Sunday 10 March 2002

Dear Jaspers,

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Don't forget: … … 

Monday, April 08 - Dennis Moroney Memorial Golf Outing & Dinner
            RSVP by Mar 1 c/o who will forward to the Cavanaughs

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Here comes the news after this comment.

How Do We Produce Heroes?
David C. Stolinsky
Friday, March 8, 2002

“Rick Rescorla was a hero. He was a hero in Vietnam; his photo graces the cover of "We Were Soldiers Once, and Young." He was a hero in 1993, when as security chief of Morgan Stanley, he led his people to safety during the first Twin Towers attack. He died a hero on Sept. 11, when he led all but 15 of his 3,700 people to safety, then was last seen re-entering the building to be sure there were no more to be saved. I believe men like that are born, not made – they are divine gifts, if you will. But what about the hundreds of New York City firefighters and police who ran into the buildings everyone else was running out of? Surely they were not all born heroes.”

There’s an ad running about courage showing a New York fireman with the saying something like “COURAGE: When everyone else was running out; he was running in.”

I hope we all can match that courage when the opportunities present themselves. Sometimes the “heroic” opportunities come disguised as every day mundane small challenges. The values we learned at Manhattan should come into play. I remember hearing the old saw that “honesty is doing the right thing when no one is watching”.

Reflect well on our alma mater, this week, every week, in any and every way possible, large or small. God bless.

"Collector-in-chief" John



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Cain, Marguerite Connolly



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Gorman, John



Ledrick, Maura Walsh



Lutz, Peter



McEneney, Michael F.



Mulderry, Daniel P.



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From: Manhattan College Alumni Relations []
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 9:55 AM
Subject: RSVP by April 1. - newly formed NYC Club of Manhattan College Alumni Society

The premier event of the newly formed NYC Club of Manhattan College Alumni Society will be held on Thursday, April 11th at 5:30 pm at the Mutual of America reception center located at 320 Park Avenue.

- The guest speaker will be Joseph A. Ripp ’73, Executive Vice President and CFO of AOL Time Warner.  The program includes Q&A followed by a networking reception.

- Come and enjoy an evening of networking, socializing and rekindling ties to Manhattan College.

- To register for this limited seating event (@ $25 per person), please fax of e-mail your visa or MasterCard # with expiration date to: Alumni Relations fax (718) 862-8013 or

RSVP by April 1, 2002

We look forward to seeing you at this premier event.

[JR: I would NOT email my credit card number; I faxed it in. But, you can do what you want. I’m planning to be there!]





this is the home page of dave bernsley.  i am a 6 foot 8 loser.  I played basketball for Manhattan College.  I only call this kid Brendon when I need his help.





Daniel P. Mulderry, Associate

Mr. Mulderry, who joined Paul Capital Partners in 2000, has responsibility for investment due diligence, transaction documentation and closing of transactions. Prior to joining Paul Capital Partners, Mr. Mulderry spent four years in the Mergers & Acquisitions group of SG Cowen Securities Corporation focused on negotiating and structuring transactions for clients in the Healthcare, Technology and Telecommunications industries. Previously, Mr. Mulderry was the Director of Investor Relations for Tosco Corporation, an independent oil refiner and marketer and Fortune 500 company headquartered in Stamford, CT. He received an MBA from the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia and holds a BS in Mathematics and Economics from Manhattan College.



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From: Marguerite Cain
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 9:07 PM
Subject: News from an Alumna

Dear John,

Please add this info to Jasper Jottings:

Born to Marguerite (Connolly) Cain, BA '84 and her husband Dave: a baby girl, Tara Margaret, on August 5, 2001.  She's adorable, and has just cut her second tooth!

Thanks very much,
Marguerite Connolly Cain
BA English/Art History '84

[JR: Added as requested. Please accept our congrats on the baby. (We know that the woman does all the hard work which continues for the next 30 years or so.) Doesn’t take long between second tooth and going off to college. (Note to admissions: send application in 16 years.) Now about “alumna”, it’s been a long time since I took Latin in Manhattan Prep (long since closed), but in light of the “woman’s equality” movement, I don’t think you can say that.]




From: Mulios, Chris
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 10:07 AM
Subject: FW: Birth Announcemnt

Shayla Catherine Mulios
Friday, March 1st 2002 10:07 am
6 pounds 6.6 ounces
19 3/4 inches tall
White Plains Hospital by Dr Daly and Dr Wright

Chris and Donna Mulios
Carmel NY
(Formerly of Kingsbridge)

<privacy invoked>

Please place in next available Press release.

Chris Mulios
BEEE 1989

[JR: Done as requested. Well done to Mom. With that Height at birth may be she’ll be a center in about 20 years. You must be very pleased. Just remember girl’s are more expensive than boys and talk more too. But, best wishes to all. I really thought this was goniing to be a bummer week with obits, one of a past reader of Jottings, but this news really brightens up my mood.]




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[Collector's prayer: And, may perpetual light shine on our fellow departed Jaspers, and all the souls of the faithful departed.]


Copyright 2002 The Scotsman Publications Ltd.  
The Scotsman
March 9, 2002, Saturday
BYLINE: Allan Hunter

Lawrence Tierney, actor Born: 15 March 1919, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
26 February 2002, Los Angeles, California, aged 82.

PROMOTED as "the handsome bad man of the screen", Lawrence Tierney spent his best screen years playing cold-hearted killers and menacing, two-fisted tough guys in pulp fiction thrillers like Dillinger (1945), Born To Kill (1947) and The Devil Thumbs A Ride (1947).

