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Friday, June 6; Saturday, June 7; and Sunday, June 8 

Th Jul. 24 '03 - MC Young Alumni Happy Hour
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Girl forgets words to National Anthem
Watch video

Updated: 04-28-2003 05:17:04 PM

=== <begin quote> ===

PORTLAND, OREGON --A case of nerves got the better of a young singer over the weekend.

She was given the honor of leading everyone in the national anthem, without music, at an NBA basketball playoff game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Portland Trail Blazers.

She began.  She sang, strong and clear.

But she couldn't clear the ramparts.

"What so proudly we hailed, at the star light's--star light's?"  She stopped. She laughed. She grimaced. She clunked her microphone and the back of  her hand into her forehead in frustration.

The crowd cheered her on, then got quiet.

Still, she couldn't remember the words. She looked around in panic.

"Starlight's last?" she said, hopefully.

Seconds pass.

The TV camera takes a wide shot of the crowd.

Thousands in the arena and millions watching at home wait to see what will happen next. 

One man, sizing up the situation, knew what he had to do to rescue her.

He strode from the sidelines to stand next to the girl.  She looked up at him and said, "I'm sorry, I can't--."

He put a hand on her shoulder, shrugged and said to her, "It's all right."

And then, with a voice that was not exactly in tune, Maurice Cheeks, the head coach of the Portland Trailblazers basketball team, melodically piloted the soloist into a duet, accompanying her all the way to "the home, of the, braaaaave!", where surging applause overcame their voices.

The grateful girl grinned up at the coach, sheepishly shrugged her shoulders, and said "Thank you!” as the coach gave her a hug.

After the game, Cheeks said, "I wish I could help some of my players like that."

Think you know the words to "The Star Spangled Banner"?  Check your memory, and read the song's four verses, at this link:

=== <end quote> ===

What a class act! Wish that I was always so sensitive to people who need a hand. I guess I just have to look a little harder.

Reflect well on our alma mater, this week, every week, in any and every way possible, large or small. God bless.

"Collector-in-chief" John





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Long Island Business News (Long Island, NY)
April 25, 2003 Friday
HEADLINE: Long Island Legal Briefs April 25, 2003
BYLINE: Rosamaria Mancini

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Scully Scott adds attorney

Richard Danyko, a chemical engineer, has joined the intellectual property law firm of Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser.

Danyko will assist in patent prosecution, intellectual property audits and infringement and validity opinions for a variety of U.S. and international Scully Scott clients, particularly in the areas of polymer, organic and inorganic chemistry.

Paul Esatto, senior partner at Scully Scott, said Danyko's training and experience in a variety of chemical engineering disciplines would enhance the firm's intellectual property practice.

"Adding Richard's skills to our already deep team of technology experts will help us to meet the expanding demand for our legal services and to achieve our goal of growing the firm," Esatto said.

Prior to joining Scully Scott, Danyko, who earned a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Manhattan College and a juris doctorate from Fordham University School of Law, was an attorney at Dreier & Baritz in New York City.

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Robotic Autonomy

Issa A. D. Nesnas (1991)




W. Ray Raleigh 
9200 Watson Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri
Born 1915; Admitted 1942; University of Missouri, ; Manhattan College, LL.B..






B. S. Chemical Engineering, 1975 - Manhattan College

M. S. Chemical Engineering, 1976 - Manhattan College


PROCESS DESIGN EXPERIENCE: design of process equipment for phenol and acetone production and purification, ammonia and fertilizer plant processes, coal tar refining, caprolactam plant processes, design of distillation columns and selection of internals for entire range of chemical process industries, recovery of organics from aqueous streams via solvent extraction and steam stripping, azeotropic and extractive distillation, etc.

