Sunday 20 January 2002

Dear Jaspers,

The jasper jottings email list has 995 subscribers by my count. We have three new Jaspers joining us. As always “new blood” is appreciated, so please continue to mention us to your fellow alums.

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Saturday 02 Feb 02 – pre-game Ice Cream Social
             call Jim McKenna ’93 800-822-2014

Saturday 09 Feb 02 – Washington Tour
             call Elizabeth Nesbitt ’81 202-205-3355

Unknown Day Feb 02 – Pizza Party Buffalo
             call John Crawford ’55 716-632-1570


Subject: Portraits of Grief - Read Profiles of WTC Victims
From: "@TIMES - Inside"
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 12:16:23 -0500

@TIMES - Inside
Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Dear Member,

One of the most meaningful features to appear in The New York Times and on is Portraits of Grief. This feature first began running on September 15 and presented brief profiles of World Trade Center victims. On December 31 the final daily edition of Portraits of Grief appeared in The New York Times newspaper. A book will be published this year, and the feature will continue to appear from time to time, as more names become known and more families agree to interviews.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit the Web site to see a complete collection of Portraits of Grief, alphabetized and listed by day. This archive represents all the Portraits published to date. They will remain at indefinitely.

<extraneous deleted>


• Robert Baierwalter '79
*** ***

• Michael Carroll '84

  Joseph Coppo '75

  Michael J. Duffy '93, son of Judge John Duffy '59

• Kevin Frawley '90
*** ***

• Richard Gabriel '71, deceased (son of Barbara Gabriel retiree)

  John Gallagher '91 

  Salvatore Gitto '78, deceased

  Joseph Holland '91, deceased

  Lt. Joseph Leavey '77

  Michael J. Lyons '93

• Brian P. Magee '73, deceased
*** ***

• Robert McCarthy '90 ***

• Richard Morgan '59
*** ***

• Dennis Moroney '84

• Timothy O' Sullivan '64 (former Director of Personnel, Manhattan College)

• James Quinn '99, missing

• Robert Regan '75

• Antonio A. Rocha '90

• John Tobin '76
*** ***

The ones with stars need some help filling out the picture of the person. I would hope that if you know the person, you would make the time to “sign” the guest book.


ALL BOILER PLATE is at the end.

Signing off for this week.

Now you all know that I do internet scanning for “Manhattan College” and you know how I grouse about “marymount”, “borough of manhattan community college”, “manhattan Christian college”, and my personal favorite is any college and Kansas State in Manhattan, Kansas. (The last shouldn’t show up in the search out put but always seems to!) Don’t bother telling me about minusing out the offenders, it just doesn’t work period. Also, select and sort by date doesn’t work either. And, I have gotten tired of emailing administrators – as big as the New York Times and as small as the original goggle --to let them know without any fix or response. But I digress.

This popped but it is by a “marymounter”

It uses as a trigger the Nimitz and wife “elder couple in decling years” suicides.

I read Buchann’s take on the same event:

Both authors sadly observe that this is a trend.

However, if you read the sad essay by the marymounter, you’ll see that she admits at one point she hadn’t seen her mom in a year.

More than Pro-life or pro-choice, IMHO we have to recognize that the old are placed there to give us the opportunity to demonstrate our caring and concern.

Social Security destroyed the role of the elderly in our family structure. Families no longer “cling” to each other as a survival mechanism. The parents move to Florida, powered by their Social Security checks, instead of staying home on the “family farm” to be “cared for” by their children and in turn care for their grandchildren. Government child care, aka “schools”, takes over the grandparent’s role to pass along learning and tradition.

So the cultural shift, is costing us our souls. The government is the overbearing parent to us all and smothers us in spirit.

Let’s take a lesson away from the Nimitizes, that we have to reverse this trend.

Reflect well on our alma mater, this week, every week, in any and every way possible, large or small. God bless.

"Collector-in-chief" John



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1955 BA

Walsh, Cormac Patrick


1962 BBA

Jablon, Ken


1969 BA

Rowley, Tom


1971 BA

Dowd, William


1979 BE

Monteforte, Louis Eugene, Sr. (Lou)


1979 BSEE

Zucker, William F (Bill)


1985 BEE

Yang, Xiong (Henry)


1986 BS

Stromberg, Pierre








1971 BA

Dowd, William


1962 BBA

Jablon, Ken


1979 BE

Monteforte, Louis Eugene, Sr. (Lou)


1969 BA

Rowley, Tom


1986 BS

Stromberg, Pierre


1955 BA

Walsh, Cormac Patrick


1985 BEE

Yang, Xiong (Henry)


1979 BSEE

Zucker, William F (Bill)






Copyright 2002 Financial Times Information
All rights reserved
Global News Wire 
Copyright 2002 Business Wire  
Business Wire
January 15, 2002

CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 15, 2002--At its 2002 Annual Meeting in New York City, the World Economic Forum announced the designation of its Technology Pioneers 2002. Tom Rowley, President and CEO of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. will be among the 70 selected Technology Pioneers invited to participate in this year's special program. Technology Pioneers are chief executives who are developing and applying the most innovative and transformational technologies. Their cutting-edge work in fields such as proteomics, peer-to-peer renewable energy and Internet infrastructure represents an enormous resource of entrepreneurial talent. This dynamic group is at the forefront of change in a variety of technology sectors. 