A brawny, muscular figure with a thin-lipped smile that could chill the heart, he found cult popularity late in his career as the belligerent, bald -headed crime boss, Joe Cabot, in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs (1992). A notorious hell-raiser in real life, Tierney amassed a string of lurid headlines in the 1950s for his pugnacious antics and frequent brushes with the law, suggesting there was a thin line between his Hollywood roles and his true nature.

The film noir specialist, Eddie Muller, once observed: "If street credibility had been a requirement when it came to playing rat bastards, then Lawrence Tierney would be the undisputed heavyweight champion of Losers' Lane."

Born in Brooklyn, one of three brothers, he won an athletics scholarship to study at Manhattan College, but left after two years to drift around America as a labourer and odd- job man. Work as a model led him to try his hand at acting. He joined the Black Friars theatre group and the American-Irish Theatre where he was spotted by a talent scout from R-K-O studios, and signed to a contract.

Often described as "cruelly handsome", he played small roles in The Ghost Ship (1943) and The Falcon Out West (1943), among others, before breaking through to stardom in the title role of vicious hoodlum Dillinger (1945).

His off-screen travails were already apparent, and a bar-room brawl earned him a brief jail sentence the following year. His career flourished, with leads in lean, mean B-movies like The Devil Thumbs A Ride (1947), Born To Kill (1947), Bodyguard (1948), Kill Or Be Killed (1950) and The Hoodlum (1951), interspersed with supporting roles in more prestigious studio productions like Back To Bataan (1945) and the Oscar-winning circus epic, The Greatest Show On Earth (1952).

His off-screen antics also continued, and in 1948 he served three months for breaking a student's jaw. Throughout the 1950s, he faced a string of charges from kicking a policeman while drunk and disorderly to hitting a waiter in the face with a sugar-bowl and attempting to choke the life out of a cab driver.

In Dark City: The Lost World Of Film Noir, Muller notes: "He was the only actor in Hollywood who posed for more mug shots than publicity photos. The day his mother killed herself in 1960, Tierney was arrested for breaking down a woman's door and assaulting her boyfriend."

Inevitably, he became persona non grata in Hollywood, and after playing an alcoholic cop in The Female Jungle (1956) with Jayne Mansfield, he struggled to find work. Resident in Europe for a period in the 1960s, he played small roles in films like Custer Of The West (1967), but age had not mellowed him and in 1973 he was stabbed in yet another bar-room brawl in Manhattan.

He continued to pick up work in films like Andy Warhol's Bad (1977), Arthur (1981) and low-budget horror story Midnight (1981), in which he had a now rare starring role as a lecherous policeman. When film work was sparse, he supported himself as a bartender, steel worker, crane operator and even spent time as a driver of horse-drawn carriages in Central Park.

In 1982, he stopped drinking and moved back to Hollywood where he gradually began to build himself a successful new career as a bald, gravelly-voiced, granite-hard character actor in films like Prizzi's Honor (1985) and Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987). He also had a regular role as Sergeant Jenkins in the popular police series Hill Street Blues (1985-87) and appeared in Star Trek: Next Generation (1988) and Seinfeld (1991).

In 1987, he told one interviewer: "I haven't had a drink in, oh, five years now. I finally wised up. I'd say it was about time. Heck, I threw away about seven careers through drink."

The popularity of Reservoir Dogs (1992) gave his career a further boost and led to roles in films like A Portrait In Red (1995) and 2 Days In The Valley (1996), as well as guest appearances in such high profile TV series as ER (1996) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1997).

Retired since 1997, he had suffered several strokes in recent years, and died in his sleep at a Los Angeles nursing home. His younger brother, Gerald, enjoyed a successful screen career as actor Scott Brady before his death in 1985. He is survived by his daughter Elizabeth.

LOAD-DATE: March 9, 2002 
All rights reserved
Global News Wire - Asia Africa Intelligence Wire 


Copyright 2002 The Federal Capital Press of Australia Pty Limited  
Canberra Times
March 8, 2002
BYLINE: Ronald Bergan

IT WAS a brilliant stroke on the part of Quentin Tarantino to cast Lawrence Tierney, who has died aged 82, as the old crime boss Joe Cabot in Reservoir Dogs (1992).