Design of unit operations which include:

- Distillation and Extraction Columns

- Vacuum Systems

- Heat Exchangers: reboilers, condensers, interchangers

- Fluid flow, pumping and gravity systems

- Decanters

- Instrumentation and Control Strategy


Process Engineer - Allied Chemical Corp., Phenol Mfg. Plant (1976-1980)

Senior Process Engineer - Allied Chemical Corp. Corporate Engr’g. (1980-1983)

Fractionation Equipment Engineer - Glitsch, Inc., Northeast Region (1983-1985)

Contract Department Manager - Glitsch Package Plants Division (1985-1990)

Operations Manager - Glitsch Technology Corp. (1991-1993)


International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering


Generating Your Own VLE Data, Chemical Engineering, March 1995

Novel Column Internals Boost Stripping Efficiency, Chemical Engineering, Jan. 1994

Recovery of Pyridine Save $1.5 Million Per Year, Pharmaceutical Engineering, July /August 1993




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From: Dennis Quirk
Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2003 9:01 PM
Subject: MC alum birth announcement

Hi John.

Just wanted to share the good news that that my wife Laura and I are the proud parents of Patrick Francis Quirk born April 16, 2003.  If interested, pictures can be seen at the following link:

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,
Dennis Quirk   ('93 BS)



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Copyright 2003 News & Record (Greensboro, NC) 
News & Record (Greensboro, NC)
April 23, 2003 Wednesday ALL EDITIONS

John Patrick McNamara

Mr. John Patrick McNamara, 71, of 102 Homewood Ave., died on Good Friday, April 18, 2003, at his residence.

A Mass of Christian burial will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church. Interment will be private.

John Patrick McNamara was born in Bronx, N.Y., on Aug. 12, 1931, to the late Patrick and Catherine OSullivan McNamara. He was a graduate of All Hallows High School and Manhattan College. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He retired after 39 years from AT&T as an electrical engineer. John started his career with the New York Telephone Company in Bronx, N.Y. During his career he worked throughout New York City and Long Island. He worked with American Bell International in Tehran, Iran; he relocated to Greensboro in 1981.

Survivors include his wife of 50 years, Marilyn McNamara of the home; four children, Cathryn McNamara of Greensboro, Richard McNamara and wife, Nanette of Long Island, N.Y., John McNamara of Alexandria, Va. and Christopher McNamara and wife, Susan of Bradford, Mass.; and four grandchildren, Riley, Kelly, Anne and Lynne McNamara. He will also be missed by numerous nieces, nephews, godchildren, extended family and friends.

In addition to his parents, Mr. McNamara was preceded in death by two sisters, Margaret Maroon and Mary Catherine McNamara; and a brother, Daniel McNamara.

Memorials may be made to the American Heart Association, or to Hospice at Greensboro, 2500 Summit Ave., Greensboro, N.C. 27405.

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Sheila McKenna
Copyright 2003, Newsday. All Rights Reserved.


Director of educational services for the New York Junior Tennis

League, which has its headquarters in Long Island City (


Native of Harlem; graduated from Manhattan College and earned a master's degree in social work from New York University; prior positions include executive director of the Grand Street Settlement House and executive director of Black Agency Executives; joined NYJTL 13 years ago as a tennis teacher; married, three daughters, lives on the Upper West Side.


"Right now I'm spreading the word about our Arthur Ashe Essay Contest, which is sponsored by the United States Tennis Association. Winners will be chosen both locally and nationally and the essays will be based on why Arthur Ashe is a sports legend."


"The league has access to a large number of kids who come in for tennis lessons, and they're free. But because the league tends to attract kids who come year after year, the people in the league begin to know the kids and to get a sense as to what some of the needs are, and are able to reach out to those kids and work with them and their families to get into the best high schools that are possible or to find scholarships if possible."


"The league has a number of programs, and we work very closely with advanced junior players - those are kids who are very competitive and very good  at tennis - as well as 60-odd recreational sites through the spring and summer. Our aim at this point is to bring the programs of the educational services to as many kids as we can."

Newsday Photo / Alejandra Villa- John Odom




Copyright 2003 Times Publishing Company 
St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
April 29, 2003 Tuesday
HEADLINE: Like father, like family


Think of the hard-charging, street-smart prosecutor in a courtroom TV drama.

That's Mike Halkitis.