    Each year Technology Pioneers are nominated by members, constituents and collaborators of the World Economic Forum. Technology Pioneers from prior years are re-evaluated according to the same strict selection criteria, which include:

    1.  Innovation. The company must be truly innovative. A new version or repackaging of an already well-accepted technological solution does not qualify as an innovation. The innovation should be recent -- not more than two years old. The company should invest significantly in R&D.

   2.  Growth and Sustainability. The company should have all the signs of a long-term market leader and should have well-formulated plans for future development and growth.

    3.  Proof of Concept. The company must have a product on the market or have proven practical applications of their technology. Companies in "stealth" mode and companies with untested ideas or models will not qualify.

    4.  Leadership. The company must have visionary leadership that plays a critical role in driving the company towards reaching its goals.

    5.  Status. The company must not currently be a Member of the World Economic Forum. This criterion applies to the parent company -- thus wholly owned subsidiaries of large firms are not eligible.

    6.  Potential Impact. This company must have the potential to have a substantial long-term impact on business and society in the future.

    Nominees are evaluated by an external review committee comprised of technology experts with respect to the criteria above.

Established in 2000 to provide a new perspective on technological change. By bringing these chief executives together with scientists, academics, NGOs, and Forum members and partners, the Forum hopes to shed new light on how technology can be used to stimulate medical breakthroughs, create economic growth and enhance global communication. The Forum will also engage these entrepreneurs in dialogue on important global issues such as ethics, privacy and bridging the digital divide.

One of this year's Technology Pioneers is Tom Rowley, President & CEO of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. Mr. Rowley co-founded Counterpane with Bruce Schneier, a renowned information security expert, author, and cryptographer. They developed a new method of monitoring enterprise networks for anomalies and intrusions from hackers. This business model of vigilantly monitoring networks, detecting intrusions as they occur, and rapidly responding to remedy those intrusions, has grown rapidly since its inception. This has allowed enterprises to conduct business electronically on the Internet while significantly reducing the business risks. It is a unique service that blends the best of computer and security technology with highly trained and skilled security analysts who interpret the monitoring results to quickly and accurately determine the appropriate course of action.

"I am very honored to be have been nominated and selected as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum," said Tom Rowley, President & CEO of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. "My career and avocations have always involved developing and working with new technologies and then creating companies and markets that are in line with those interests. At Counterpane, we have combined the best technologies, the most advanced processes and the most highly skilled people to create a level of security that was previously unavailable. Counterpane is quickly becoming a great commercial success, which makes me very proud. To be recognized by the Forum for these achievements makes it extraordinarily special."

Rowley is an entrepreneurial leader with strong marketing and engineering management skills. He has been at the helm of several significant starts-ups in the Silicon Valley, including Veridicom, Inc., National Semiconductor, plus pioneering voice-messaging technologies at Centigram Communications, Voysys Corporation and Prompt Communications. Under Rowley's leadership, Counterpane was selected as a 2001 Laureate of the Computerworld Honors Program. Rowley holds a BEEE from Manhattan College and has also done graduate work for a Masters Degree in Computer Science at University of Maryland. Rowley holds two patents with the United States Patent Office.

The uniqueness of the Technology Pioneer network ensures that key entrepreneurs are engaged in an integrated and interdisciplinary way, drawing on the diversity, creativity and dynamism of each individual. The Technology Pioneers community will provide the Foundation and its members with in-depth knowledge of some of the key technology issues facing society.

About The World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum ( ), based in Geneva, Switzerland, is an independent organization committed to improving the state of the world. Funded by the contributions of 1,000 of the world's foremost corporations, the Forum acts in the spirit of entrepreneurship in the global public interest to further economic growth and social progress. The Forum serves its members and society by creating partnerships between and among business, political, intellectual and other leaders of society to define, discuss and advance key issues on the global agenda.

Incorporated in 1971 as a foundation, the World Economic Forum is impartial and not-for-profit, and is tied to no political, partisan or national interests. In 1995 the Forum was awarded NGO consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. 

CONTACT: Jump Start Communications Lori Curtis, 408/289-8350 or World Economic Forum Claudia Gonzalez, (41 22) 869 1410

Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. is the developer and leading provider of Managed Security Monitoring. Established in 1999 by entrepreneurial expert Tom Rowley and security technologist and author Bruce Schneier, Counterpane addresses the critical need for increased levels of security services. Centered on a network of sophisticated Secure Operations Centers, staffed by expert security analysts, the Company provides 24x7 monitoring, as well as penetration detection and response. Counterpane's Managed Security Monitoring services enable e-business to be conducted safely. The company is funded by Accel Partners, Amerindo Investment Advisors, Inc., Bessemer Venture Partners, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Equity Fund. Headquarters are located at 19050 Pruneridge Avenue, Cupertino, California, USA. Phone: 408/777-3600, Fax: 408/777-3601, Website: .

Counterpane is a trademark of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Copyright 2002 PR Newswire Association, Inc.  
PR Newswire
January 15, 2002, Tuesday
HEADLINE: William Dowd Elected President at TRI

Trans-Resources, Inc. ("TRI") announced today that William Dowd has been elected President and Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Dowd will continue to report to Arie Genger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TRI.  Since joining the Company in 2000, Mr. Dowd has been the company's Chief Financial Officer.  He will continue to fill that role until a replacement is named. 

