Sunday 13 January 2002

Dear Jaspers,

The jasper jottings email list has 991 subscribers by my count. I need “new blood” so please mention us to your fellow alums.

Don't forget: … … 

Thursday Jan 17 (Correcting typo last week) – De La Salle Medal dinner
             call Christine Stogel at 718-862-7837

Thursday 17 Jan 02 6:45 PM – Sienna pre-game reception
             call Dan Kelleher ’77 at 518-439-4768

Saturday 19 Jan 02 – Family Day
             call Grace Feeney at 718-862-8013

Saturday 02 Feb 02 – pre-game Ice Cream Social
             call Jim McKenna ’93 800-822-2014


ALL BOILER PLATE is at the end.

Signing off for this week.

Well the flags on the cars and overpasses are getting more frayed. The "Proud to be an American" newspaper cutouts are bowning and curling with age. The home-made "God Bless America" signs are "bleeding" their ink. All these ersatz forms of patriotism that have taken hold since 9-11-01 are wearing thin.

The most frequent call for sacrifice these days is for Americans to take a vacation. The Republicans want to spend money to get the economy moving. Ignoring the fact that the "ship" may be taking off now without their "help". The Democrats are no better quibbling at priorities and trying to stall to gain advantage in the upcoming elections. In short there will be no leadership coming from Washington.

So what should "real Americans" do. Well, we have the power to move mountains. No one can keep us from doing what is right.

If you really are a "patriot", then it is time to do the "heavy lifting". Clean up the dingy flags, retiring them with honor. Perhaps a donation to the VFW, Legion, or the Boy Scouts would be in order. If you don't have a retirement ceremony, planned ask for one. If there is one, attend.

If you are "Proud", then act like one and stand up for the American ideals -- free speech, fair play, and equal rights.

And, if you really want "God", then you have to invite him into your hearts. How about some "charitable efforts"?

From my pov, there is a big difference between "ersatz" and "real" patriots. It's what we do in the long haul.

Reflect well on our alma mater, this week, every week, in any and every way possible, large or small. God bless.

"Collector-in-chief" John



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Amyot, E. LaSalle


1964 BA

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DeRose, Jim J.



Duffy, John M.


1986 BS

Fay, John



Fegan, Don


1968 BA

Goll, Jack



Hutter, Stephen



Maleszewski, Ed



Maleszewski, Ellen



Mazurki, Mike


1969 BA

Meegan, Frank



Parisi, Luisa


1951 BA

Shevlin, Frank






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January 8, 2002


NORTHFIELD, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 8, 2002--

Meegan to head Operations, Korby to lead Procurement, Integrated Supply Chain initiative

Kraft Foods Inc. (NYSE: KFT), a global leader in branded foods and beverages, today named Frank Meegan, 53, Senior Vice President, Operations for Kraft Foods North America, and Alene M. Korby, 47, Senior Vice President Procurement and Integrated Supply Chain. Both executives will serve on the Kraft Foods North American Operating Committee and report to Irene Rosenfeld, Group Vice President, Kraft Foods North America, and President, Operations, Technology, Information Systems, Kraft Foods Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico. Meegan succeeds Larry J. Gundrum, Senior Vice President, Operations for Kraft Foods North America, who has announced his decision to retire from the company after 35 years. "Larry's career with the company spans virtually every aspect of Operations, and leaves a legacy of achievement that we will remember for years to come," said Rosenfeld. "While we will miss Larry's many contributions, Frank brings solid leadership in manufacturing and supply chain disciplines to his new position. In addition, Alene's strong track record in Procurement will be a valuable asset in developing an integrated supply chain strategy across Kraft Foods North America."

Meegan, formerly Executive Vice President, Field Operations, will now be responsible for manufacturing, engineering, logistics, distribution, transportation and supply chain for Kraft Foods North America. During his 32-year career with Kraft he has held a number of field and headquarters manufacturing and supply chain positions. He also has worked in Marketing as a Category Manager. In 1989 he was named Vice President, Operations for Maxwell House. In 1996 he became Executive Vice President, Supply Chain and then in 1998, Area Vice President, Operations. He was named to his current position in 1999. Meegan has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College.

SOURCE: Kraft Foods Inc.

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Peter J. Denning is Director of the Center for the New Engineer at George Mason University. Established in August 1993, the Center is an ongoing, interdisciplinary investigation into the education of enginers and scientists for the knowledge society of the 21st century. Dr. Denning is also Vice Provost for Continuing Professional Education and Chair of the Computer Science Department at George Mason.

He received the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from M.I.T. in 1968 and 1965, respectively, and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Manhattan College in 1964. Dr. Denning was an NSF Fellow from 1964-1967 while at M.I.T, received an honorary LLD degree from Concordia University in 1984, and an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Manhattan College in 1985.