It's the way he refers to the accused, dozens of times every trial, as "this duh-fen-DANT," punctuating his thick Long Island accent with a stiff-armed jab of his finger. It's the way he ends his breathless questioning by strutting past the defense table and announcing, with a smile of satisfaction, "Your witness." It's his flair for the dramatic, a style that is at times brash and arrogant, at times side-splittingly funny, and always fast-talking and fast-thinking.

It's all this that has earned him legendary status in west Pasco.

Mike Halkitis is the quintessential bulldog prosecutor. His success can be measured by his nearly flawless conviction rate, by the killers he has sent to death row or to prison for life. At the same time, his power and success have fostered a public image - perhaps exaggerated - of an intimidating, unapproachable and unsympathetic man, a New York-style prosecutor with a singular focus: win at all costs.

But spend some time with the 51-year-old Halkitis at home, with his wife and four kids, and you see another side.

At home, he is Halkitis the husband. Halkitis the father. Halkitis the family man.

He and his wife, Dolores, have four children: Mike Jr., Katie, Chris and Megan. You may have heard of them.

Mike Jr., 22, was an all-conference quarterback at Ridgewood High School who has gone on to play football at Davidson College in North Carolina. Katie, 21, now a junior at the University of Tampa, still holds the county record in the pole vault. Chris, 18, a senior at Ridgewood, is an all-state basketball player. And Megan, 16, a Ridgewood junior, is a three-sport athlete and an all-conference volleyball player.

What's more, all four Halkitis children have had equal success off the playing field, each ranking near the top of their class at Ridgewood. Chris, the basketball star, is the co-salutatorian at Ridgewood this year.

In recent years, the Halkitis children have appeared in the pages of the Pasco Times more often than their father.

"They're what you want to claim as your own," Ridgewood principal Art O'Donnell said of the Halkitis children. "What a great family."

And so the Halkitis legend grows, stretching now beyond the quirks and feats of a scrappy prosecutor.

Now, the name Halkitis stands for a family of superachievers.


The other side of Mike Halkitis was on display on a recent night at the family's home in Golden Acres. The whole family was there, and Halkitis the Dad faded into the background.

In court, nobody talks over Halkitis. At home, it seems everybody does.

Halkitis tried to talk about his child-rearing philosophy. "Nobody here is that gifted or talented, we just work . . .."

Katie broke in and finished the thought: "We put our minds to something and we focus."

"We do the most with what we have," Mike Jr. added.

Halkitis, uncharacteristically, just stood there, content in his silence. He leaned against a huge display cabinet crowded with nothing but framed photographs: of his kids in athletic uniforms, in prom dresses and tuxedos. His smile said it all: pride.

It had been a busy day at work. Tomorrow would be no different. But work has no place here.

"Out of sight, out of mind," he said. "I don't take the job home."


What makes the Halkitis family tick? The kids say it's their parents.

"They do everything 100 percent," said Mike Jr. "They're gonna do whatever it takes to get the job done. They have great ethics. They're the hardest working people I know."

To understand the evolution of the family, you have to go back to the 1960s, to Selden, N.Y., on Long Island. It was there, at Newfield High School, that Mike and Dolores met. They were high school sweethearts. They also were star athletes.

Mike went to the University of Tennessee on a football scholarship, hoping to get some playing time as a defensive back. He left after his freshman year. It wasn't just the lack of playing time. He felt out of place in Knoxville, and he missed Dolores, who starred on the volleyball team at Marymount College just outside New York.

Mike finished out his undergraduate years at Manhattan College.

They married while Mike was a law student at St. John's University in New York. Dolores, who took a job as a teacher after college, put Mike through his last year of law school.

They lived in New York for four years, while Mike worked first as a corporate lawyer and then as a prosecutor. But the commuting took up too much time, and New York, Mike and Dolores agreed, was not where they wanted to raise a family.

In 1981 Mike took a job as a prosecutor in Pasco County. Within a year he was running the west Pasco division of the State Attorney's Office, the job he still holds today.

Dolores, meanwhile, became a stay-at-home mom. She read to the kids, and made sure the family ate dinner together every night.