    Prior to joining TRI, Mr. Dowd was Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of ASARCO Incorporated, a diversified mining company.  He also served on the management committee. 

    Mr. Dowd is a graduate of Manhattan College, Seton Hall University School of Law, and New York University School of Law.  He resides with his wife, Regina, in Westfield, New Jersey.

Trans-Resources, Inc. is a leading global developer, producer and marketer of specialty chemicals principally serving the agriculture industry.  TRI is the world's largest producer of agricultural-grade potassium nitrate, a leading specialty plant nutrient.

SOURCE Trans-Resources, Inc.

CONTACT: Charles Jones of Trans-Resources, Inc., +1-901-260-5422

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[Messages from Headquarters (Manhattan College Press Releases & Stuff)]


CONTACT: Heidi W. Giovine (718)862-7232



RIVERDALE, N.Y. ------------  Jay S. Fishman, chairman, president and CEO of The St. Paul Companies, will be presented with Manhattan College’s De La Salle Medal at the College's annual fundraising dinner on Thursday, January 17, at New York City's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel located on Park Avenue at 50th Street in Manhattan.

The De La Salle Medal was established in 1951 in honor of John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, whose mission was to provide a value-centered education.  This mission provided the inspiration upon which Manhattan College was founded in 1853.  Since 1977, the De La Salle Medal has been annually conferred by the College's board of trustees upon an individual who exemplifies the principles of excellence in business and corporate leadership.

Mr. Fishman joined The St. Paul and was named to his leadership position in October 2001.  Previously, he was chief operating officer of finance and risk for Citigroup, where he was responsible for coordinating all risk and financial functions throughout the company.  He also served as chairman and chief executive officer of Travelers Insurance Group and head of Citigroup’s global insurance businesses and the consumer business in Japan and Western Europe.

Mr. Fishman received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Industry Advisory Board of the Financial Institutions Center at The Wharton School.  He and his wife, Randy, are founders and sponsors of the Shirley and Edward Fishman Memorial Scholarship, which provides financial support, mentoring and employment experiences, with The St. Paul Companies and previously with Citigroup, for a student of The Wharton School.  He also serves on the boards of Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc., Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, N.J. and The John Nuveen Company, headquartered in Chicago, Ill.

Serving as this year's dinner chairman is Manhattan alumnus Neil P. DeFeo, chairman, president and CEO of Remington Products Company, LLC.  Assisting Mr. DeFeo are fellow Manhattan alumni Joseph T. Boyle, Northeast-area managing partner, KPMG LLP, as vice-chairman, and John L. Paluszek, president, Ketchum Inc. as journal chairman.  Jim Ryan, anchor of Fox 5/WNYW's Good Day New York and a Manhattan College alumnus, will be master of ceremonies for the dinner.

The St. Paul Companies provides commercial property-liability insurance and non-life reinsurance worldwide. The company, founded in 1853, is Minnesota’s  oldest  business  corporation  and  is ranked  222 on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. companies. Headquartered in Minnesota, The St. Paul has offices in the New York metropolitan area, including offices in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and several locations in New Jersey.

Proceeds from the $750-per-plate fundraiser support Manhattan College's academic programs, and provide scholarship assistance to students.  The evening begins with a cocktail reception at 6:30pm followed by dinner and dancing at 7:30pm. The half-hour awards ceremony begins at 9:00pm followed by dancing until 11:00pm. 

For further information regarding the De La Salle Medal Dinner, please call (718)862-7837.  Manhattan College, located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, is an independent, Catholic, coeducational college in the Lasallian tradition that offers over 40 major fields of study in the programs of arts, business, education, engineering and science.





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I am a graduate of Manhattan College with a Bachelor's Degree in Math and Physics. I spent 7 years working as a programmer and designer at AT&T. I moved on to the Financial Industry working for several large multinational banks in New York City as a financial analyst, where my math abilities were more in demand. Working in the interest rate trading markets, my primary responsibilities were to develop programs that helped these banks trade interest rates, currencies, interest rate futures, and various other derivative products in the markets traded around the world. I developed programs that priced various derivative products, and measured the profits and losses of the traders working for the bank. My programs helped the banks and their traders manage and make profitable trades in portfolios each worth hundreds of millions of dollars. From there I decided to change careers in order to help students master the difficult concepts of Mathematics.

I am the father of a beautiful 10 year old daughter. Her favorite sports are softball, basketball, gymnastics, and cheerleading. I am a coach for her softball and basketball teams. My favorite sports are tennis, football, softball, basketball, and biking. I recently received my Master's Degree in Teaching at Manhattanvile College May,2001.

