyed baseball, golf and bowling. He was a former member of the West Hartford Squires. He is survived by his four children: James M. Vaughan and his wife Marilyn Bacon, MD of Windsor, Dennis E. Vaughan and his wife Maureen George of Lake Havasu City, AZ, Patrick J. Vaughan of Henderson, NV, and Agatha V. Monahan and her husband John of West Hartford. His five grandchildren: Andrew, Kathleen Rose, and Natalie Vaughan, Julie and Mary Monahan also survive him. He was predeceased by his first wife, Helen (Drohan) Vaughan. The funeral will be Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. from the Molloy Funeral Home, 906 Farmington Ave., West Hartford with a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in St. Peter Claver Church, West Hartford. Burial will follow in Fairview Cemetery. Calling hours are Tuesday from 4-7 p.m. at the funeral home. Donations in his memory may be made to a charity of the donor’s choice. Online messages of sympathy and remembrance may be made at www.molloyfuneralhome.com

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Vaughan, James J. [MC1940]

Guestbook: http://tinyurl.com/5afpse

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Posted on: Mon, Sep 15 2008 7:32 PM



JBlogger: Gibbons, Patti [MC1986]


Gibbons, Patti (MC1986)


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[JR: Found her via a Twitter search. Ya can run, but ya can't hide. LOL!]

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·         Posted on: Mon, Sep 15 2008 7:41 PM



JObit: Witmer, John Joseph Jr. [MC1942]




John Joseph Witmer Jr.

Witmer, Jr., John Joseph John was born on September 27, 1920 in Patterson, New Jersey and died September 10, 2008 after a brief illness. John attended the Christian Brothers Manhattan College of New York and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1942. After graduation, John worked in New Jersey for Curtis Wright Aircraft Company as a test engineer. Retired from Curtis Wright, John began working for Redmon Corporation of Owosso, Michigan. After a number of years with Redmon John joined Cutler Hammer in St. Louis as a sales engineer and then onto Fastco Industries of Dallas as their District Sales Manager in 1968 and finally retiring from Becket Engineering of Dallas in 1990. John was a member of the St Mark’s Catholic Church in Plano, Texas. And when not attending various activities at St Mark’s, John loved puzzles of all kinds, an avid book reader and particularly enjoyed dancing at the Senior Centers of Dallas. His generous heart and love of people will be truly missed. A Memorial mass will be conducted at St Mark’s Catholic Church in Plan on Tuesday September 16th at 10:00 AM. Contributions to the charity of your choice are suggested in lieu of flowers.

# - # - #

Witmer, John Joseph Jr. [MC1942]

Guestbook: http://tinyurl.com/5v2t7n

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·         Posted on: Mon, Sep 15 2008 7:51 PM



JFound: Wood, Jerry [MC????] aims to play all 140 courses on Island





LIer aims to play all 140 courses on Island

Mark Herrmann

September 18, 2008

*** begin quote ***

They stretch from Inwood, near the Queens border, out to Montauk Downs. Some are as public as you can get, others are as exclusively private as you can find. Some are right on the water, others are covered with woods. Someday, the disparate Long Island golf courses will have one thing in common: Jerry Wood will have played there.

He is on his way to playing all 140. “I’m down to seven private ones that I haven’t played, and I have 30 public ones left,” he said the other day when, admittedly, his project wasn’t his top priority.

Wood’s Long Island golf tour is on hold, which is understandable given that he is a managing director at Morgan Stanley. Like everyone else on Wall Street, he found that getting through this week has been one of his great challenges. But he still does hope to be the first one to make it all the way around Long Island’s courses.

“If I’m not, that means someone else will have done it, which would be great,” he said.

{Article Continues}

*** end quote ***

Wood, Jerry [MC????]

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·         Posted on: Thu, Sep 18 2008 6:42 PM



JFound: Double Chili Cheeseburger [MC????]


*** begin quote ***

the ancient mariner

Double Chili Cheeseburger

1693 Posts

Posted - 07/18/2008 : 21:56:46 Show Profile Reply with Quote

Tara—–those are funny all right —tending bar must have a lot of funny stories.

And some not so funny, I’ll bet !!!!

My lovely Mary was standing on a corner in London waiting for a bus when a high school classmate walked up and said—Are you Mary McLoughlin ?? It had been 40 years.

I went to Mass in upstate NY and thought the priest looked familiar, after Mass he came looking for me—-we had been classmates at Manhattan College. Again 40 years had gone by.

You never know do you ????

*** end quote ***

[JR: Any thoughts?]

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·         Posted on: Thu, Sep 18 2008 8:47 PM



JObit: Specht, William John Jr. [MC????]




William John Specht Jr.