As the kids grew older, Mike and Dolores stressed athletics, school and music. Every child had to play an instrument.

The goal, they said, was to encourage the children to be well-rounded.

"We didn't care what they did, as long as they did something," said Dolores, 51. "We just wanted them to enjoy themselves."

And the parents were along for the ride.

When the kids were younger, Saturday mornings always began with a ritual. Mike would wake the family up by blasting the college fight songs of Michigan and Notre Dame throughout the house.

Mike and Dolores even coached the kids' little league teams.

The Halkitis children, in turn, inherited their parents' enthusiasm for competition, their parents' drive to excel, to never give up.

Mike Jr. epitomizes the qualities of all the Halkitis offspring.

As a quarterback at Ridgewood, he endured one winless season after another. Not a big kid, he got pummeled every game. But he always got back up, called another play, lined up again behind center. He made all-conference.

His reputation for toughness grew at Davidson. On the day before freshman classes began, he fielded a punt in practice and was clobbered by three players. The hit shattered his thighbone. Doctors feared he'd walk with a limp for the rest of his life.

The past two years, he has played wide receiver at Davidson. Next year: law school.

The other three kids are equally determined, said Gary Anders, the boys' basketball coach at Ridgewood and the school's former athletic director.

"People can really learn a lot from these kids," Anders said. "They are dedicated. They are very focused. They are not easily distracted from their goals.

"They are," Anders said, "role models."


Given his legal ability and charisma, Mike Sr. could have made a lot more money in private practice.

Being a government lawyer doesn't offer great pay, but it has benefits.

Halkitis doesn't travel much, and aside from the occasional murder trial, he controls his schedule.

"I think that's part of the reason I've never left," he said. "I like to be home. I don't like to leave my family."

Plus, he said, "I really like the job. I like prosecuting."

Most days he's home a little after 5 p.m. - in time for family dinner, and sometimes, grocery shopping.

Nights, for the past decade, have been filled with games and practices, often requiring Mike and Dolores to split up. At least one Halkitis parent is in the stands for every game.

Mike is a calm fan. And Dolores?

She's all over the referees.

Said Anders, the Ridgewood basketball coach: "Mrs. Halkitis can be a bulldog in the stands. Of course, that's only hearsay. But I don't think there's ever been a bad call that Dolores has missed."

With money tight - and private college tuitions to pay - Dolores and Mike live modestly. Dolores is back at work, teaching reading at Schrader Elementary.

Up until a few months ago, Mike drove an old Pontiac Grand Am with missing hubcaps. Now he drives a used Toyota Corolla. His clothes, well, let's just say they aren't designer.

The family has a nice house, but the yard is mostly weeds.

Considering what this family has achieved, who's going to fuss about a little crabgrass?

"I don't raise grass," Mike said. "I raise kids."

- Cary Davis covers courts in west Pasco County. He can be reached in west Pasco at 869-6236, or toll-free at 1-800-333-7505, ext. 6236. His e-mail address is

At home, bulldog prosecutor Mike Halkitis, far left, is proud and happy to yield center stage to other members of the Halkitis clan of superachievers. They are, from left, Mike Jr., wife Dolores, Megan, Chris and Katie. The children have earned sports distinctions and reputations as role models.

When prominent prosecutor Mike Halkitis calls it a day, he goes home only to meet his match. A fiery spirit to compete and to succeed is a family trait.

GRAPHIC: PHOTO, JOSEPH GARNETT JR.; Mike Halkitis and his wife Dolores, spend time with their children: Mike Jr., Megan, Chris and Katie.

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Copyright 2003 Daily News, L.P. 
Daily News (New York)
April 28, 2003, Monday SPORTS FINAL EDITION

IRISH POET GERARD DAWE, the Bronx - Dawe will read from his work at 7 p.m. in the Alumni Room, O'Malley Library, on the Manhattan College Campus, W. 242nd St. near Broadway. Admission is free. Information: (718) 862-7498.