Welcome to

Mr. B's Math Site!
Created by Mr. Barry
Math Department, Yorktown High School 
Homework for Mr. Barry's Math Classes
Grades and Grading Policies
About The Teacher
Links to other great websites:
        Sample Math A Regents Tests
Help with Math




Alana Triplett: Fitness Model

Born in Baton Rouge, this middle sister of three is infinitely adaptable, having made the transition from Louisiana to New York, where she studied nutrition and phys ed at Manhattan College, and then to Palm Beach. Her knowledge of exactly what to eat resulted in a trimmed down vavoom! figure compared to her days as a highly competitive high school sprinter and basketball star. "Knowing what to eat is 65% of the battle," says Alana, in a lyrical Southern drawl at once charming and full of laughter. When she was in Palm Beach she met Debbie Kruck, the inspiration for many fitness competitors and models, and decided that Los Angeles was the place she wanted to be. "But everything I knew about L.A. I learned from a slightly insane friend who said that if I watched three movies, I’d know everything I needed to. I went out and rented I Love You Alice B. Toklas, The Loved One, and Repo Man, and almost didn’t make the trip." Triplett bursts into laughter. "I live in Venice and now I know exactly where Herbie the hippie from Alice B. Toklas came down the stairs. I kind of expected he’d still be there..." Triplett is a regular on the Venice scene, as well-liked, respected, and accepted as any newcomer could be. Her appearance on the new Hooters 2000 calendar hasn’t hurt her identification quotient either. But you’re as likely to find Alana at a lecture on regional architectural art as at Gold’s. And her genuine interest in others also sets her apart from so many of the terminally self-obsessed actress/models who stumble in and out of Hollywood. Fast and funny, Alana recently teamed up with Max Muscle team member Jaime Hagan-Andrich at the USA after the two of them appeared on Jeff Everson’s TN2000 on E!, prompting one agent to say, "they shouldn’t just be on a sitcom. They ARE one."

Alana Triplett is available for guest appearances and modeling at (310) 960-3463. Autographed posters --- just like the one on our editor’s wall --- through Everfit Productions at (818) 716-9142.




September 06, 2000

Credit Suisse First Boston Expands Communications Team Research Coverage

Palo Alto- Credit Suisse First Boston Technology Group is pleased to announce that Tim Long and Michael Harden have joined its Communications research team further expanding its capability and coverage of this important sector.

With the addition of these two research professionals, the CSFB Technology Group offers some of the most comprehensive and in-depth wireline and wireless coverage on the street, with eleven analysts focused on the sector.

CSFB’s communications technology research effort is led by Marc Cabi and Jim Parmelee who noted that, "Tim and Michael will be great assets to our already world class research team." Mr. Long and Mr. Harden join the Technology Group as it hosts its first annual Communications Technology Conference this week in Santa Barbara, California. The exclusive event for institutional investors features over 70 communications companies presenting over three days.

Tim Long joins the firm as a Vice President and research analyst in the communications sector focusing on broadband wireless and wireless infrastructure companies. Mr. Long was previously at Merrill Lynch where he was the lead analyst covering the Broadband Access Equipment group, including cable, DSL, and broadband wireless companies. Mr. Long holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College and an MBA in Finance and Management from NYU Stern School of Business.

Michael Harden joins the firm as a research associate in the communications technology sector. He will be working closely with Tim Long and Marc Cabi in the wireless telecom equipment sector. He joins us from Lucent Technologies where he worked in the Financial Leadership Development Program as a Financial Analyst. Mr. Harden holds a BA in East Asian studies from Washington and Lee University and a Masters in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Babson College.

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[Collector's prayer: And, may perpetual light shine on our fellow departed Jaspers, and all the souls of the faithful departed.]


Copyright 2002 The Washington Post  
The Washington Post
January 13, 2002, Sunday, Final Edition
Correction Appended
HEADLINE: Obituaries

<extraneous deleted>

Cormac Patrick Walsh, 71, who was chief executive of the Eagle Research Group in Arlington from 1976 until retiring in 1996, died of cancer Jan. 5 at a hospital in Ridgewood, N.J.

He lived in Arlington and Fairfax before retiring to Glen Rock, N.J., in 1996.

Mr. Walsh, a native of New York, received a bachelor's degree and master's degree in electrical engineering from Manhattan College and Columbia University, respectively.

He served in the Army.

He moved to the Washington area in 1976 from New Jersey, where he worked as an electrical engineer.

His firm, Eagle Research Group, conducted engineering analysis of ballistic missile defense technology for the Defense Department and consulted for the Energy Department.

His wife of 46 years, Virginia Carroll Walsh, died in 2001.

Survivors include a brother, John B. Walsh of McLean.

<extraneous deleted>

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The New York Times
January 13, 2002, Sunday, Late Edition - Final
SECTION: Section 14; Page 14; Column 1; The City Weekly Desk

<extraneous deleted>

For Manhattan College

THURSDAY -- A dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria will raise money for the academic and scholarship programs of Manhattan College, in Riverdale, the Bronx. Jay S. Fishman, the chairman, president and chief executive of the St. Paul Companies, will be honored. Drinks at 6:30 will be followed by dinner at 7:30. Black tie. Tickets, $750, from (718) 862-7837.

<extraneous deleted>  

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From: Pierre Stromberg
Subject: Seattle: Experienced QA Manager seeks employment C++ WinCE
Date: 2002-01-13 13:17:27 PST

Experienced quality assurance manager seeks employment in the Snohomish, Kirkland, Redmond, and Bellevue areas of Seattle, Washington.

Available immediately and excellent referrals provided upon request.

     See for full resume.