He was an Assistant Professor at Princeton University from 1968-72, and in 1973 moved to Purdue University, where he served as Head of Computer Science from 1975-1984. From 1983-1990 Denning was the founding Director of the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA, and a Research Fellow there during 1990-91. One of the cofounders of CSNET, Dr. Denning has published over 200 papers, articles, and books.

He has been active in the Association of Computing Machinery, serving that organization as President from 1980-1982, and for more than a decade was Editor-in-Chief of the CACM (83-92). He is now Chair of the ACM Publications Board.

Dr. Denning received an ACM service award in 1974, and two best paper awards. In 1984 he was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He received the Computing Research Association's distinguished service award in 1989, and in 1990 the Distinguished Service Award from ACM. In 1992 he received a centennial engineering award from Manhattan College.

The credo for the Center for the New Engineer states that "engineers who can act to solve problems and satisfy clients will be in highest demand." Peter Denning's career reflects that credo. He will share some creative problem-solving with us today as he presents, "Engineering the Future: A New Look at Organizational Thinking and Hyper-Learning."




From: David Matthews
Subject: Re: "Murder My Sweet", and "The Big Sleep" (1975)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.past-films

Date: 2001-12-28 05:10:25 PST

> > Had to make a trip to the dictionary for "preternaturally".  Cool word. I'd
> > like to think about the notion of the typical noir protagonist.  They come
> > in many flavors, but they all seem to be witnesses to or participants in
> > inexhorable tragedy.  I'm picturing Widmark in "Night and the City".
> > Somehow we know his ambitions are doomed from the start, and his ultimate
> > acceptance of his fate is an embracing of futility.  When I see that film I
> > feel as if all mankind is similarly doomed.  That's the gritty dark reality
> > (or is it unreality?) that makes noir so appealing, IMO.
>      Its neither reality nor unreality. Its hyper-reality; rhetorical and
> totally symbolic. Film is always better at conveying larger truths than
> particular ones. "Night and the City", which is a masterpiece, is unrelenting
> in it's bleakness, yet every second of it is believeable for us, despite our
> knowing that we're not as doomed as Widmark's Harry Fabian is. He's a
> prototypical 'noir' protagonist because the possibility is that we -- those of
> us on the business-end of the screen -- are more likely to be in his position
> than we are the forces that crash down around him, destroying him in every
> sense. That's what makes it so gripping, it's a portrait of the world which is
> so horriby, frighteningly POSSIBLE that we can't turn away from it. If we do,
> then we ARE Fabian; constantly, and literally, trying to outrun his own
> destiny.
> Tom Sutpen
"Night and the City" one of my all time favorites. Can't quite remember. Did Richard Widmark play Harry Fabian as an American? In the book Harry Fabian was an Englishman nicknamed 'Yank' because he aped American mannerisms. Doesn't make much difference I suppose.

A brief personal reminiscence. I saw Mike Mazurki in person when they were shooting "Night in the City" in London. I had a very junior position in the London office of TCF. Mazurki would come into the office to flirt with the girls when he was not shooting. A very charming and amiable man. I understand from imdb that contrary to his screen portrayals of  dim witted thugs he graduated top of his class from Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1930.





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The Pelham Forum website is the volunteer community-operated civic network representing the residents of the town of Pelham, NY and other parts parts of Westchester County, NY.

The editors, Joseph and Luisa Parisi, are both Pelham residents. Joe Parisi has a law enforcement background, having served as a detective with the NYPD. He was forced into early retirement due to a line of duty injury. During the Viet Nam war, Joe served as a Marine Corps reporter. Joe also has a background in computers and journalism as well. Joe enjoys writing, and has written a book about the prostate. The book has been a big success on the Internet. For information about his book, please visit: Joe received his education at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in New York City.

Luisa attended Manhattan College, where she obtained her degree. Currently, she works as a Radiological Technician, and is certified in various specialties. She supervises an orthopedic x-ray department in New York City.

The Pelham Forum functions on a volunteer basis, created and launched in 1999, by Joseph and Luisa Parisi. There are several Pelham residents that contribute in the form of research concerning Pelham issues and publishing to our site. We basically function as a watchdog group, overseeing all Village and town matters. Pelham has been in need of a watchdog group like The Pelham Forum for decades. Town and Village officials must be held accountable for their actions, just like the police, firemen, soldiers, etc.

Never in the history of Pelham has anybody, or any organization, questioned every single negative move made by Village officials. Village and Town officials have kept taxpayers in the dark about a lot of issues in the past. Furthermore, thanks to The Pelham Forum, residents now have a Pelham group they can complain to without fear of retaliation.

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From: Bradley Jr., William
Subject: FW: Newest Little Maleszewski in the world
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 09:11:41 -0500


    Some good News to report, Ed and Ellen Maleszewski have just had their first child is a Manhattan Grad of 94 I believe and Ellen attended the school from 89 to 90.