Tarantino obviously remembered Tierney from his roles as menacing killers in 1940s films noirs, notably The Devil Thumbs a Ride (1947) and the title role of Dillinger (1945). In fact, in Reservoir Dogs, Tierney, when asked if one of his henchmen is dead, replies, 'Dead as Dillinger.' In his book The Devil Thumbs a Ride and Other Unforgettable Films, Barry Gifford wrote of Tierney, playing another of his classic mean-man roles in Born to Kill (1947), 'The big lug is a squinty-eyed killer, a rock-hard devil with women, the big brute fantasy come alive in all of his horrifying glory . . . there's no decency at all in Lawrence Tierney's face, the most cruelly handsome visage on film. Unlike Robert Mitchum's face, there's no relief in sight, a man incapable of compromise.' Brooklyn-born Tierney was as tough as his image. He and his two younger brothers, Gerald - who became Scott Brady, the husky hero of many a western - and Edward were all fine sportsmen. Lawrence attended Manhattan College, where he excelled at athletics. In the late 1950s and early '60s, he was frequently arrested on charges of drunken driving and disorderly conduct. In 1973, aged 54, he was stabbed in a bar-room brawl in Manhattan. After some stage acting, he managed to land a contract with RKO studios, for which he made a dozen movies. However, he made Dillinger for Monogram, the Poverty Row studio that sometimes turned out a winner. Dispensing with period detail and using stock footage, the film gave Tierney, as the Chicago gangster, his first chance to demonstrate how effective he was in bad-guy roles. Actually, when Tierney was good, he was bad, but when he was bad, he was better. It is still hard to believe in him as the liberal ex-con who launches an inmates' welfare league in San Quentin (1947), or as an ex-cop hero trying to clear his name on a murder charge in Bodyguard (1948). More convincing was his Jesse James facing up to Randolph Scott's US marshal in Badman's Territory (1946). However, he was most effective as a cold-blooded urban killer in a number of excellent films noirs. As the bullet-man in Born to Kill, Tierney, in a fit of jealousy, commits a double murder, and says his ambition in life is to 'fix it so's I can spit in anybody's eye'. The Devil Thumbs a Ride saw him as a 'slaphappy bird with a gun' who hitches a ride after murdering a theatre manager, and continues the mayhem. Shakedown (1950) had him as a mobster being blackmailed by photographer Howard Duff, who snaps him committing a robbery. As usual, Tierney's retribution is nasty. In The Hoodlum (1951), he was a pathological criminal running the lives of his mother and brother, a character played by his real brother, Edward. After Female Jungle (1956), in which he played an alcoholic cop investigating the murder of actor Jayne Mansfield, in her first role, the work dried up. Tierney's appearances in the 1960s and 1970s were sporadic and brief. One of his few perceptible roles was as the Injun-hating General Sheridan in Custer of the West (1967). He was back to his nasty best in the 1980s, as a lecherous policeman lusting after his step-daughter in Midnight (1982), another corrupt cop in John Huston's Prizzi's Honor (1985), and as loser Ryan O'Neal's rugged father, who wants to ''deep-six the heads'', in Norman Mailer's Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987).

Tierney put his lifetime experience of being a tough guy on and off screen into the role of the racist organiser of the heist in Reservoir Dogs. At turns, horribly sinister and funny, he has some of the best lines. When one of the eight-man gang objects to being called Mr Pink the boss has named them all from a colour chart Tierney rasps, ''You're lucky you ain't Mr Yellow.'' In the end, he dies a horrible death, having been shot in the face, but the film revitalised his career at the age of 73, leaving him better known than he ever was in the past. He is survived by his daughter Elizabeth.

Lawrence Tierney, born March 15, 1919; died February 26, 2002.

LOAD-DATE: March 7, 2002

[JR: Designated by virtue of his partial attendance as class of 1939.]




From: Michael F. McEneney
Wednesday, March 06, 2002 11:10 PM
Subject: Fw: Albany NY Times Union:

Dear John,

               The attached notice from your cousin Pete relates to Mayor Whelan, the former Mayor of Albany and a room mate of Ben Benson, the former Director of Alumni Relations. They were in the Class of 1955 I believe.

                             Mike McEneney, Esq.'53 BBA

----- Original Message -----

From: Sweeney, Peter
Michael F. McEneney
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 8:07 AM
Subject: RE: Albany NY Times Union:

No, I forgot about Jasper Jottings; please pass material along because I don'thave John's e-mail on my work computer. Thanks!

----- Message-----

From: Michael F. McEneney
Tuesday, March 05, 2002 11:50 PM
To: Sweeney, Peter
Subject: Re: Albany NY Times Union:

Dear Pete,

                 Thanks for info on the Mayor. My old Albany Office had faxed  me an article but it was not as complete as this. He was Ben's room mate at the college.

                Did you send this to your cousin John for Jasper Jottings? If not let me know and I will.

>                              Mike

---- Message -----

From: Sweeney, Peter
Wednesday, March 06, 2002 9:48 AM
Subject: Albany NY Times Union:

More about our friend Tom

--- OBIT ---

Copyright 2002 The New York Times Company  
The New York Times
March 8, 2002, Friday, Late Edition - Final
NAME: Thomas M. Whalen III
SECTION: Section A; Page 19; Column 3; Metropolitan Desk 
HEADLINE: Thomas M. Whalen III, 68, Three-Term Mayor of Albany

Thomas M. Whalen III, mayor of Albany from 1983 to 1993, who moved it away from machine politics and helped revitalize its economy, died Monday evening when his car hit a tree near his home in Feura Bush in Albany County. He was 68.

Mr. Whalen was driving alone in the car. The Associated Press reported that the police said he apparently had not been wearing a seat belt. As Albany's 92nd mayor, Mr. Whalen, a Democrat and a lawyer, oversaw reforms and the discarding of much of the political machine that had existed under his predecessor as mayor, Erastus Corning 2nd, also a Democrat.

Mr. Corning was mayor from 1941 until he died in office in 1983. By then he had served in office longer than any other mayor of a major American city.

Mr. Whalen was a former City Court judge and was quietly practicing law when Mr. Corning chose him as his successor and assured his nomination and election in 1981 as president of Albany's Common Council, the city's rough equivalent of a city council.

Mr. Corning's death left a budget that had long been out of balance and a city government and political system that was under pressure to modernize by curbing patronage and closing the deficit.

Mr. Whalen finished Mr. Corning's term as mayor, and was re-elected to two more terms. He did not run for re-election in 1993.

Mr. Whalen chose John Dale to be Albany's police chief, the first black man to command the force. He improved the city's finances, appointed its first official budget director and won the 1988 Financial Leadership Award of the United States Conference of Mayors.

By late in 1985, Albany was rebounding and enjoying an unparalleled cycle of commercial investment and development. Officials and private executives gave credit for the upswing to the aggressive business development programs initiated by Mayor Whalen, on top of an improved national economy and the commitment by two of the region's major financial institutions, Norstar Bancorp and Keycorp, to build or expand their headquarters there.