Seeking challenging positions in program management or quality assurance management within the software development industry.

Technical Experience

Familiarity with C, C++ (Visual Studio 6.0 and EVT for Windows CE), COM, Visual Test, HTML

Working experience with Windows CE 3.0 including system internals

Microsoft Platform Builder 3.1 and Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools

Microsoft Platform Builder 4.0 beta

Development experience with embedded hardware boards (including SH3, SH4,

MIPS R4300, SA1100)

Office 2000 and Project 2000

Windows 2000 Professional

Internet Information Server, including W3, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP services

Internet search service technologies

User familiarity with Palm OS 3.0 (3COM Palm III)

Familiar with popular Windows CE diagnostic tools including CodeSnitch

Management Experience

Over 12 years experience in the software development process at both large and small firms.

Professional experience with headcount procurement, interview processes, hiring, and review systems.

Long term experience with product planning, schedule development, and milestone tracking.

Experienced with key tools required to achieve software milestones including source code control, bug tracking, test harnesses, and build processes.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Employment History

Entrek Software, Incorporated

QA Manager

August 1999 to January 2002

Managed a group of test engineers and programmers in a Windows CE tools development environment.  Defined test documentation and test cases, managed responsibilities of software design engineers in test, set schedules, tracked progress, provided timely status reports to clients.  Coordinated activities with development groups.

Interviewed and sought out new candidates for test, development, program management, and marketing.  Investigated potential new contracts and conferred with marketing.

Spearheaded hardware acquisitions and drove development of an automated test harness.

Developed and executed tests for various Windows CE hardware platforms using C++ in a diversified embedded environment.  Reviewed marketing materials and design specifications.

Microsoft Corporation

Technical Lead/SDE

December 1996 to July 1999

Provided software test engineering for the Server Applications group, with emphasis on indexing and search engines. Develop C++/COM based test applications for searching HTML, text, and Office 97/2000 based documents. Also managed implementation of test case management system and the usage of Windows 2000 Server and Exchange within the development group. Delivered group presentations on Windows 2000 Server, Exchange setup and configuration, as well as test case management system. Conducted scalability testing on multiprocessor servers running SMTP, POP3, and IMAP services.

Examined test runs and provided performance analysis results to development and program management.

Developed automated performance monitoring system for real time results via HTML tables.

Led several contractors in a test effort for MMC based and web client based administration tools for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP services for Internet Information Server 4.0 and MCIS 2.0. Wrote test plans.

Microsoft Corporation

Software Test Engineer

July 1992 to November 1996

Provided software testing for a variety of products in the Business Systems Division.

Tested Remote Access Software Autodial component for Windows NT 4.0.

Developed diagnostic tool for autodial tests. Implemented Visual Test scripts for RAS client UI. Previous projects included testing LAN Manager 2.2 to Windows NT 3.1 migration utilities,  and NetWare client services for NT 3.5. Participated in stress testing Windows NT 3.5 release for entire LAN Test group. Developed and implemented test plans for NT RAS UI for Release 4.0. Developed and implemented test plans for NT 3.5 domain controller netlogon test group. Provided test coverage for netlogon testing in a mixed NT3.1 and NT 3.5 environment over multiple segments and routers using all three major protocols including slow links, RAS, DHCP, and WINS.

Microsoft Corporation

Software Builder

February 1989 to July 1992

Provided software build support for the OS/2 2.0 joint development project with IBM Corporation. Helped coordinate daily build schedule and development among three geographical sites spread across eight time zones. Helped develop automated tools to increase efficiency. Built the OS/2 1.3 project, and Windows Libraries for OS/2. Upon joining the LAN Manager group, began building RAS and LAN Manager 2.2a. Provided developer support during project cycles.

HandS Corporation

Software Developer

January 1988 to July 1988

Used C programming language in a 16-bit Windows environment to develop GUI interfaces and printing code for a Windows version of Microsoft Project.  Maintained and enhanced PERT charting code.


Manhattan College      B.S., Computer Science                June 1986

References available upon request

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January 16, 2002

EDISON,NJ – According to the weekly Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference track and field top ten times list, Manhattan leads in several events.

Women’s Top Leaders in the MAAC:

Stefani Allen (Levittown, PA)                   55m HH       8.36      Princeton Inv. 12/7/01

Samantha Griffin (Jersey City, NJ)           55m Dash    7.1        Fordham Inv. 1/14/02

Kristen Cerasi (Eastchester, NY)               Mile Run     4:57.18   Manhattan Inv. 1/14/02

Rachel McGee (Bellport, NY)                   400m          60.68      Princeton Inv. 12/7/01

Lauren Primerano (Trenton, NJ)              Weight      43’7 ¾”    Princeton Inv. 12/7/01

Karin Larrson (Garphyttan, Sweden)     Shot Put    42’11 ¾”   Manhattan Inv.12/1/01

Michanne Campbell (Mount Vernon, NY) Triple Jump  36’8”     Princeton Inv. 12/7/01

Julie Wozniak (Jackson, NJ)                    High Jump     5’3”     Princeton Inv. 12/7/01

Men’s Top Leaders in the MAAC:

Magnus Ahlen (Carlstad, Sweden)          55m Dash      6.3     Fordham Inv. 12/14/01