Ed and Ellen are proud to announce the birth of our 9 pound 1 ounce (ouch) baby boy (22 inches long) Edward B. Maleszewski, III

He was born on Dec. 24th at 6:15 pm.  Sorry it took so long to get this out.  He was a C-Section which meant Ellen was in the hospital for some time.

He is healthy, cute, and looks like me..... well actually he has Ellen's nose, so NO that's not why he was a C-Section !

Attached are some pictures in case you are interested.  Ellen is doing fine and both are home now, resting (if anyone can get Ellen to sit still)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year !





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[Collector's prayer: And, may perpetual light shine on our fellow departed Jaspers, and all the souls of the faithful departed.]


Copyright 2002 Newsday, Inc.
Newsday (New York, NY)
HEADLINE: OBITUARIES; Frank Shevlin, 71; Was Beloved English Teacher

Students at Walt Whitman High School dreaded Frank Shevlin's daily quizzes in English class, but by the end of the course "they were eating out of his hand," said Edward Faetz of Smithtown, who worked with Shevlin for 23 years. Though the disciplinarian was a tough teacher known to check students with a swiftly spoken "cease and desist, vile body," they respected Shevlin's knowledge.

Shevlin died on Dec. 9 of a heart attack. He was 71. "It was a complete surprise to everyone," said Faetz, also an English teacher at the school. Shevlin had planned to visit his brother's family in Virginia for the holidays.

"He was a lot of fun," said Shevlin's brother, John V. Shevlin Jr. of Norfolk, Va.

In addition to being a dedicated teacher, Shevlin was an opera enthusiast and a lover of languages. He often entertained colleagues at dinner parties, sitting for hours in his Belair, Queens, home to discuss culture and education. Shevlin spoke fluent French, Spanish and Italian. He even studied hieroglyphics and mummy wrapping among at least a dozen other courses in Egyptology, his latest passion since retiring 15 years ago.

If his passion for Egypt expressed his eccentricity, his collection of about 2,000 opera recordings was purely classic. "He sent me home with LPs, and he would give me a quiz on the salient points of the opera," said Faetz, who was 21 when he first met Shevlin. "He got more people interested in the opera; the Lincoln Center should have given him a finder's fee."

A former advertising man, Shevlin gave up his 10 years in the business to teach at Walt Whitman, in Huntington Station. With a master's degree in French and English from Manhattan College, the native of Belair never regretted his decision. "He felt he would have more of an effect as a teacher, and there was a challenge in it for him," Faetz said. Shevlin advised the school paper for five years and chaperoned students traveling to Europe in the school's exchange program.

Students who remembered Shevlin's influence would reconnect with him many years later. "Frank Shevlin was a person who wanted to pass to students something he thought was important," said former student John H. Farris, 50, of Norman, Okla. "I think he crystallized the idea that learning is important and words are important."

Farris visited with his former teacher in June, more than 20 years since they had last seen each other at Farris' West Point graduation.

Farris, an investment representative, was surprised to learn that Shevlin had died. He searched for his dog-eared, underlined copy of "The Once and Future King" by Terence Hanbury White, which he read so many years ago in Shevlin's English course. "I wish I could remember all the books that we read," Farris said. "It did have an impact."

Shevlin is survived by his brother. A funeral Mass was held at Incarnation Church in Queens followed by a burial at Calvary Cemetery, also in Queens. In Shevlin's honor, friends and family are planning a memorial scholarship for students at Walt Whitman. LOAD-DATE: January 6, 2002




Copyright 2002 The Hearst Corporation
The Times Union (Albany, NY)
January 6, 2002 Sunday THREE STAR EDITION
HEADLINE: Amyot, E. LaSalle

E. LaSalle Amyot, 93, of John Street, died Friday at Albany Medical Center. A lifelong Waterford resident, he was son of the late Dr. Bruno Amyot and Eveline Tessier Amyot. He was a graduate of the former St. Anne's School in the Northside section of Waterford, LaSalle Institute Troy Class of 1927 and Manhattan College Class of 1931. LaSalle was retired from the New York State Dept. of Taxation and Finance in Albany. Prior to his employment there he was Superintendent of the Waterford plant of the former National Automotive Fibre Co. for 40 years. A well-known athlete, he played basketball and baseball with area semi-pro teams and was a renowned pitcher for several area baseball teams. He was a member of the F.B. Peck Hose Co. in Northside since 1932 and served two terms as president and was the oldest living fireman in Waterford. He was a member of the Cohoes-Waterford Lodge of Elks since 1947 and held several offices in the lodge over the years. He was a communicant of St. Mary of the Assumption Church, Waterford. La Salle was husband of the late Emily Stack Amyot who died in 1989. He is survived by his daughter, Leslie Phelan and her husband, Arthur of Albany; his grandchildren, Emily and Irene Phelan; and a great grandson, Ryan Phelan. He was predeceased by his siblings, Dr. Rudolph Amyot, Dr. Bruno Amyot, Dr. Louis Amyot, Lucille Scully and Irene Amyot. Several nieces and nephews also survive. Funeral services will be Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. from the Philip J. Brendese Funeral Home, 133 Broad St. (Rt. 32), Waterford and at 11 a.m. at St. Mary of the Assumption Church. Interment will be in St. Peter's Cemetery, Troy. Relatives and friends may call at the funeral home Tuesday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. prior to the funeral. Memorial contributions may be made to the Waterford Rescue Squad in care of the funeral home office.