A native of Albany, Thomas Michael Whalen III had schooling in the Albany area, graduated from Manhattan College and Albany Law School and served in the Army.

After stepping down as mayor, he resumed practicing law and became chairman of the board of trustees of the Albany Law School.

He is survived by his wife, the former Denis Marie O'Connor, whom he married in 1960; a daughter, Laura Whalen of Albany; and four sons, Thomas, of Seattle, Mark, of Albany and Matthew and Jonathan, both of Manhattan.

GRAPHIC: Photo: Thomas Whalen III succeeded Erastus Corning 2nd as Albany mayor. (Keith Meyers/The New York Times, 1983)      

LOAD-DATE: March 8, 2002

[JR: This gives everyone a sense of how much work goes into getting this one obit for the readers. We need everyone to be reporters. Thanks to Pete and Mike for catching it. Tom Whalen was a reader until he got aggravated with the tone of some of my “editorializing”. I am most sorry to hear of his accident and never held anything but good thoughts about him. Even when people disagree, it doesn’t have to be “personal”. Everyone does what they have to do. I would have like him to stay to be the “counterbalance” or the “loyal opposition” (to steal a UK concept). In any event, he was too young and had a lot left to give. He certainly made a positive contribution and was credit to Manhattan.]




Copyright 2002 Bergen Record Corporation  
The Record (
Bergen County, NJ)
March 6, 2002 Wednesday All Editions
SOURCE: The Record

<extraneous deleted>

EDWARD J. STENSON, 83, of Valatie, N.Y., formerly of River Edge, died Monday. Before retiring in 1981, he worked for RCA Corp., Cherry Hill. He was a graduate of Manhattan College and received a master's degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken. He was an Army veteran of World War II and a member of American Legion Post 226, River Edge. He was a parishioner of St. Peter the Apostle R.C. Church, River Edge, and Immaculate Conception R.C. Church, Mahwah. Arrangements: Beaugard Funeral Home, River Edge.

<extraneous deleted>

LOAD-DATE: March 6, 2002




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March 9, 2002

ORLANDO, FL - The Manhattan College softball team drew 17 walks and plated 10 runs en route to a 10-4 victory over the University of Pennsylvania Saturday afternoon at the Rebel Games in Orlando, FL. The win was the first of the season for the Lady Jaspers, who are now 1-2 on the season, while Penn falls to 3-3.

The Lady Jaspers scored 10 runs on just six basehits but capitalized on 17 walks by Quaker pitchers. Senior Kara Husband (Depew, NY) picked up her first win of the season, working four innings and allowing three hits with three strikeouts and one walk. Sophomore Suzanne Masotto (Southbury, CT) drove in three runs for Manhattan, while co-captain Kathryn Bentz (Westchester, PA) drove in a pair of runs and stole two bases. The newcomers to the Lady Jasper lineup came up big today, as freshman Jennifer McCracken (Wappingers Falls, NY) went 2-4 with two RBI and a run scored. In addition, freshmen Erika Kostik (Orangeburg, NY) and Maura Langan (Manasquan, NY) also knocked the first runs of their collegiate careers.

Manhattan returns to action tomorrow when they take on Central Florida at 10:00 AM followed by George Mason at 2:00 PM.


March 9, 2002

BRADENTON, FL - Sophomore Matt Cucurullo (Valhalla, NY) went 3-4 with five RBI to lead the Manhattan College baseball team to a 10-4 victory over the Boston College Eagles Saturday afternoon in Brandenton, FL. The win was the fifth in a row for the Jaspers, who improve to 5-3 on the season.

The Jaspers scored 10 runs on 16 hits, and have now collected at least 12 hits in four of the last five ballgames. Cucurullo was one of three Jaspers with multi-hit games, as Josh Greco (Kensington, CT) went 2-6 with a pair of RBI and Jonathan Holzer (Brooklyn, NY) reached safely in all five plate appearances, going 3-3 with a pair of walks and two RBI. Greco and Cucurullo lead the Jaspers with nine RBI on the season.

Freshman Ken Gleason (Glendale, NY) started for Manhattan, and gave up four runs (one earned) over 6 2/3 innings. Freshman Mike Parisi (Lake Grove, NY) came in in relief to work the remaining 2 1/3 innings for his first win of the season. Parisi entered the game in the bottom of the seventh with the score tied at 4-4, and kept the Eagles off the board. The Jaspers broke the game open with a four-run eighth inning to assume an 8-4 lead, and added two more runs in the top of the ninth for the final margin.

Manhattan returns to action tomorrow, March 10, when they face Northern Illinois at 2:30 PM.


March 9, 2002
Freeman Places Second in the Weight Throw

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Manhattan College's track and field athlete Jacob Freeman (East Greenwich, RI) broke the American collegiate record in the weight throw today at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Indoor Championships held at the Randal Tyson Center.

Freeman's second place throw of 23.19m (76'1") also set a new Jasper record. First place honors were rewarded to Canadian thrower Scott Russell from the University of Kansas. Freeman was ranked first in the World and in the NCAA for five weeks before Russell's throw of 24.72m knocked Freeman to second place. As of Friday, March 8th , Freeman is the fifth-ranked weight thrower and third-ranked American weight thrower in the World.

"Jacob started out a little shaky after fouling twice in the preliminaries," said head coach Dan Mecca, "but his last two throws in the finals really made a difference. I believe Jacob finished with an outstanding series."

The Jaspers will kick off its 2002 outdoor season next weekend, March 16th, at the Willie Williams Invitational in Tucson, AZ beginning at 10am.