                                                               Long Jump   23’10”   Manhattan Inv. 1/12/02

Matt Spring (Marcy, NY)                          Mile Run     4:15.4    Manhattan Inv. 1/12/02

Eddie Potter (Monroe, NJ)                      400m           49.8      Fordham Inv. 12/14/01

Jacob Freeman (Providence, RI)            Weight      70’3 ½”    Princeton Inv. 12/7/01

Mike Pellet (Croton, NY)                         Shot Put     52’0       Fordham Inv. 12/7/01

Rajne Svenssohn (Carlstad, Sweden)    Pole Vault  14’1 ¼”    Princeton Inv. 12/7/01

                                                              High Jump   6’6 ¾”    Princeton Inv. 12/7/01

Erik Rokeach (Middleton, NY)                Triple Jump     48’      Manhattan Inv. 1/12/02

The Jaspers will continue striving to remain on top when they compete this Friday, January 18th in the St. John’s/Fordham Invitational at the Armory.


January 15, 2002
Rosalee Mason Ties Career-High 29 Points

RIVERDALE, NY – Sophomore Rosalee Mason (London, England) led three Lady Jaspers in double figures and tied her career-high with 29 points as Manhattan knocked off the visiting Loyola College Greyhounds, 72-63, in a Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference game Tuesday evening.

The Lady Jaspers won their third straight game and improve to 9-6 overall and 4-2 in the MAAC, while Loyola drops to 7-8 and 1-5 in the MAAC. The win also ups the Lady J’s record to 6-1 at Draddy Gym this season.

Manhattan got off to a fast start and took an 18-8 lead midway though the first half. The Greyhounds responded with an 11-0 run, holding the Jaspers scoreless for a span of nearly six minutes, to go up 19-18 at the 5:53 mark. Manhattan pushed the lead back in their favor on buckets by Mason and Eve Walters (Pittsford, NY) and wouldn’t trail the rest of the half, taking a 34-27 edge into the lockerroom.

Loyola rallied again in the second half and cut the deficit to two (43-41) at the 14:17 mark on a fast-break layup by Lindsay Cobb. The Lady J’s, however, proceeded to go on a 20-2 burst over the next six minutes which proved to be the decisive run of the game, as the Greyhounds got no closer than nine the rest of the way.

Mason hit 11-18 shots from the floor for a career-high 29 points to go along with 15 rebounds for her 14th double-double of the season. Tiffany Schettig (Altoona, PA) connected on 7-10 shots from the field including four three-pointers for 18 points, while Walters finished with 12 points and three assists. Jennifer Mitchell paced Loyola with 24 points.

The Lady Jaspers return to action on Friday, January 18 when they travel to Jersey City, NJ to take on the St. Peter’s Peahens in a MAAC contest at 7:30 PM.


January 12, 2002

RIVERDALE, NY – Distance runner, Kristen Cerasi (Eastchester, NY) broke Manhattan College’s 1500m record with the time of 4:38.18 and captured first place this afternoon at the Manhattan College Invitational held in Draddy Gymnasium. The record had been held by Kerry Moloughney when she ran 4:39.10 at the 1993 Manhattan College Invitational.

Other top runners for today’s meet included:

Matt Spring (Marcy, NY), who won the 1500m with a time of 3:57.4, followed by Gavin Cosgrove (Kingston, Ontario) for second place (4:08.3), Joe Van Dyke (Millington, NJ) for third place (4:11.8), and Jeff Clark (Bogatta, NJ) for fourth place (4:18.0).

New Jersey sensations Eddie Potter (Monroe, NJ) and Kurt Forsyth (Summit, NJ) ran neck and neck in the 300m before Potter increased his speed for the win with a time of 35.70.  Forsyth would come in second place with a time of 35.78.

The men’s 4x400 team, who consisted of runners Potter, Forsyth, Adeniyi Omisore (Providence, RI), and Gary Gentles (Peekskill, NY), won their race with a time of 3:22.03.

The women’s team won the 4x800 with a time of 10:10.50.

The next meet for the Jaspers will be Friday, January 18th at 12pm, when they compete in the Fordham/St. John’s Invitational held at the Armory, New York, NY.



[Colected Sports Articles]


Copyright 2002 The Hearst Corporation  
The Times Union (Albany, NY)
January 16, 2002 Wednesday THREE STAR EDITION
HEADLINE: Uprising in New York; A year earlier than expected, Jaspers get noticed in city that never sleeps
BYLINE: Tim Wilkin; Staff Writer

Bobby Gonzalez wanted to talk Tuesday morning, but he couldn't do it for very long.

"Got a big game coming up," Gonzalez said in a rat-a-tat-tat frantic voice that suggested he needed to be anyplace but on the phone. "Whatya need?"

Gonzalez is the basketball coach at Manhattan College, and the Jaspers do, indeed, have a big game Thursday night when they play at Siena. Now in his third year, Gonzalez spends every waking minute doing whatever he can to make Manhattan a better basketball team.

Right now the Jaspers are the best team in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, and that says a lot considering where Manhattan has been.

Manhattan (12-2) had an 11-game winning streak snapped Saturday night at Marist. The Jaspers have beaten St. John's and Seton Hall of the Big East and Fordham of the Atlantic 10. Manhattan won the Holiday Festival at Madison Square Garden, the first time that has happened since 1973.