LOAD-DATE: January 8, 2002




From: Michael F. McEneney
Subject: Obituary
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:51:11 -0500

Dear John,

               Thursdays NY Times (Jan. 10,2002) Page B9 lists the following Obituary:

             " The Honorable John M. Duffy (Ret. District Court Judge) of Northport, Long Island. Husband of Barbara (Maguire). Father of Mary Kay, John M. (his wife Slobhan) & the late Michael J. Son of Katherine (McBride) and the late James, brother of Patricia Byrnes-Saggesse, James Duffy & Catherine Duffy Heller. Reposing Nolan & Taylor-Howe Funeral Home, Northport, Long Island, Thursday 7-9 PM & Friday 2-5 and 7-9 PM. Mass Saturday 10 AM Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church, Centerport. Donations to V.N.S. Hospice, 505 Main Street, Northport 11768, appreciated."

               Jack was a 1959 Graduate of the College, the former Recording Secretary of the Manhattan College Alumni Society and faithful participant in the Annual Retreat.  His late son Michael J. Duffy Class of '93, was lost on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.

                 While at Manhattan Jack was a member of the New York City Police Department, rising to the rank of Sergeant in the Special Unit charged with protecting Heads of State and other important visitors to the City. He moved on to become a Special Agent with the FBI and latter headed up a very successful Private Security Firm in the City. After that he practiced Law on Long Island and became a Deputy Police Commissioner in Suffolk County before  being elected to the District Court in Suffolk County where he served with distinction until his illness forced him to retire recently.

                He was a loyal Jasper, a wonderful person and a good friend.

May he rest in Peace.

                     Mike McEneney, Esq. '53 BBA


Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 12:03:29 -0500
From: John Nason
Subject: John Duffy '59  R.I.P.

From Newsday, Jan.11, 2002

John M. Duffy, 66, Ex-Suffolk District Court Judge
By Rick Brand

January 11, 2002

Former District Court Judge John M. Duffy, whose far-flung career included stints as a deputy Suffolk police commissioner and an FBI agent, died Wednesday after a two-year battle with brain cancer. He was 66.

Duffy, a Third District Court judge for the past four years, died at his Fort Salonga home.. His death comes days after he officially retired Jan. 1, although his illness had kept him off the bench since June.

His death also comes months after one of his sons, Michael, died in the tragedy at the World Trade Center, where he worked on the 89th floor of Tower Two for the brokerage firm of Keefe, Bruyette and Woods. The family, which has just received an urn of ashes from officials at Ground Zero, will bury those with Duffy.

"They will be together. That is a kind of consolation," said Barbara Duffy, the judge's widow.

Duffy started his law enforcement career as a New York City police officer, patrolling the streets of Harlem, and also worked as an FBI agent in New Orleans. He later worked as a Suffolk assistant district attorney, a Huntington Town attorney and for two years a deputy Suffolk police commissioner. He capped his career in 1998 when he was appointed judge by County Executive Robert Gaffney, a post to which he was elected that November.

"He just absolutely loved being on the bench," said Michael O'Donohoe, Suffolk commissioner of jurors and a longtime friend. "And he loved the law.”

[JR: That family has had a tough year. My, our, prayers go out to them.]




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January 10, 2002
Luis Flores Pours in Career-High 27

RIVERDALE, NY – Sophomore Luis Flores (New York, NY) scored a career-high 27 points while playing all 40 minutes to lead the Manhattan Jaspers (12-1, 4-0) to an 88-72 victory over the Fairfield Stags (3-8, 2-2) in a Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference game in Draddy Gym.

Manhattan won its 12th game in a row, and now shares the third-longest active winning streak in Division I with Florida. The Jaspers also won their 10th game in a row at Draddy Gym dating back to last season. The Jaspers are also 4-0 in the MAAC for the first time since 1991-92, when they won their first eight conference games in a row.

Trailing 11-10 midway through the first half, the Jaspers went on an 11-0 run to assume a 21-11 lead at the 8:39 mark. The Stags would get as close as six on two occasions but the Jaspers maintained a double figure advantage for the majority of the half. Manhattan led 39-27 at the break, while forcing 15 Fairfield turnovers and picking off 10 steals.