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FROM THE COLLEGE’S WEB SITE: Your resume can be sent to employers who contact our office seeking to fill positions.  For more information contact the Recruitment Coordinator at (718) 862-7965 or Email to

Actual jobs at MC are at: 

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FROM THE COLLEGE’S WEB SITE: [which is no longer at the College, but at a third party. Web bugs are on the pages. (That’s the benefit of being a security weenie!) So, it’s reader beware. Your browser can tell people “stuff” about you, like your email address, leading to SPAM. Forewarned is forearmed.]


The only reason for putting this here is to give us a chance to attend one of these games and support "our" team.

Date Day Sport Opponent Location Time/Result
5/4/03 Sunday Track & Field   MAAC Outdoor Championships   Lawrenceville, NJ   TBA 
5/4/03 Sunday Baseball   Niagara*   Niagara University, NY   12:00 PM
5/4/03 Sunday Softball   Iona*   New Rochelle, NY   12:00 PM
5/6/03 Tuesday Baseball   Albany   HOME   3:30 PM
5/9/03 Friday Softball   MAAC Tournament   Stratford, CT   TBA 
5/10/03 Saturday Softball   MAAC Tournament   Stratford, CT   TBA 
5/10/03 Saturday Track & Field   Princeton Invitational   Princeton, NJ   TBA 
5/10/03 Saturday Baseball   Rider* (DH)   HOME   12:00 PM
5/11/03 Sunday Baseball   Rider*   HOME   12:00 PM
5/16/03 Friday Track & Field   IC4A/ECAC Outdoor Championships   Princeton, NJ   TBA 
5/16/03 Friday Baseball   Fairfield* (DH)   Fairfield, CT   12:00 PM
5/17/03 Saturday Track & Field   IC4A/ECAC Outdoor Championships   Princeton, NJ   TBA 
5/17/03 Saturday Baseball   Fairfield*   Fairfield, CT   12:00 PM
5/18/03 Sunday Track & Field   IC4A/ECAC Outdoor Championships   Princeton, NJ   TBA 
5/22/03 Thursday Baseball   MAAC Tournament   Dutchess County Stadium   TBA 
5/23/03 Friday Baseball   MAAC Tournament   Dutchess County Stadium   TBA 
5/24/03 Saturday Baseball   MAAC Tournament   Dutchess County Stadium   TBA 
5/25/03 Sunday Baseball   MAAC Tournament   Dutchess County Stadium   TBA 
5/28/03 Wednesday Baseball   NCAA Regionals   TBA   TBA 
5/29/03 Thursday Baseball   NCAA Regionals   TBA   TBA 
5/29/03 Thursday Track & Field   NCAA Regional   Fairfax, VA   TBA 
5/30/03 Friday Track & Field   NCAA Regional   Fairfax, VA   TBA 
5/30/03 Friday Baseball   NCAA Regionals   TBA   TBA 
5/31/03 Saturday Baseball   NCAA Regionals   TBA   TBA 
5/31/03 Saturday Track & Field   NCAA Regional   Fairfax, VA   TBA 


[College Sports]

Copyright 2003 Daily News, L.P. 
Daily News (New York)
April 28, 2003, Monday SPORTS FINAL EDITION

It's not like Staten Island did not have a history of top girls basketball teams. St. Peter's has been a powerhouse and St. John Villa is a two-time champion. But it seemed to take a surprising run by Curtis to the PSAL A title game to make it official:

<extraneous deleted>

MELISSA KRAFT  (St. Joseph Hill Academy):  (A senior point guard, Kraft was responsible for getting Hill back into the playoffs this season. She averaged 19.6 points and finished her career with 1,863 points. Manhattan College and Georgetown are among the schools recruiting her.

<extraneous deleted>

GRAPHIC: DENNIS CLARK DAILY NEWS St. John Villa's Christie Marrone

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Copyright 2003 The Journal News (Westchester County, NY)
All Rights Reserved 
The Journal News (Westchester County, NY)
April 24, 2003 Thursday
BYLINE: Michael DiPiazza, Freelance OK

Salute sparks Salesian

Superstitious senior looks to improve on last year's .454 mark

By Michael DiPiazza

Before each game, Salesian's Jason Salute gathers himself in his low batting stance, his hands just behind his right ear, in the batter's box and swings through an imaginary pitch from a pretend pitcher, caught by an invisible catcher. No matter what, it's always a strike.