"Manhattan has given everyone else in the league someone to chase," said Siena coach Rob Lanier, whose Saints are in first place, a half-game in front of the Jaspers. "They are playing with great confidence. If you are going to win this league, Manhattan is the team you're going to have to beat."

That's quite a turnaround for a program that didn't have a winning season in the last five and owned a combined record of 52-87.

Manhattan has three starters back from last year's 14-15 team -- guards Von Damien Green and Justin Jackette and forward Jared Johnson. The Jaspers' leading scorer is flashy 6-foot-2 guard Luis Flores, a sophomore transfer from Rutgers who gets 20.5 points per game.

The main reason for the turnaround has been Gonzalez, 37, who is so animated and so hyper that he has been described as a guy who makes coffee nervous.

"I don't know if we have any secrets," Gonzalez said about the success of the Jaspers. "I thought coming into this season that we had the pieces, but I didn't know if the pieces would fit together. But everyone is accepting their roles. I mean, we knew we had athleticism and depth."

Jackette was the Jaspers' second-leading scorer last year. This year he is No. 4. Manhattan has more athletes and does whatever it takes to win.

"The thing about them that impresses me is that they all believe they can do it," St. Peter's coach Bob Leckie said.

After winning the Holiday Festival, the Jaspers began to get attention in the metropolitan area and were being dubbed the best team in the city. Gonzalez is adamant that it's a moniker the Jaspers did not ask for, but when you beat St. John's by 17 and Fordham by 10, you are going to get noticed.

In the Holiday Festival, the Jaspers beat Fordham 82-72, then got by reigning MAAC champ Iona 69-58 in the final.

"Winning that tournament was special for me, and it was special for our team," Gonzalez said. "Since I've been at Manhattan, I'm 6-0 in the Garden. That kind of makes me feel I've accomplished something."

There are only three seniors on the roster, and most MAAC followers thought the Jaspers were a year away from doing what they are doing now. They were picked to finish fourth in the preseason MAAC coaches poll.

"Certainly by our fourth year, we thought that would be our best team," Gonzalez said. "Obviously, you live for today and do the best you can.

"Our kids are getting better and they're not surprised by all this. They are keeping pretty humble, but, hey, we still got a long way to go. We know we have had one of the best starts in the school's history but we have a lot of games to go through yet." GRAPHIC: BERNIE NUNEZ/ASSOCIATED PRESS COACH BOBBY GONZALEZ, center, is surrounded by his Manhattan players as he holds the championship trophy from the ECAC Holiday Festival at Madison Square Garden. PHOTO COURTESY MANHATTAN COLLEGE LUIS FLORES, a sophomore transfer from Rutgers, has led Manhattan's rise in the MAAC.

LOAD-DATE: January 16, 2002


Copyright 2002 Newsday, Inc.  
Newsday (New York, NY)
January 15, 2002 Tuesday QUEENS EDITION
HEADLINE: He's Big Man On Jaspers' Campus; Freeman isn't afraid to toss weight around

Manhattan College doesn't have a football team, so there aren't many offensive lineman-sized specimens strolling about on the school's Riverdale campus.

For that reason, junior Jacob Freeman stands out. The 6-5 junior weighs 330 pounds and sometimes has a tough time shoehorning himself into classroom desks. Freeman is reasonably well-known on the small campus, even if he isn't a member of the surging Manhattan men's basketball team. Many students know Freeman is an athlete, but the events he excels in are a mystery to most.

The weight throw, performed in the indoor track season, involves hurling a 35-pound ball with a triangular handle, an object that is 16 inches long from the bottom of the ball to the inside edge of the handle. In the hammer throw, Freeman's outdoor-season specialty, an athlete grips a handle attached to a wire, which is fused to a 16-pound ball.

In both events, the thrower spins in a seven-foot circle and tosses the object as far as possible into a specific sector.

Freeman is ranked No. 1 in NCAA Division I in the weight throw and 10th by Track and Field News in the hammer throw.

He has competed in both events since high school in Rhode Island and is the national high school record holder in both the hammer and weight throw.

His size made him a natural in the events. "I was fairly big. I grew a lot as a sophomore in high school and didn't stop," he said.

Manhattan track and field coach Dan Mecca has seen Freeman compete at a top level since his freshman year.

"He's an outstanding competitor," said Mecca, who was a thrower at Montclair State. "To be successful in each, you need technique, speed and strength. Jake is a student of the event."

At the Princeton Invitational Dec. 7, Freeman took first with a weight throw of 70 feet, 3 inches. That mark set a school record, and Freeman is on track to again gain all-American honors in each event, as he has as a freshman and sophomore.

The 2004 Olympics, which will be in Athens, is on Freeman's radar screen. The hammer is an Olympic event, while the weight throw isn't, so Freeman is working on his strength and speed to qualify.

"You have to be one of the top three in the United States and you have to qualify distance-wise," he said.

Freeman's personal best in the hammer is almost 230 feet; the minimum qualifying measurement is 253 feet.

Freeman won't make a bold pronouncement that 253 is a lock.

"I don't know yet," he said. "It's two-and-a-half years away. It's too early."

In the meantime, making the NCAA Track and Field Championships in Arkansas March 8-9 is the goal.