The Jaspers opened the second half with a 17-2 spurt to assume a commanding 24-point lead (56-32). But Fairfield wouldn’t go away as the Jaspers saw their lead dwindle to single digits after a 17-0 run by the Stags. Fairfield would eventually cut the deficit to five (64-59) on a pair of free throws by Kudjo Sogadzi. Solid free throw shooting helped the Jaspers push the lead back to 12 (72-60) with 6:26 remaining to keep the Stags at bay.

Flores hit 9-18 shots from the floor for a season-best 27 points to lead all scorers. Flores was one of four Jaspers in double figures. Senior Von Damien “Mugsy” Green (New York, NY) tallied 19 points on 6-9 shooting with six steals and three assists. Junior Jared Johnson (Bronx, NY) tallied a season-high 14 points on 6-11 shooting and sophomore Dave Holmes (Washington, DC) chipped in 12 points and a team-high seven rebounds. Sogadzi was the high man for the Stags with 22 points.

Manhattan returns to action on Saturday, January 12 when they travel to Poughkeepsie, NY to take on the Marist Red Foxes at 7:00 PM.


January 10, 2002

RIVERDALE, NY – Manhattan College men’s track and field athlete Jacob Freeman (East Greenwich, RI) is currently ranked first in the World for the 35lb Weight Throw according to the International Association of Athletics Federation. He also remains first in the National Collegiate Athletic Association and in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference rankings.

Freeman has upheld his ranking since throwing an outstanding 21.42m, a new school record, at the Princeton Invitational held at Jadwin Gymnasium on December 7, 2001.  The throw not only hit the NCAA automatic qualifying mark, but also broke Manhattan’s school record he threw last year of 21.37m.

Freeman and the Jaspers will return to action January 11-12th when they host the Manhattan College Invitational in Draddy Gymnasium.


January 8, 2002
Rosalee Mason Paces Manhattan with 24 Points and 13 Rebounds

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY – The Manhattan College women’s basketball team came back from a ten-point deficit to beat Niagara 73-69.  Manhattan improves to 7-6, 2-2 MAAC in its first win at Niagara since the 1996-1997 season, while Niagara drops to 2-11, 0-4 MAAC.

Niagara started the game on a 22-9 run over the first nine minutes of the game and led by as many as 16 in the first period.  Manhattan started to put points on the board, but Niagara capitalized on 13 Lady Jasper turnovers and led 40-30 at the half.  Jessie O’Donohue led the Purple Eagles with 11 points at the half, while Rosalee Mason (London, England) led Manhattan with ten points at the break.

Both teams started the second half with strong shooting, but Manhattan shot 13-16 on a 25-9 run to hold a five-point lead at the nine-minute mark.  Despite cutting the lead to one (62-61) at 5:07, the Purple Eagles could not retake control of the game and Manhattan did not trail again.

Eve Walters (Pittsford, NY) scored all eleven of her points during Manhattan’s second-half run.  Donnette “Shorty” Reed (Syracuse, NY) came off the bench to add four key baskets for nine points.  Reed also nabbed three steals and added three assists.  Elana Greene (Brooklyn, NY) scored ten points and grabbed seven rebounds in only 17 minutes of action.  Mason finished with a game-high 24 points and 13 rebounds for her 12th double-double in 13 games.

Manhattan returns to action on Saturday when they face conference rival Rider at 7:00 PM at Draddy Gym.


January 7, 2002
Manhattan Wins 11th in a Row, Still Perfect in MAAC

RIVERDALE, NY – Sophomore Luis Flores (New York, NY) tied his career-high with 26 points to lead five Jaspers in double figures as the Manhattan Jaspers cruised to a 98-56 victory over visiting Niagara University in a Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference game Monday night in Draddy Gym.

With the win, the Jaspers improve to 11-1, 3-0 MAAC, while the Purple Eagles fall to 6-9, 2-2 MAAC. The win was the ninth straight for Manhattan in Draddy Gym, and the 11th in a row overall, marking the third-longest active winning streak in the nation. The Jaspers remain the only undefeated team in MAAC Conference play at 3-0.

With the score knotted at 14-14 midway through the first half, the Jaspers outscored Niagara 16-1 to double up the Eagles (30-15) and never looked back. Manhattan shot 61.3 percent from the field and took a 49-33 lead into the lockerroom. Flores led the Jasper charge with 17 first-half points.

The Jaspers poured it on in the second half and finished with their largest margin of victory of the season (42 points). The Jaspers beat Niagara for only the second time in the last nine meetings. Flores led all scorers with 26 points on 8-13 shooting, and was a perfect 8-8 from the foul line. Senior Von Damien “Mugsy” Green (New York, NY) tallied 21 points and a career-high eight rebounds, while sophomore Dave Holmes (Washington, DC) finished with 15 points, four assists and three steals. Sophomore Jason Benton (New Haven, CT) and junior Darnell Tyler (Long Branch, NJ) tallied 10 points apiece.