This unique pregame ritual is just a portion of the many routines the right fielder must partake in.

"If I don't do it, it's bad luck," he said.

Salute does not button his shirt like everyone else, and he has a specific way of putting on his cleats, beginning with his right foot.

And no matter how bad the economy gets, Salute will always have $2 in his back pocket.

"I was 8 and I had two dollars in my pocket, actually to buy a hot dog after the game," he said, who had two hits that day. "I've had it in there ever since."

Salute has not gotten two hits in every game since then, but he certainly has been productive.

After hitting .454 last season, he broke out of his early-season slump in Salesian's 11-2 victory over visiting St. Agnes on a cold, blustery day last Thursday, April 17.

Going 3 for 3, Salute tripled to lead off the second inning, scored twice and drove in a pair.

"It felt good to finally start swinging the bat well and seeing the ball better," said the right-handed hitting Salute, who spent extra time in the batting cages. "My swing was a little better today. Keeping my shoulder in and driving the ball the other way."

Of his three hits, two were to right field and the other was a line drive up the middle that scored two runs.

"When he starts hitting, the wheels just click," pitcher Tom Cannella said of Salute.

Last spring, Salute batted cleanup, but this year he is batting in the five spot, with catcher Eric Johnson fourth and third baseman Anthony Susi protecting him in the No. 6 spot.

So far, in the early season, it has been the bottom of the order that has carried the Eagles, but coach Steve Macias is confident the middle of the order will break out of its slump.

"If he (Salute) can get going," Macias said, "the rest will follow. Jason is a leader and a lot of the kids look up to him."

Only days before his three-hit performance, Salute decided on Manhattan College in Riverdale, where he plans to study mechanical engineering. When asked if baseball was part of his future, the Bronx native was hopeful.

"I'm in contact with the coach," he said. "We're going to go see a game."

No matter how many superstitions Salute must go through in the course of a day to ensure his best performance, he will always have his teammates looking to him for the big hit.

A leader both on and off the field with his work ethic and outgoing personality, his teammates look to him when in need.

"If you're down, just look at him and you can get back up," Cannella said.

LOAD-DATE: April 25, 2003 

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Copyright 2003 Union Leader Corp. 
The Union Leader (Manchester NH)
April 23, 2003 Wednesday STATE EDITION
HEADLINE: America East is adding University of Maryland, B.C.
BYLINE: Staff and Wire Report

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County will join the America East Conference in all the school's sports beginning in the 2003-04 school year, conference officials announced yesterday.

The addition brings the conference's total membership to 10 institutions.

"The institution is a natural fit for the conference with an academic and athletics mission similar to our current members," commissioner Chris Monasch said in a statement. "The mid-Atlantic location of UMBC, combined with our present membership in New York and New England, positions America East as a significant mid-major conference in this part of the country."

UMBC, which has an undergraduate enrollment of roughly 9,500, has won the Northeast Conference's Commissioner's Cup as the top overall athletics program for four straight years. It fields teams in each of the 21 of American East-sponsored sports but golf.

The UMBC basketball team is coached by Tom Sullivan who guided the fortunes of Division II's New Hampshire College, now Southern New Hampshire University, from 1976-1985. In nine seasons, he compiled a record of 152-99 (.606). He was named New England Coach of the Year in 1979-80 and 1980-81, when NHC went 22-8 and 23-7, respectively, and won two consecutive NCAA New England Championships.

Sullivan was also the director of athletics at New Hampshire College. He served as head coach at Manhattan College for the 1985-86 campaign, before rejoining P.J. Carlesimo at Seton Hall.

The expansion is the first for the America East since Binghamton joined in April 2001.

The other conference members include Boston University; Hartford; Maine; Albany, N.Y; New Hampshire; Northeastern; Stony Brook and Vermont.