March 9, 2002
ST. MARY'S, 15-9

RIVERDALE, NY- The Manhattan College women's lacrosse team lost its home opener 15-9 to Mount Saint Mary's College today at Gaelic Park.

The Lady Jaspers fall to 0-4, while the Mount advances to 1-2.

Mt. St. Mary's Nicole DiAngelo opened up the scoring at the 2:13 mark and scored again at the 10:40 mark. DiAngelo led her team with a total of four goals, nine shots on goal and collected three groundballs. Erin LaMotte and Colleen Curran would score again before the Lady J's would get on the board with a free shot by sophomore midfielder Alana Fevola (Pearl River, NY). Lara Steinbraker's lone goal of the game ended the first half with a Mount led 12-3.

Mary Dudek (Pearl River, NY) began the second half with her second goal of the game. Dudek totaled three shots on goal, collected two groundballs and two caused turnovers. Rory Maguire (Bellerose Village, NY), who scored three goals in the last three minutes of the game, brought the Lady J's to 8-15. Melissa Medina (Pearl River, NY) scored the last goal assisted by Erica St. Lucia (Delmar, NY) to end the game

Senior goalkeeper Maegan Cosgrove (Farmingdale, NY) saved a season-high 16 shots.

The Lady J's will return to action on Saturday, March 16th when they host Vermont at Gaelic Park beginning at 12 noon.


March 6, 2002

WEST POINT, NY - The Manhattan College softball team opened the 2002 season at the United States Military Academy, but dropped both games of a doubleheader by scores of 4-1 and 6-0. Manhattan falls to 0-2 while Army improves to 2-0.

Army jumped out to a quick 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first on an RBI single by Nicki Robbins. The Black Knights added another run in the bottom of the third on another run-scoring basehit by Robbins. Manhattan got on the board in the top of the fifth on a solo homerun by Melinda Whitaker (Saugerties, NY) to cut the deficit to 2-1. But the Black Knights tacked on two more insurance runs in the next two innings, while allowing just three Jasper hits. Julianne Soviero (East Satauket, NY) took the loss for Manhattan, pitching five innings and allowing three runs on nine hits while striking out two.

In game two of the twinbill, Ashlie Christian and Leigh Harrell combined for a three-hit shutout of the Jaspers. Candice Aulogia (New Windsor, NY) took the loss for Manhattan, pitching 4.2 innings and allowing four runs on seven hits with two walks and two strikeouts. Kathryn Bentz (Westchester, PA), Maura Langan (Manasquan, NJ) and Candace Petrillo (New Windsor, NY) each collected basehits in the losing effort.

Manhattan travels to Orlando, FL over spring break for the Rebel Games. The Jaspers are slated to take on St. Xavier in a scrimmage on Saturday, March 9 at 12:30 PM and then face Pennsylvania at 4:10 PM.


March 6, 2002
Freshman Eugene Tanner Scores Three Goals to Lead the Jaspers

BRIDGEPORT, CT - The Manhattan College men's lacrosse team fell to Stony Brook University 15-8 on Wednesday afternoon in a non-conference game held at Sacred Heart University. Manhattan dropped to 0-3 while Stony Brook improved to 1-1.

Stony Brook jumped out to a 3-0 lead on back-to-back goals by Trist Gillen and a third by Kevin Pall. Manhattan answered with consecutive goals by Eugene Tanner (Medford, NY) and Brady Becklo (Gill, MA) to cut the lead to one goal (3-2). Stony Brook scored two unanswered goals to close out the quarter and lead 5-2.

Tanner scored Manhattan's lone goal of the second quarter at the 9:33 mark and Stony Brook retaliated just a minute later with a goal by Sean Farrell. The Seawolves scored twice more to give Stony Brook an 8-3 edge at halftime.

Stony Brook charged out with three goals in the first five minutes of play in the third quarter. Don Femminella (Massapequa, NY) scored on an assist from Tanner with 8:37 left in the third quarter to start the Manhattan scoring effort. Mike Honors (Syracuse, NY) scored on an assist from Nick Silva (Chesterfield, MO) with four minutes left to play in the quarter. Stony Brook scored twice in the final two minutes to lead 13-5 heading into the fourth quarter.

Manhattan out-scored Stony Brook 3-2 in the fourth on back-to-back goals by Silva. Manhattan held the Seawolves scoreless in the final two minutes of play.

Manhattan returns to action on Wednesday, March 13 when they travel to Lehigh for a 4:00 PM match-up.

Stony Brook 5 3 5 2 -- 15
Manhattan 2 1 2 3 -- 8
Goals: SB - Pall 5, Gillen 3, Farrell 2, Kirschner 2, Scannell 1, Tompkins 1, Campolettano 1; MAN - Tanner 3, Silva 2, Becklo 1, Femminella 1, Honors 1.
Assists: SB - Farrell 3, Scannell 1, Tompkins 1, Hakewitz 1, Lacey 1, LaFlare 1, Conlon 1; MAN - Silva 2, Tanner 1, Otto 1.
Saves: SB - Quinlan (8); MAN - Sertzloglou (6), Busweiler (8)


March 6, 2002

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ- The Manhattan College women's lacrosse team dropped their third game of the season to Rutgers University 16-1 today at Yurcak Field.

The Lady Jaspers fall to 0-3, while the Scarlet Knights even their record to 1-1.

Sophomore midfielder Alana Fevola (Pearl River, NY) scored the first goal of the game with 27:45 left in the first half.