The Jaspers will look to make it 10 in a row at Draddy Gymnasium on Thursday, January 10 when they host Fairfield at 7:00 in a MAAC contest.


January 6, 2002

BUFFALO, NY – The Manhattan College women’s basketball team lost to Canisius 66-59 on Sunday afternoon. The Lady Jaspers drop to 6-6, 1-2 MAAC, while Canisius improved to 6-6, 3-0 MAAC.

Manhattan ran out to a 7-0 lead behind back-to back shots by Tiffany Schettig (Altoona, PA). Shauna Geronzin hit one of two free throws to give Canisius its first point of the game at the 16:53 mark. Geronzin made a lay up seconds later to spark a 9-2 Canisius run over the next three minutes. The Golden Griffins tied the game at 9-9 with just over 13 minutes left to play in the first half.

The teams traded baskets until two-free throws by Rosalee Mason (London, England) tied the game at 16-16 with 6:21 left to play before intermission. Junior Siobhan Kilkenny (Castlebar, Ireland) stole the ball from the Griff’s Tricia Breznitsky immediately following Mason’s second free throw and fed Christine Bach (Floral Park, NY) to give Manhattan the three-point lead. Kilkenny grabbed a rebound and hit a fast break lay up to secure a five-point lead for Manhattan at the break. Kilkenny had nine rebounds and six points at halftime.

Canisius started the second period with a 9-2 run and tied the game at 29-29 with 18:04 on the clock. There were five ties over the next eight minutes and Manhattan took the lead again at the 10:48 mark, but Canisius answered back with a three-pointer just 14 seconds later. Both teams made short runs, but the Griffs held a one point lead with three minutes left to play and hit 2 of 4 free throws to ice the game.

Kilkenny finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds, marking her first collegiate double-double. Mason added 12 points and 10 rebounds, while Elana Green (Brooklyn, NY) contributed 10 points and eight rebounds in 21 minutes of play. Geronzin finished with a game-high 21 points for the Golden Griffins.

Manhattan returns to action on Tuesday, when they travel to Niagara for a 7:00 PM game.


January 4, 2002

RIVERDALE, NY – Head Softball Coach Sue Hannon announced that outfielder/catcher Christina Buyea (Monroe Woodbury/Harriman, NY) and utility player Meg Jurkowski (St. Joseph's/Seymour CT) have signed letters of intent to attend Manhattan College and play softball in 2002-03.

A Second Team All-County selection and Fourth-Team All-State pick, Buyea led Monroe Woodbury to the 2001 Section IX Championship. An excellent student, she is a member of the National Honor Society and was chosen as the New York State Scholar-Athlete. Buyea will be receiving a Presidential Scholarship at Manhattan. "Tina comes from a strong program at Monroe Woodbury and plays on one of the best summer teams (Diamond Dolls) in Orange County,” says Hannon. “Her versatility will help us tremendously as will her strong bat and quick speed."

Jurkowski is a product of St. Joseph’s High School in Trumbull, CT and led her team to the FCIAC Conference title. As a junior, she was named to the all-FCIAC first team, batting .470 with 26 RBI. She played outfield for her summer team, the prestigious Connecticut Tradition, which finished second in the PONY National Tournament. This summer she will catch and play outfield for the Xtreme Chaos. Like Buyea, she is a member of the National Honor Society and will also be receiving a Presidential Scholarship to Manhattan. Jurkowski also has sung the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden numerous times, most recently before the Jasper men’s basketball game against St. John’s on December 8. "Meg is also a versatile player who will contribute mostly in the outfield and as a catcher, but will also provide us depth at first base,” says Hannon. “She is a smart player with a powerful bat and she already knows how to win."

"Both of these players will fill the gap that will be left after this year's seniors graduate. In addition, between the two of them, they can play almost anywhere on the field - virtually giving us depth at every position. I am excited to have them both in a Jasper uniform next year."

The Lady Jasper softball team kicks off the 2002 season on Wednesday, March 6 at Army at 3:00.




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Date Posted: 03:41:51 01/10/02 Thu
Author: frog93
Subject: Gonzalez to TCU?

Hi guys. A local radio commentator mentioned that your Bobby Gonzalez is "among those being considered" for the TCU position which becomes vacant at the end of this season. The mention of his name was a complete surprise to me, no clue where it came from. Any idea as to the basis of this rumor? Good luck Manhattan College as you start conference play. Your record is very impressive, saw you beat St. John's I guess that means you own the keys to the city.

Date Posted: 16:23:33 01/09/02 Wed
Author: jasper1

HOT HOT HOT --- all fans must see the 11-1 season in pictures... Please view and click on the pictures section..... Let me know what you think.... If anyone has any thing relative to Jasper hoops please send to <privacy invoked>  and i get it up on the site ASAP.... Thanks




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Daily News (New York)
January 8, 2002, Tuesday SPORTS FINAL EDITION

Manhattan coach Bobby Gonzalez wanted one thing from his team last night.