LOAD-DATE: April 24, 2003 

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Mineola Grad Stars for Manhattan College

Sophomore Jamie Carter of Williston Park, a 2001 graduate of Mineola High School, led Manhattan with two goals and two assists to help lift the women's lacrosse team to a 13-2 win over Canisius College as Manhattan kicked off its Metro Atlantic Conference season.

Carter scored the second goal of the game at the 23:37 mark and scored again at the 7:65 mark of the first. She returned in the second half to add two assists.

As a freshman, Carter started 13 of 16 games and ranked 22nd on the NCAA Caused Turnover Standings with 2.25 CT per games. She also succeeds in her studies as a communication major with a minor in fine arts, she is a dean's list student.

At Mineola High School, Carter was named to the New York State National Team for lacrosse, was named as All-County Honorable Mention. She was also a member of the 2000 High School Conference Championship Team.

Jamie is the daughter of Richard and Barbara Carter and has three siblings named Erin, Richie and Kaithyn.

= = = =



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EDISON, NJ (MAY 2, 2003) – The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference office announced that twenty-two members of the Manhattan College men's and women's outdoor track & field teams were named to the 2003 New York Lottery Academic Honor Roll....



RIVERDALE, NY (May 2, 2003) – Head women's basketball coach Sal Buscaglia announced today that he is stepping down from his position at Manhattan College to assume the head coaching duties at Robert Morris University....



EDISON, NJ (May 2, 2003) – Manhattan College's midfielder Mary Dudek (Pearl River, NY) was named to the 2003 All Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference First Team announced yesterday by conference officials. Junior Nora Jacquette (Ambler, PA) and sophomores Jamie Carter (Winston Park, NY) and Israpon Pananon (Burtonsville, MD) were named to the MAAC All-Academic Team....



EDISON, NJ (MAY 2, 2003) – Justin Otto (Merrick, NY), Anthony Antonelli (New Hyde Park, NY) and Nick Silva (Chesterfield, MO) earned Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference honors, conference officials announced on Thursday. Otto was named to the First Team All-MAAC....



EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ (April 30, 2003) – Junior guard Luis Flores (New York, NY) was selected as the 2003 winner of the NIT/Met Basketball Writers Association Haggerty Award, given to the area's best college player for the 2002-03 season, as announced at the 70th Annual NIT/MBWA Awards Dinner held this evening at the Meadowlands Racetrack. In addition, fourth-year head coach Bobby Gonzalez was tabbed to MBWA Men's Coach of the Year. Also of note, junior forward Dave Holmes (Washington, DC) was named to the All-Met Second Team and senior forward Jared Johnson (Bronx, NY) was selected to the All-Met Third Team....





From: Robert Carroll '68
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 3:20 PM
Subject: Re: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 22 April 2003

John, this looks like something I'd be interested in reading.




From: John B. (1966) Callaghan
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 9:36 PM
Subject: Re: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 17 April 2003

Hello John,

I would like to be included but I was unable to open your attachment. John Callaghan



Hi John:

There is no "attachment". That's how AOL does it "sometimes". I'm not an AOL-er so I can't tell you to much. You can read the invitation at:

And, you can read the issues at:

There must be a switch or option that you can "flip". Perhaps AOL support can tell you, and you can tell me, so I can include it in the instructions.

From a technical point of view. The message is a plain ASCII text file. It's not zipped or attached. It's just the message text.

More than that I can't tell you.





From: Joseph J. (1968) Catalano
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2003 12:36 AM
Subject: Re: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 23 April 2003

Thanks for the email, but only part came through. Would be happy to read the whole message. Thanks.  As I have said, no one can say the Jaspers weren't the number 2 team in the NCAA's.  Thanks, Joe Catalano




From: Donald Kahn
Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2003 5:25 PM
Subject: Re: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 27 April 2003


In this issue, you posted an e-mail (#07) from Geza Bottlik.  Geza and I were fraternity brothers (Alpha Phi Omega) in 1959 and '60 and I haven't heard anything about him since he graduated in 1960.  Can I get his e-mail address or can you get my e-mail address to him?  Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

Don Kahn
Class of '61 (BCE)


Don: I have bcc-ed him on the message. Hopefully he'll respond. John


From: Donald Kahn  
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 1:58 PM
Subject: Re: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 27 April 2003


Geza got back to me.