Goalkeeper Maegan Cosgrove (Farmingdale, NY) made 10 saves in the contest and freshman goalkeeper Isy Pananon (Burtonville, MD) entered the game for two saves, but it was not enough to prevent Rugters' 16 goals. The Scarlet Knights were led by sophomore Cristina Curiale, who totaled four goals and seven shots on goal.

The Lady J's will return to action on Saturday, March 9th for their home opener against Mt. St. Mary's at Gaelic Park beginning at 3pm.


March 6, 2002

RIVERDALE, NY - Senior Wendell Anderson (East Hartford, CT) went 3-for-3 with a two-run homerun to lead the Manhattan Jaspers to a convincing 12-4 victory over the visiting Wagner Seahawks in the home opener for Manhattan at Van Cortlandt Park. With the win, Manhattan improves to 4-3, while Wagner falls to 0-6.

Manhattan jumped on the Seahawks early and often, scoring three runs in each of the first two innings. Pitcher Taylor Brown (Newfield, NY) started strong, throwing three shutout innings, but the Seahawks rallied for four runs in the top of the fourth to cut the deficit to 6-4. Junior Ryan Darcy (Levittown, NY) came in in relief of Brown and held the Seahawks scoreless for the remaining 3.1 innings. The game was called in the bottom of the seventh with one out due to darkness.

Brown picked up his first win of the season, pitching 3.2 innings while allowing four runs on five hits with two strikeouts. Darcy struck out four, walked three and allowed three hits in 3.1 innings of relief.

Offensively, Anderson led the way, going 3-for-3 with three RBI and three runs scored. Anderson belted his second homerun in the bottom of the fourth, a two-run shot, which gave the Jaspers an 8-4 lead. Sophomore Matt Cucurullo (Valhalla, NY) also picked up three hits and drove in a run while scoring four times. Freshman Gary Diaz (Naugatuck, CT) went 2-for-4 with a walk and scored a pair of runs.

Manhattan now travels to Florida for a 10-day, seven-game spring break trip. The Jaspers are set to take on Boston College on Saturday, March 9 at 7:30 PM in Bradenton, FL.


March 3, 2002
Cerasi Breaks School Record Once Again in the Mile at the ECAC Championships

BOSTON, MA- The Manhattan College men's track and field team took home fourth place honors with 36 points today at the 2002 IC4A Championships, while Kristen Cerasi (Eastchester, NY) earned All-East honors for the women in the ECAC Championships held at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston, MA.

Junior Matt Spring (Marcy, NY) received All-East honors after placing third in the 3000m finals with a time of 8:15.26. Yesterday during the 3000m preliminaries, Spring fell to the ground, returned to his feet to run the last 1000m with one shoe and bleeding from both legs. After the race Spring required 11 stitches.

Junior Jacob Freeman (East Greenwich, RI) earned his fifth IC4A title this weekend after winning the weight throw with a mark of 21.49m. This was Freeman's third consecutive title in the weight throw. The other two titles Freeman holds are in the hammer throw.

Sophomore Magnus Ahlen (Karlstad, Sweden) placed second in the long jump with a leap of 7.43m. Senior Erik Rokeach (Middletown, NY) also jumped well earning him eighth place with a mark of 7.52m.

Senior Eddie Potter (Monroe, NJ) just qualified in the 400m preliminaries yesterday with a time of 48.40 seconds. However, Potter was not able to compete in the finals due to a pulled hamstring.

Senior Cerasi set a new school record and personal best in the mile yesterday during the preliminaries with a time of 4:54.02. In the finals, Cerasi placed eighth with a time of 5:00.26 for her first indoor All-East honor.

Junior Stefani Allen (Levittown, PA) qualified in the 200m with a time of 24.58 seconds yesterday. However, she had to withdraw from the finals after straining her quadriceps during warm-ups.

Freshman Jana Cagin (Stockholm, Sweden) also performed well this weekend. Cagin qualified in the 60m hurdles in a time of 8.98 seconds. However, her time of 8.96 seconds in the finals did not place.

Next week Freeman will travel to Fayetteville, AR to compete in the NCAA Indoor Championships.

Men's Scoring:
Rajne Svenssohn (Karlstad, Sweden) - 2nd place, Pentathlon - 8 points
Jacob Freeman (East Greenwich, RI) - 1st place, Weight Throw -10 points
Matt Spring (Marcy, NY) - 3th place, 3000m - 6 points
Magnus Ahlen (Karlstad, Sweden) - 2nd place, Long Jump - 8 points
Erik Rokeach (Middletown, NY) - 5th place, Long Jump - 4 points
Total: 36 points, 4th place out of 78 teams


March 4, 2002

SHREVEPORT, LA – The Manhattan College baseball team swept a three-game series from the Centenary College Gents last weekend. Manhattan improves to 3-3 on the season, while the Gents fall to 4-14.

In the first game on Friday, Manhattan scored five runs in the top of the fourth inning en route to an 8-5 victory. Freshman Sly Gutierrez (Fresh Meadow, NY) went 3-4 in the game, while four other Jaspers collected two hits apiece. Junior Ryan Darcy (Levittown, NY) pitched 6 2/3 innings for his first win of the season, allowing four runs on eight hits with four strikeouts and just one walk. Freshman Michael Parisi (Lake Grove, NY) came in to work the final 2 1/3 innings for his first save of the year.

In game two, the Jaspers erupted for 14 runs on 17 hits including a six-run fourth innings and cruised to a 14-4 victory. Freshman Ken Gleason (Glendale, NY) pitched five strong innings allowing only one earned run for his first win of the year. Freshman Gary Diaz (Naugatuck, CT) went 4-5 in the game with an RBI triple and three runs scored. Gutierrez knocked in a pair of runs while catcher Josh Greco (Kensington, CT) went 3-5 with three RBI. Sophomore Matt Cucurullo (Valhalla, NY) went 3-4 with a walk and scored three runs.