MOORESVILLE, N.C. - Mr. William John Specht, Jr., age 66, of Mooresville, N.C., died Tuesday, September 16, 2008, at his residence. Born December 11, 1941, in Jamaica, N.Y., he was a Army veteran of the Vietnam War and a respiratory therapist, earning his undergraduate and masters degree from City College of New York and a second masters degree from Manhattan College in New York. He was Director at the Medical College of Georgia. A master carpenter he enjoyed woodworking after his retirement and volunteer work at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center. Memorial services will be conducted 10:30 a.m., Friday, September 19, 2008, in the Chapel of Raymer Funeral Home with Rev. Rick Felts officiating. He leaves to cherish his memory his wife, Mary P. Specht; daughters, Samantha Wilkins and husband, Adam, of Cumming, Georgia and Amanda Springfield of Boise, Idaho; and grandchildren, Jack and Trent Wilkins. Arrangements by Raymer Funeral Home, Huntersville, N.C. Sign the guestbook at AugustaChronicle.com

# - # - #

Specht, William John Jr. [MC????]

Guestbook: http://tinyurl.com/457j95

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JObit: Cariddi, John J. [MC????]




John J. Cariddi

John J. Cariddi, 88, died Sept. 18, 2008, at his home. He was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, and he was a winter resident of Jensen Beach, coming from Mahwah, N.J. During World War II, he served in the Army Air Forces as a criminal investigator with the Provost Marshall’s Office. He retired in 1986 from the New Jersey Superior Court and the Bergen County District Court. From 1955 to 1971 he served various municipalities as prosecutor for the city of Hackensack, Borough of Little Ferry, Township of South Hackensack and Borough of Midland Park. He was appointed city attorney for the city of Hackensack in 1968. During this time he also served as secretary to the minority leader of the New Jersey Assembly. He was the past commander of VFW Post 55 in Demarest, N.J. He was a graduate of Manhattan College in Riverdale, N.Y., and received his law degree from the University of Miami, graduating in the top quarter of his class. Survivors include his wife of 62 years, Joyce Cariddi of Jensen Beach and Mahwah; sons, Robert Cariddi of Palm City and Frank Cariddi of Mahwah; and two grandchildren. Memorial contributions may be made to the Treasure Coast Hospice, 1201 S.E. Indian St., Stuart, FL 34997 or at (772) 403-4530 or at www.tchospices.org. SERVICES: Visitation will be at the Vander Plaat Funeral Home in Wyckoff, N.J. A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at St. Paul Catholic Church, and burial will be in Maryrest Cemetery, both in Mahwah. Local arrangements are by Forest Hills Funeral Homes — Palm City Chapel. A guest book may be signed at www.foresthillsfunerals.com.

Published in the TC Palm on 9/20/2008

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Cariddi, John J. [MC????]

Guestbook: Not found!

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·         Posted on: Sat, Sep 20 2008 7:04 AM



JObit: O’Brien, Br. John Martin [MC????]




Brother John Martin O’Brien

O’BRIEN, BROTHER JOHN MARTIN, FSC, 88, of the Scalabrini Nursing Home, North Kingstown, RI, died on Thursday, September 18, 2008.

Brother Martin was born in Providence, RI on March 20, 1920, son of the late John P. and Elizabeth (Davidson) O’Brien. He was the brother of the late George E. O’Brien. He leaves three brothers, William O’Brien of Natick, MA, Robert O’Brien of Johnston, RI and James O’Brien of Dover, NH. He also leaves several nieces and nephews.

Brother Martin entered the Brothers of the Christian Schools at Barrytown, NY, in 1949 and received the habit in September of that year. He pronounced his final vows in 1955 in Troy, NY.

Brother Martin received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Providence College, Providence, RI in 1949. He earned two Master’s degrees: one in Counseling from Catholic University of America, Washington, DC in 1952 and the other in Theology from Manhattan College, Bronx, NY in 1969.

Brother Martin began his teaching career in 1954 at St. Bernard’s Academy in New York. From there he taught at De La Salle Collegiate High School in Detroit, MI, and La Salle Military Academy, Oakdale, NY. From 1969-1978 he worked as the Assistant Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Norwich, CT. His other assignments were as Chairman of the Religion Department at St. Bernard’s High School, Uncasville, CT, Associate Director of the Deaconate Program in the Diocese of Brooklyn, NY, Parish Director of Religious Education at St. Joseph’s Church, Hope Valley, RI, until his retirement in 2000 at Scalabrini Brothers Residence, North Kingstown, RI.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Monday, September 22 at 10:00 AM at Our Lady of the Star Chapel, Christian Brothers Center, 635 Ocean Road, Narragansett, RI. Burial will follow in the Brothers’ Cemetery. Visiting hours will be from 1:30-4:30 on Sunday, September 21, at the Christian Brothers Center. For condolences and guestbook, averystortifuneralhome.com.

# - # - #

O’Brien, Br. John Martin [MC????]

# # # # #

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JFound: Stolze, Eric [MC1990?] interested in the growing field of neuropsychology



Eric Stolze ’86

When asked about how he became a teacher at Molloy, Eric offered up some interesting observations.