"All I cared about was putting two halves together," Gonzalez said. "Playing 40 minutes of basketball."

Last night Manhattan could have gotten by with a lot less effort, as the Jaspers jumped on Niagara early and were never tested the rest of the way in overwhelming the Purple Eagles, 98-56, in a MAAC game at Draddy Gym. The win was the 11th in a row for the white-hot Jaspers (11-1) and kept them atop the MAAC standings with a 3-0 mark.

"The last couple of games (vs. Iona and Loyola) we were letting teams back in the game," Manhattan guard Mugsy Green said. "This time we never let up."

From the start the Jaspers seemed to be clicking. After Niagara (6-9, 2-2) tied the score at 14-14 with 13:29 to play, Manhattan unleashed Green, Luis Flores, David Holmes and the rest of the jacked-up Jaspers on the shell-shocked Purple Eagles. Manhattan strung together a 16-1 spurt to take a 30-15 lead with just over seven minutes left in the half.

Niagara, which was coming off an emotional road victory at Marist Saturday, never recovered.

The Jaspers converted 7-of-12 three-pointers and shot 58% from the floor while their staunch defense, led by Holmes (15 points, five rebounds, three steals), Green (21 points, eight rebounds, seven assists) and Noah Coughlin (eight points, seven boards) held Niagara to 31% shooting, caused 19 turnovers and held the Purple Eagles to just 23 second-half points.

On offense, the story, as always, was Flores and Green. Flores, the sophomore guard, scorched Niagara for 26 points, tying his season high, while Green had the Purple Eagles looking more like the Washington Generals.

"Mugsy Green was spectacular," Gonzalez said. "He's the general. When he plays like he did (last night) we are a tough team to beat."

Niagara coach Joe Mihalich couldn't help but like Flores' game, even if it was painful to watch for two hours.

"He's terrific, a natural," Mihalich said. "He's really hard to guard because he just makes shots. He's fun to watch if you don't have to play against him. We had no answers for him."

The Jaspers will look to extend their winning streak to 12 Thursday night when they play host to Fairfield.

"If we just stay focused and play hard every night, there's no telling what we can do," Green said.

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Copyright 2002 Daily News, L.P.
Daily News (New York)
January 8, 2002, Tuesday FOUR STAR EDITION

It had already crowned itself the king of New York with its victories over St. John's, Hofstra and Iona to end 2001. So Manhattan was looking for new challenges to ring in the new year.

Last night, the Jaspers hoped to send a statement to the MAAC that they are, indeed, no early-season fluke. Unlike their two previous conference wins over St. Peter's and Loyola - considered the bottom-feeders of the conference - last night's game against Niagara was supposed to present a stiff test for Manhattan. And like all the others they've faced this season, the Jaspers simply aced it.

With Luis Flores scoring 26 points, Mugsy Green adding 21 and David Holmes 15, Manhattan pulled away early from the Purple Eagles and left Niagara black and blue in posting a 98-56 victory at Draddy Gym.

The win was the 11th straight for the Jaspers (11-1) and left them atop the MAAC with a 3-0 mark.

Manhattan put this one away early in the second half, which it began with a 9-0 run to turn a 16-point halftime lead into a 58-33 cushion. Niagara (6-9, 2-2) cut the Manhattan lead to a still-comfortable 19 at 60-41, but the Purple Eagles never got any closer as the Jaspers coasted the rest of the way.

Daryl Greene led Niagara with 17 points.

Niagara came into the game sky-high after toppling Marist on the road Saturday night, but it didn't take long before the Purple Eagles were wondering if it was worth making the trip to the Bronx on a snowy night.

After Niagara caught Manhattan for a 14-14 tie with 13:29 to play on a David Brooks three-pointer, the Jaspers tore off a 16-1 run to take a 30-15 lead with 7:38 left in the half.

Niagara managed to close to within 32-21 on a three-pointer by Greene with 6:49 left, but the Jaspers quickly responded with another surge to jack the lead up to 19 (40-21) with 4:42 to go in the half. It was Manhattan's biggest lead of the half.

Play got a little chippy late in the half when Niagara guard Alvin Cruz had words with Green, forcing the referee to step in. Minutes later, it was Flores and Niagara's James Reaves coming to shoves as both teams began what had the makings of a poor man's hockey fight. Flores (17 first-half points) and Reaves were flagged with fouls but no one was tossed as the Jaspers left the court with a 49-33 lead at the intermission.

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[Email 1]

From: jack goll
Subject: Re: Manhattan College alumni reunions
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 20:04:33 -0500

I registered myself @ the college website & they send me periodic snail info.  They do not hassle alums for donations so there is really no downside let them know your whereabouts.