If Freeman's march to the 2004 Olympics continues, Manhattan students will definitely know who he is and what he does, and will stop wondering if Manhattan suddenly started a football team.

GRAPHIC: Photo by J. S. Moses - Manhattan College thrower Jacob Freeman (6-5, 330) has his sights set on the '04 Olympics

LOAD-DATE: January 15, 2002


Copyright 2002 DR Partners d/b Las Vegas Review-Journal  
Las Vegas Review-Journal (Las Vegas, NV)
January 11, 2002 Friday FINAL EDITION
HEADLINE: MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE NOTES: League coaches dole out discipline
BYLINE: Steve Carp

<extraneous deleted>

TORCH BEARER -- New Mexico coach Fran Fraschilla will carry the torch Saturday as the Olympic flame makes its way toward Salt Lake City for the Feb. 8 opening of the 2002 Winter Games.

His torch run will cover two-tenths of a mile through downtown Albuquerque. Fraschilla, a Brooklyn, N.Y., native, said it will be a special moment.

'I lost a friend, Jimmy Quinn, who was my manager at Manhattan College, in the World Trade Center attack,' he said. 'Jimmy was from my neighborhood in Brooklyn, and I was the reason he went to Manhattan.

'When I get that torch Saturday and start running, he'll be running with me. It's going to be monumental for me.'

<extraneous deleted>

LOAD-DATE: January 14, 2002


Copyright 2002 Daily News, L.P.  
Daily News (New York)
January 11, 2002, Friday SPORTS FINAL EDITION

Jared Johnson has received neither the playing time nor the ink of his more celebrated teammates, Luis Flores and Mugsy Green.

But ask Manhattan coach Bobby Gonzalez about Johnson, and the response is rapid fire.

"Jared is one of the most valuable guys on this team," Gonzalez said. "And (last night) I think Jared Johnson played his best game in a Manhattan uniform." He wasn't the highest scorer, but with a Manhattan contingent left thin by illness to Justin Jackette and Willie Haynes, the 6-7 Johnson had 14 points and seven rebounds as Manhattan ran its win streak to 12 with an 88-72 victory over Fairfield at Draddy Gymnasium.

The win leaves Manhattan (12-1, 4-0) - owner of the third longest streak in the nation and off to its best start since the 1991-92 season - as the lone unbeaten team in the MAAC.

"When David (Holmes) and Jason (Benton) got in foul trouble, I was sitting on the bench and I saw what I had to do," Johnson said. "This was a big game against Fairfield at home, so I understood the urgency."

Johnson was key in the spurt that turned a 39-27 Manhattan lead at the half into a 56-32 cushion in the early moments of the second half. He scored six points in that run, which looked to be the beginning of the end for the Stags (3-8, 2-2).

But after Manhattan nudged its lead to 62-39 with 12 minutes to play, Fairfield mounted a stunning comeback, cutting the Manhattan advantage to 64-59 with 8:22 to play with freshman guard Kudjo Sogadzi scoring 13 of his 22 points in the blitz.

All of a sudden, what appeared to be a laugher for the Jaspers was no longer funny. But Manhattan had been there before, allowing big leads vs. St. John's, Iona and Loyola to slip away before pulling out the win. Last night, they turned the trick one more time.

Flores scored 11 of his career-high 27 points over the last eight minutes as he and Green (19 points) made sure the Jaspers' win streak continued to grow.

"Our team has an iron will," Gonzalez said. "We don't get shook. We don't panic."

LOAD-DATE: January 11, 2002


Copyright 2002 Bergen Record Corporation  
The Record (Bergen County, NJ)
January 12, 2002 Saturday All Editions
SOURCE: The Record

<extraneous deleted>

Medea to Manhattan All-Bergen and All-State softball pitcher Jill Medea has signed to attend Manhattan College. Medea was 21-2 as a junior last season.

<extraneous deleted>

LOAD-DATE: January 14, 2002


Copyright 2002 Newsday, Inc.  
Newsday (New York, NY)
January 14, 2002 Monday QUEENS EDITION
Dayton Stops Cold Fordham

<extraneous deleted>

Men's Basketball

<extraneous deleted>

Marist 58, Manhattan 56: Nick Eppeheimer hit a go-ahead jumper with six seconds left late Saturday and hit 1 of 2 free throws seconds later for host Marist (10-5, 4-2 MAAC). Luis Flores scored 23 points for Manhattan (12-2, 4-1).

<extraneous deleted>

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Edward Christopher got pissed when the robbery interfered with his cashing a (Social Security?) check. He says he doesn't particularly care for the police or Bank of America, but he likes bank robbers even less. He walked up to the culprits and managed to rip open one of the bags, spilling about 90 per cent of the contents. The shocked robbers fled with what remaining cash they had.


I guess I have come to realize a new genre of internet stories. I'll call them "empowerment". Anytime, I think that maybe I'm too old, too fat, too dumb, to make a difference I get a lesson in life from some ornery old coot. Here's one.

The unorganized militia, revered by those dead old white guys, are the citizens of the country who are ultimately responsible for the quality of life in America. Here's an example of an (old) member of the militia seeing his duty and doing it.

God grant me the grace to do likewise when my time comes.

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