Thanks for helping to link us up.




From: Robert E. (1956) LaBlanc
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 2:55 PM
Subject: Fwd: Jasper Jottings


See attached.  I thought Tom Hickey was still interested in Jasper Jottings.

Put him back.



From: Thomas J. Hickey (1957)
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 2:45 PM
To: Robert E. (1956) LaBlanc
Subject: RE: Jasper Jottings

No.  But, come to think of it I haven’t gotten any Jottings in a while.  This happened once before (about a year ago) and you got me restored.



From: John Reinke
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 4:01 PM
To: Robert E. (1956) LaBlanc
Cc: Thomas J. Hickey (1957)
Subject: RE: Jasper Jottings

Bob: I put him back with this address. He must have switched ISPs. John

From: Thomas J. Hickey
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 4:20 PM
Subject: RE: Jasper Jottings

Thank you.




From: George S. (1965) Wallace Jr.
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 3:11 PM
Subject: correct address

Mine is fine. [<privacy invoked> ]. Thanks, George Wallace 65 Arts




From: Jim 1968 Malone
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 8:25 PM
Subject: Re: Try#2: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 27 April 2003


Please change my e-mail address from <privacy invoked> to <privacy invoked>.


Jim Malone




From: Dennis J Chin (1973)
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 2:10 AM
Subject: RE: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 29 April 2003

John, please sign me up using my Manhattan email address <privacy invoked>. 

I think what you are doing is a great idea! Some of the best times I can remember go back to my days at Manhattan (at that time it was all men and Mount St Vincent was just up the street!). When St Patrick's Day rolled around my honorary name was Dennis O'Chin, sharing pitchers of beer at the Terminal Bar (the bar near the subway stairs). I will always remember the "Greenleaf" and the "Terminal" Bars where I occasionally had lunch; but given the fact that I was studying Engineering I did not always get that far north all the time. My understanding is that those relic drinking establishment are now gone!

I remember those days like it was yesterday; but my body tells me it was a long time ago!!

John, please drop me a quick line confirming my addition to your newsletter. Thanks.

Sincerely from another Jasper,
Dennis Chin


To: 'Dennis J Chin (1973)
From: john reinke
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 7:44 AM
Subject: RE: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 29 April 2003

Dennis: I have added you to the list. I too spent too much time at the various "institutions" of higher learning around the campus. There was the dive across from the 238 Street el stop that caught a lot of my business. Up until I started to work full time while going to school. That job probably ensured I graduated. It was the best times of my life, although I didn't realize it at the time. And yes, it was a long time ago. Enjoy the ezine. John


From: Dennis J Chin (1973)
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 11:06 AM
Subject: RE: Hello from a 1968 Jasper on 29 April 2003

John, I know that "dive" you are referring to, I think I was in there once!

You take care now and have a good day.



[JR: Found another Jasper Irishman engineer! Now if he was just class of '68, it would have been perfect! ]





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The Conservative e-Journal of Record
* Veritas Vos Liberabit *
25 April 2003
Federalist No. 03-17
Friday Digest
Link to --

=== <begin quote> ===

Citizens Against Government Waste has been riffling through the pages of the $78.5-billion War Supplemental Appropriations bill passed out of Congress -- finding a total $348-million in 29 late additions that nobody could with a straight face claim as war related.  A sampler of CAGW's objectionable pork larding up the bill: $110-million for the National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa; $5-million for state and tribal wildlife grants; $3.3-million for something called "the European Communities music listening dispute"; $513,000 for wastewater improvements in Princeton, West Virginia; and $437,000 for the sanitary board of Huntington, West Virginia.  "Wastewater" sounds about right for describing all the added bucks spent here....

=== <end quote> ===

Any question that government is not our "friend"!


And that’s the last word.