----- Original Message -----

From: Richard J. Bodnar
To: jack goll
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 8:25 AM
Subject: Re: old king kole


Sounds great. I went to #25 in 1992. Only Gaffney and Skiver were there as well. Perhaps we should create a groundswell and have some AAS subgrouping in the festivities. Where do you find out about the reunion info; is there a website?

Happy New Year.



> Richard J. Bodnar, Ph.D.
> Chairman, Department of Psychology
> Queens College, CUNY
> Flushing, NY 11367



[Email 2]

From: Stephen Hutter
Subject: Re: Jasper Jottings 2002-01-06 (from home)
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 20:23:50 -0500

Subject: Please Unsubscribe

Please delete me from your Jasper Jottings list.

Stephen R. Hutter

[JR: I would but you are not subscribed using this email address and I can’t find you in the list. Can you give me a hint?]


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<Retracted by the sender before publishing>



[Email 4]

From: DeRose, Jim J.
Subject: RE: Jasper Jottings 2000-12-16 (from home)
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 15:56:39 -0500


Happy New Year.

I haven't seen a jotting yet this year.  I hope I haven't fallen off your list.  If so, please reinstate me.  If not I'll assume you are still suffering from holiday hangover.  In any event thanks for all your efforts in this undertaking; it is much appreciated.

Thanks again,
Jim DeRose (Class of '70)

[JR: Nah, I haven’t stopped. Same old opionated fool. Actually it was easier in the holidays because I had extra time to do the prep.]

From: DeRose, Jim J.
Subject: Jottings
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 09:05:51 -0500


Thanks for the quick follow-up and forwarding the jottings I had missed. Every week when I read them I have always intended to write and thank you for putting all this together; it is always interesting and thought provoking reading.

Thanks again and Happy New Year.

[JR: Well not everyone agrees with or like s the “price” that has to be paid to get this news. But, hopefully more people will join in to participate.]



[Email 5]

From: John Fay
Subject: Happy New Year
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 11:41:01 -0800


I'm back in Ireland now after a few weeks home in US. I went to the Manhattan vs. Fordham game at the Garden with 8 other Jaspers (classes of 1986 & 87). Great night out, although the atmosphere would have been better in the Bronx in a smaller arena.

It was great to see the reaction to my Irish Voice article in the Jottings of 12-28 - particularly from Jasper Don McLeod, who listens to Galway Bay FM. In the article I mentioned that I had heard that people in the west were more sympathetic to the US in the War on Terror, but I haven't been west myself yet, which is why I was so interested in Mr. McLeod's comments.

Happy new year to you and your family.

John Fay '86

[JR: Glad you are home safe. I had a request to resend it. So, it caused a stir. ;-) I love to shake up people with a different perspective.]



[Email 6]

From: Don Fegan
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 23:24:40 EST
Subject: Re: Don Fegan

John and Warren:

No. I am not the son of John Fegan. My father was Albert Fegan, born in Brooklyn, graduated from Richmond Hill High and Saint John's University. We grew up on Long Island and never lived in the Bronx. I am not aware of any relatives named John Fegan living in the Bronx, but my genealogy work on the Fegans is not yet complete so anything is possible!

Don Fegan





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A Final Thought

"A deeper question underlies Americans' lack of real domestic preparedness. Is the citizenry, in the eyes of government, an asset in the post-9-11 world, as it was in past national crises? Or is it more akin to a commodity to be managed, much as one would manage a herd of anthrax-exposed cattle? Thus far, the managers are winning this debate."

David Hardy and Michael McNulty raise an interesting condemnation of our government. Just like Tom Sowell eloquently pointed out in "Vision of the Anointed", the government thinks it has all the answers and even when it doesn't it thinks it is the only game in town. The worst thing that we can do is rely on our government to do our thinking for us. Hollywood disaster movies have done a better job of preparing us for  "civil defense" than out government has. Ever since seeing the movie "Towering Inferno", I have had a radio, flashlight, and a bottle of water in my "Get Out Of Dodge" bag in my desk. Haven't had to use it yet, but it's there. When I watched the TV movie about the marine and his bride trapped in their car in a blizzard, I equipped each one of my cars with a "survival pack" and used one during a breakdown. And, when anticipating Y2K, I watched several movies with scenes of how order breaks down. So maybe the "central planners" of the People's Republic of America are right and citizens can't be trusted with information. But, if smallpox vaccine was available, then I would urge people to take it. Not so much that I fear an epidemic, but it removes one weapon form the terrorist arsenal. You see just as with conceal carry laws, the criminal doesn't know who is "packing". Similarly, our government should be made to trust it citizens. The only way that can happen if we cut its funds. If it didn't have an "extra" 20B$ sitting around, then maybe they would "plan" differently. I, for one, would feel a lot better if they didn't try to "plan" for me.

And that’s the last word.Obit5