The threat of inclement weather forced the Jaspers and Gents to play a doubleheader on Saturday. In game three of the three-game series, senior Wendell Anderson (East Hartford, CT) pitched a complete game and picked up his first win of the season in a 7-4 Manhattan victory. Anderson allowed four runs on six hits with four strikeouts over seven innings. Offensively, the Jaspers broke the game open again in the fourth inning, scoring four runs courtesy of five Centenary errors. Diaz went 2-5 in the game with an RBI and two runs scored, while Gutierrez laced a base hit to left in the top of the sixth inning to bring around two runs.

Manhattan opens its home schedule on Wednesday, March 6, hosting Wagner at 3:00 at Van Cortlandt Park.



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From: Michael F. McEneney
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Subject: Jasper Jottings

Dear John,

              It looks like I missed my third edition of Jasper Jottings tonight. If you could e-mail me the site where I could read  the missed copies, (until we get back on the list) I would appreciate it.

                       Mike McEneney,Esq.'53 BBA

[JR: It appears that for a variety of reasons, email, from my perspective, all over the net, has been disrupted. I had problems with two of the three mail programs I use for email for apparently no good reason. A large number of readers bounced related to the @home fiasco. It also appears that for a few weeks plain text was not being sent out but something else. I have sent back issues to anyone who inquired. He web site with all the reent issues has been updated.  I’m not sure I an physically up to resending three weeks worth of jottings, but, I will if there is a consensus that I should.]

From: Michael F. McEneney
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Dear John,

                Received this weeks edition today. Thanks. Still no sign of the last 2 weeks though. Keep up the good work.

                             Mike McEneney, Esq. '53 BBA



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From: Gorman, John
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Jasper Jottings 2002-03-03 (from home)

Please remove me from this mailing list.  Thanks.

[JR: I can’t find you. Have you subscribed under an alias? ]



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From: Scudo, Robert
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 9:44 AM
Subject: Jasper Jottings

Can you re-send or re-post them?

[JR: Resent]



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From: John Fay
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 11:42 AM
Subject: Albany Times Union, Feb 28, 2002


I believe the link to your e-mail address has a stray "j" in it. It's out of order (see below).

Here's an article about my web site in the Albany Times Union.

John Fay

-- story from web page appended --

News junkie keeps tabs on Northern Ireland
By PAUL GRONDAHL, Staff writer
First published: Thursday, February 28, 2002 

Perhaps no person on the planet is better informed about the complex issues and tangled politics of Northern Ireland than John Fay, a transplanted Clifton Park resident who lives near Dublin.

Each morning, Fay, 37, rises before the sun as his wife and three young children sleep. He turns on his laptop computer, dials up an online service and begins a painstaking, two-hour process of scouring newspaper Web sites and vacuuming up any article pertaining to Northern Ireland.

Newshound is Fay's handle. It's an apt moniker for a news junkie offering a daily fix to others similarly afflicted.

Fay's Web site ( has been praised for its comprehensiveness in the New York Post, the Irish Times and London's Daily Telegraph.

"It's a tremendous source of daily information on Northern Ireland,'' says Tom Constantine of Niskayuna, the former head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. He is the oversight commissioner reviewing sweeping reforms to the six-county province's Protestant-dominated police service called for in the 1998 Good Friday peace accord.

"I made it mandatory reading each morning for all the consultants I've assembled,'' says Constantine, who's made 10 trips to Northern Ireland in the past 18 months. In that time, he's printed out hundreds of articles on policing issues from Fay's Web site.

Fay has carried out his early morning obsession faithfully since October 1996. He has missed his daily update on only six days due to illness, travel or computer trouble.

Family feelings: While Fay struggles to explain his fanatic dedication, his family is clear about their feelings toward

"It's the bane of his wife's existence,'' says Fay's mom, Anne Fay, of Clifton Park, who emigrated to the United States from Kilcock, County Kildare, in 1959. Her husband, John, who's from County Clare, works for Trustco Bank and she's a homemaker.

"My wife and kids hate Newshound without a doubt,'' says Fay, a 1982 graduate of Shenendehowa High School. He updates the site when he visits his family in Clifton Park each summer and even while on vacation.

"I wasn't their favorite person when we were in Disney World and my kids were dying to get to the rides and I said they had to wait until I finished the Newshound,'' says Fay. He also works from home as a marketing consultant to new media companies.

He began Newshound as a lark.

"I've always loved newspapers and keeping up on the news,'' says Fay, who delivered the Daily Gazette as a boy in Clifton Park (his brothers delivered the Times Union). He later edited the Quadrangle, the student paper at Manhattan College.

As a balm to feelings of homesickness, Fay began regularly surfing the Internet in 1996. At the time, a flood of American newspapers was coming online for free. Fay occasionally downloaded interesting articles, bundled them together and sent them by e-mail to a few friends and family members. He formalized and expanded the offerings after creating his own Web site in the fall of 1996.

"I remember being very excited when my daily hits went up from five to eight,'' says Fay, whose site now receives thousands of hits and up to 100 e-mails each week responding to stories.

Journalists in the U.S. and U.K. are heavy users and Fay was informed that foreign policy analysts in the Clinton administration had the site bookmarked and consulted it often.

Objectivity: What distinguishes Fay's Web site from dozens of others devoted to Northern Ireland politics is its objectivity. "I've made it a point not to let anybody know what I feel about the issues,'' Fay says.