“Sometimes… you surprise yourself, is what comes to mind when I think about how I came to teaching. I don’t think you decide what your passions are. You discover them. I had such a rich experience as a student at Molloy. My teachers seemed to be larger than life. They encouraged as they challenged, but most importantly they inspired. It was evident to me right from the start that my teachers were passionate about what they were doing and I remember being aware of that. Maybe I saw it clearly because it resonated with me. About midway through junior year, I’m sitting in Joe Smith’s English class. I’m in the last seat in the last row and I’m seeing how completely engaged my classmates have become as we work our way through Macbeth. Most sixteen year old kids from Queens wouldn’t likely admit to being passionate about Shakespeare but Joe Smith got thirty six of us to absolutely love him. I realized that I had witnessed an incredibly powerful thing and recalls thinking … If I could do that, yeah… that would be amazing. You’d think that I might have decided to pursue teaching immediately but I actually got to college and felt I had to do something more important or prestigious than teaching. I decided to pursue medicine even though I didn’t feel all that excited about it.”

Eric studied biology at Manhattan College where he found that smaller schools can have huge advantages like individual attention from faculty mentors and opportunities for research. As an undergraduate Eric traveled to Tucson each summer as part of a team doing research for the National Park Service and the Department of Energy. He published original papers as a junior and presented his work, winning awards at national meetings which help gain admission to Sigma Xi, the honor society for research scientists. As graduation loomed, Eric still had some soul searching to do. Not sure whether to choose medicine or research or both, he spent the next couple of years working as a research assistant first at Albert Einstein College of Medicine then at Sloan Kettering and finally at Cornell Medical College. Taking courses at Einstein, and then Cornell motivated him to stay in research even though it wasn’t as fulfilling as he had hoped.

His vacation time was spent returning to his “beloved Esopus” to help out as a counselor or act as “Kitchen Commandant” at Special Kids, Adult, or Camp Hope. It was there that he would make the decision to listen to what his heart was telling him to do. During special children’s’ camp he found out that a science teacher at Bishop Ford had resigned three weeks before the start of the term. He took the train home that night and the following day was hired as a biology teacher having just enough time to give sufficient notice at Cornell.

“To be honest I think I knew I should be doing this (teaching) when I was sixteen. I’ve got no regrets though. If I hadn’t explored those other avenues I don’t think I’d be so certain. That this is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Eric spent two years at Ford teaching science and coaching baseball but he always kept the connections to Molloy and was asked to fill a spot vacated by the late great John Gibbons when he retired in 2000. Eric pulls double duty teaching chemistry and biology courses including AP Biology. He works with the Chris Dougherty in the SMILE program and can be found on any junior retreat or senior encounter. He also coached the field team for four successful years. It hurt him to give up the team but when Melissa, his girlfriend, was accepted to medical school in Albany, he knew it was a “no brainer.” The couple happily endured traffic on the New York State Thruway for the next four years. It turned out to be the right choice. They were married on May 3, 2008 and are living happily in the Bronx since July. Stolze is presently pursuing his graduate studies in biology at CUNY, Lehman College. He interested in the growing field of neuropsychology and is always excited to bring what he learns back to his students at Molloy.

# - # - #

Stolze, Eric [MC1990?]

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JOY: Marano, Sandra (MC2005) engaged!


Engaged: Sandra Marano, Robert Smith Jr.

Article Last Updated: 09/20/2008 02:19:23 AM EDT

*** begin quote ***

Carlo and Christine Marano of Lakecrest Drive, Danbury, announce the engagement of their daughter, Sandra Anne Marano, to Robert Smith Jr., son of Robert and Maryellen Smith of South King Street, Danbury.

The future bride graduated from Danbury High School and from Manhattan College in Riverdale, N.Y., with a B.A in communications. She is an analyst at the Nielson Co. in Wilton.

The future bridegroom graduated from Danbury High School and from Western Connecticut State University with a B.S. in business management. He is employed by Boehringer Ingelheim in Southbury.

An October 2009 wedding is planned.

*** end quote ***

Marano, Sandra (MC2005)

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ENDNOTE: Sad commentary on what morality has come to.

[JR: I don't quote, or cite stories from the Quadrangle ever since one of the past editors went "lawyer" on me about their content. Guess he was "pre-Law" and never heard of "fair use". (Not much he can do about the spam sucking sites vacuuming his content! in such a way that the spam site scores higher than the Quad site in Gooogle. GUess there is a 'cosmic justice' lol) but that doesn't mean I don't, as an alumni, read it. Here's a thought provoking excerpt from Google.]

*** begin quote ***

MC’s Virgins

Manhattan College Quadrangle (subscription) - Riverdale New York,NY,USA

In his last year as President of Manhattan College, Brother Thomas Scanlan looks to leave another mark on the school: a student-run club for virgins or a …

See all stories on this topic

*** end quote ***

Wow, the leader of a Catholic college can only hope and pray for the chastity of his students. Guess “secular progressivism” has won across the land. Have to imagine that these old “children” are the product of Catholic families sending them to 12 years of Catholic school. Another guess, it was all wasted.

Not that I’m any great saint.

Not picking on anyone in particular. Many of the “baby jaspers”, errr I mean Future Jasper Alumni, I befriend on the social media openly list their religious affiliation as anything but “Catholic”.

I believe Albert Einstein said: “Insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Pro-abortion Catholic politicians, non-virgin Catholic COllege students, pedophile priests.

Hmmm, some one has to take something back to the metaphorical “drawing board”.



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"Bon courage a vous tous"