One of his primary motivations is to strike a delicate balance and to neutralize coverage that's often fiercely partisan. "The news I got here in Ireland was completely different from the coverage in America and I had the sense that I wasn't getting the full story from either side,'' he says. "I figured if I gathered all the viewpoints from around the world, a reader could come closer to getting the full story.''

Fay's daily trolling for news is a labor of love and labor-intensive. The challenge begins with a 56K modem and dial-up Internet service. "It's hard to get a decent phone line here,'' says Fay. Direct, high-speed online has not yet arrived in his home of Bray, County Wicklow, a town of 20,000 about 15 miles south of Dublin.

He does not have a program that pulls out keywords or any other form of automation. He scans some three dozen papers and has a kind of internal antenna for his subject matter.

"I go to the same papers in the same order each morning and start reading coverage from Europe and scroll down quickly,'' Fay says. "Anything pertaining to Ireland just jumps off the screen at me.''

Fay then makes links to stories he selects so that a user simply clicks on a headline, which goes directly to the paper's Web site to read the full story for free.

"The newspapers know what I'm doing and they're quite happy to have the extra hits,'' Fay says.

He only scans newspapers with free Web sites and recently dropped Irish News because it started charging. It left Newshound with a gap, but he's negotiating with the paper to bring it back into his fold.

Plenty of potential: Fay's Web site would be awash in red ink if he stopped to calculate his time, phone charges and other costs. The only revenue it generates is $100 per week from publishers advertising a book. "That doesn't cover costs, but the site has a lot of potential,'' says Fay. He's had some interest from Irish companies about acquiring it and hopes his years of toil will pay off at some point with a buyer.

"I can't believe he has the discipline to look through so many papers every day, but he's always been thorough and conscientious,'' says his mother. "We all hope it will grow into something worthwhile financially.''

In the meantime, Newshound feeds Fay's Irish-American soul.

Fay visited Dublin the summer of his junior year of college, and returned for graduate studies at Trinity College.

He met the woman who would become his wife at Trinity. Fay and his wife, Caroline, a high school teacher, have lived outside Dublin since 1991, near her family. They have two daughters, Fiona, 10 and Dearbhla, 6, and a son, Eoghan, 1.

Fay, who has dual citizenship, has no plans to return to the U.S. He keeps in touch via e-mail to family and friends, reading American newspapers and playing rotisserie league baseball with high school friends in the Capital Region.

Fay claims he's at a disadvantage in the fantasy game because Irish TV doesn't broadcast American baseball games. "There's no danger of me winning,'' says Fay, a die-hard New York Mets fan. "I'm just in it for the emotional ties.''

-- end --

[JR: Hey your right. The Ghost in Microsoft Word strikes again. Hey, after reading the news story, it seems we’re kindred spirits. Except yours’ is a much harder task. Thanks for the input and eagle eye.]


[Email 5]

From: Maura Walsh Ledrick
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: Jasper Jottings 2002-03-03 (from home)

Just wanted to mention that my brother Kevin R. Walsh (class of 1980) was selected as an Aide to the Grand Marshall for this year's Yonkers St. Patrick's Day parade, which was on Sunday March 2.  He will be marching down 5th Ave. with the Manhattan College Gaelic Society for the 26th year in a row on March 17.

For those  who enjoy Irish music, Kevin has helped arrange a concert featuring a rare Westchester appearance by the Makem Brothers at Christ the King School, 750 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY on Sat. March 9 at 8:00PM.  Also appearing will be Yonkers' own Pike Traditional Irish Dancers.  Tickets are $25.00 and proceeds will benefit Christ the King school.  For tickets or info call Kevin Wals at 914-376-5907 or e-mail him at  Come enjoy some great Irish music and help support Catholic education.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Maura Walsh Ledrick
(class of 1982)

[JR: Congrats to Kevin. Unfortunately, your event information arrived to late to be out before the event. If everyone can get them in sooner that would make this a more valuable source to everyone.]



[Email 6]

From: F. Michael Shaw
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 9:14 PM
Subject: jasper jottings

Please include me in the jottings.  F. Michael Shaw, M.D., class of 83

[JR: Done, “doc”. Now about this ache in the butt that I attribute to “email-it is”, any suggestions? (Can’t miss a chance for free medical advice!)]



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From: Peter Lutz
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 10:00 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Jasper Jottings 2002-03-03 (from home)


You're back ! Glad to see it...I went to the Alumni Career Seminar at the College last week and I mentioned Jasper Jottings and someone else asked where you were since we missed the email that week. Glad to have you back !

Peter Lutz

[JR: I never stopped. It was the email gremlins that ate two weeks in one fell swoop. BUT, I received my TWO echo copies fine (i.e., I have two of my alternative email addresses in the list to check that it goes out), go figure?]



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From: Juan C Gonzalez
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 3:08 PM
Subject: New email address


I have enjoyed your jasper jottings emails.  Please change my email address as follows:

OLD:    <privacy invoked>

NEW:    <privacy invoked>

Juan C Gonzalez, Class of 1971

[JR: Juan, you are among the many that were lost in the recent @HOME debacle. Welcome back. If anyone else knows someone who was affected, please remind them that they need to tell people about their new addresses.]





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A Final Thought

“Gary Condit lost his bid for re-election last night. He said that he’s spent 30 years in public service and that he lives by the sword and dies by the sword. Too bad he just didn't keep that sword in his pants.” Jay Leno

Perhaps, with Condit’s loss, Americans are finally putting their foot down about what type of conduct they will accept from politicians. One can only hope!

And, that’s the last words for this week.